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  1. 9 months post op and thanks to a birthday in July and using a bad scale at a doctors office I thought I lost and gained but there was literally no change , for a month. Lol. Welcome to the slow down. Now im Focusing on self image, because I'm still dealing with body dysmorphia. Just yesterday I bought a gorgeous bra set , non returnable, and it was too big. But I think I kinda knew it was too big , I just can't stop shopping for the old me. Anyone else do dumb sh#+ like this? Lol

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    2. sillykitty


      Oh, I decided against the rental sites. They're expensive for what you get IMO. Can't rent pants because they have to be tailored. And for dresses, I bought some in the $30-$50 range. So even that is more affordable than renting.

    3. GreenTealael


      Good to know those rental sites aren't worth it! I'm a minimalist so I only buy things I need ,love and goes with everything I already have so I don't buy much, and when I do get something it has to work for a while...

    4. sillykitty


      I'm also justifying buying more clothes than I absolutely need to at this point, because it makes me feel better about myself. Wearing fitted clothes and feeling attractive in them makes me legit happier.

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