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  1. Hi, I too starting having problems with my blood pressure bottoming out on me 3 months after surgery. I was told this is normal and it will even out soon.. well it's been 2 yrs now and I'm still passing out.. I'm looking at decorative helmets to wear so I don't smack my head again. Yes I've been to the doctors.. the cardiologist has thrown up his hands with my bariatric doctor.. neither have any clue.. I'm now working with a neurologist. I personally have been doing some digging and found this: POTS can be triggered by such as conditions as pregnancy, rapid weight loss, surgery, trauma, or a viral infection such as mononucleosis or Lyme disease. However, we don’t know why the autonomic nervous system malfunctions. Most people who experience these types of stressors do not develop POTS. http://www.lynnwebstermd.com/pots/ My heart rate speeds up to 120 to 130 bpm after standing up from a resting heart rate of 50 to 60 bpm. I'm trying to get my neurologist to give me a tilt table test to either rule out POTS or rule it in so I can get what I need done and move on with my almost skinny self.. (I still have 100 lbs to go but I feel better outside the fainting.)
  2. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers here

    Hi everyone. I don't know where to start on this because I'm still trying to figure out what is going on with my body. All my labs are perfect. Except for my blood pressure. I was never on BP meds before surgery because it was never high enough. I mostly stayed in the normal range. Now days it's been dropping anytime I stand up for too long and I get light headed and dizzy. This has been going on for a year now. I have been to an ear nose and throat doctor and everything there is normal. I am currently seeing a cardiologist who swears I'm salt deficient. I've upped my sodium and nothing has changed. Cardiologist has put me on medications (fludrocort and midodrine) to get my BP to go higher thinking that will stop the lightheaded and dizziness. Still nothing has changed. I have my good days and bad. I know when I'm in a pool I don't have any symptoms of dizziness or anything of the sort.. so I guess I might as well live my life as a mermaid hahaha. But seriously, this is getting on my nerves. I don't know what else to do. I've been going to aquatic therapy to get some form of work out and my weight loss has slowed... which I knew it would going in.. but I figured by now I would have the ability to stand up for longer than 5 mins without trying to pass out. I just needed to vent. Thank you.
  3. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers here

    Sleeved 11/8/17... Everything was working out well the first month.. I was tired all the time which is to be expected. Then my StepFather passed away on 12/8/17. It's been rough. I didn't mess up my eating, but the stress and my weight loss messed up my balance. At first I thought it was I wasn't getting enough water and protein so I adjusted that accordingly and waited for my 3 month checkup to see if I needed to change anything. Dr. Le said to see an ear nose and throat doctor which I did yesterday. I have been scheduled for a VNG test next week to see what's going on with my Vestibular Integrity. Cross your fingers... Prayers.. Good Vibes... Good Juju's I'll take it all that the test reveal it's a quick and easy fix. Also on a side note.. NSV.. I managed to be able to cross my legs again. I'm wearing a men's XL pajama pants. They were my Late StepFather's PJ's I miss him soo much. HW 421 SW 344 CW 296 GW 170
  4. As I stepped on my scale this morning I wasn't expecting anything because I had stall a few days ago and figured it was going to stay that way. I knew stalls were going to happen and I'm okay with that. I feel like it's part of life. What actually happened was not what I was expecting. I made my 100 lb goal this morning. From my highest weight of 421 at the first of the year I am down to 320. 2 lbs. I was shocked. I had ordered my 100 lb progress bead for my key chain knowing it wouldn't get here until after thanksgiving. Giving me enough time to drop the weight if it was going to happen. If it didn't happen I would just hang on to the bead until I did and add it to my keychain. Guess I'll be adding it when it gets here. 

    Each bead represents a goal I made for myself things like walking around the grocery store every week for a month to losing the exact amount of weight my pit bull weighs (60 lbs) Little things like that give me focus and a goal to work towards. 



  5. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers

    I can have clothes on.. the incisions don't like to be covered. It's getting better though. Only thing annoying me right now is all the itching from the healing. The pain is going down, from the 6 I told them in the hospital it's now down to a nice low grumble of 2. I wore pajamas in the hospital, and I'm still wearing them now. I just pull down the front to give the incisions some air. In other news. Since surgery 11 days ago. I am down 13.8 lbs and that's before the gas and water weight after surgery, if I add that I've lost 16.8 lbs. I'm doing good to get 50 oz of water in me and I'm still trying to get the protein drinks in me. I've got the water with me all the time, so I'm hoping the ounces will continue to rise. Beatrice is doing well, as long as I don't guzzle, and I won't say that I don't. It's a hard habit to break. but as long as I don't guzzle she doesn't complain. When I do guzzle she likes to strangle the pipe and that kind of hurts. I have to wait until it goes down. I keep trying to use that as a lesson but I seem to like to do things the hard way. Beatrice hasn't made me hurl since I got home from the hospital so that's a plus. I just gotta remember she rules my life right now and I need to follow her rules. That may sound silly, but if you think about it learning how to use our new tool is a new learning experience. Good luck to you @GoddessMoon, I'm sure you'll do great. Take your time, Walk those halls and sip sip sip.
  6. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers

    My incision pain is at a 2½ now compared to the 6 it was in the hospital. I too am moving around more. Just last night I started rolling over in bed. Can't stay in that position for very long but it's something. I am getting my fluids in I have an app I put in how much I've been drinking and it's been keeping "score" for me. I'm managing almost 50 oz a day of water give or take. I'm also having popsicles and protein drinks as well as yogurt and jello. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I don't want to think about cooking. I'm still a bit too tired for that activity. These healing naps are for the birds and I miss out on all the good stuff. Anyone else napping?
  7. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers

    Welcome to the Losers Bench!!!
  8. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers here

    It's those little reminders that keep us from messing up.. but only if we listen.
  9. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers here

    I've been watching the colours of my incisions. They're all a nice healthy pink. None of them are angry red or oozy, I just figured I have some nerves in there that are still kinda upset and are telling me all about it. But I will mention it to the team when I go in for my 2 week check up on Monday.
  10. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers here

    My big incision feels like it's burning, but if I fan it with my shirt pulled up it's fine. Icing it seems to help too. The soreness is finally coming down to a nice low rumble which is beginning to feel better.
  11. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers

    What I was told is: "If it turns to liquid in room temperature it's a full liquid". I say go for it.
  12. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers

    @TINK09 I'm on full liquids. I can have the protein drinks and yogurt and anything from the clears, which I really enjoy. And I also can have coffee... but only 12 oz a day.
  13. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers

    I hear ya @TINK09 I dropped 80 lbs before surgery. Sooo much more to go. I knew doing this would keep me on the loser's bench instead of the usual gain it all back when I stop losing weight. You're right different doctors different rules. If you're not comfortable, tell them.
  14. LylaLovesCoffee

    November sleevers

    I'm still on full liquids until the 23rd. So I'm still eating jello, soup, popsicles, protein drinks, yogurt, and of course water.

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