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  1. dreamingsmall

    Disgust about starting weight

    I'm so appreciative for this random strangers opinion. I will now change my whole being just from this one opinion lol God bless you hhaa Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  2. dreamingsmall

    Disgust about starting weight

    Ok cool so you didn't eat too much. You became fat of air . ( Unless you have a medical condition) you can't tell me I have a disease lol. I know what got me were I am. You know what got you were you are. There is nothing wrong with my motabilism. But as I said. What ever makes you sleep better about what you did to your self. I take full responsibility for what got me here. Respecting your self and liking who you are fat. Are not the same thing. I respected myself at any size. I don't have to like it. Your the same person who says the ghrenlin removal is a myth. So I think your 'facts' are not quite. It's 2018 so what someone 'proved' 5 years ago.. is ER..great lol Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  3. dreamingsmall

    Disgust about starting weight

    first you think you upset me and now you think you made me angry lol I find you super funny and I made a point. I feel sorry for you. I'm not angry. If you stop quoting me i wont get notification. Im not rude your speaking to me. So il reply. You only wanted to hear from people saying but"poor you" anyone who didnt agree with you . You and your fellow know it alls try to go at people. No ones offended by your self centred post. Oh and I don't need luck. I'm doing awsome. But good luck to you. I understand your jelous of smaller people. But it's not our fault we did something about our health at a smaller size and realise the damage we did sooner. You should be commending us lol. But good luck with everything too lolSent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  4. dreamingsmall

    Phentermine after VSG your thoughts

    I can be sure im eating under 50 carbs if I wanted without tracking . What I ate for month 2-6 was spinnach 1 ounce cheese and lean meat x2 and egg white 2 ounces 1 ounce cheese and 1 ounce spinnach. Snacks string cheese. I enjoyed repetition. And this was clearly under 50 carbs. I didn't input anything. Just all I made sure is it was 4 ounce most of the time. Sometimes I didn't. But it was very effective for me. I can say my loss was drastic. And I will go back to that at some point. I was so full. You could do 3 ounce meat 1 ounce veg or maybe 2 ounce meat 1 ounce veg one ounce dairy. I know some people don't have dairy when losing but it makes me feel like I'm eating something rich it tastes really good. Edit. + Sorry your not the original poster. I disagree with you. My team don't have their paitence track anything. My surgeon has a high success rate. Everyone is different. Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  5. dreamingsmall

    Phentermine after VSG your thoughts

    No one is looking down on weightloss drugs. Most of us has taken it before. We just don't agree it's the answer when we already have a tool that simply increasing dense protein can easily make a difference. Yes I'm new post op 8 ish months. And I have a long path ahead that yes may include regain. But whether I'm 7 months or 8 years. I understood this surgery before I did it so we all know what we need to do if we suffer from regain. No one is judging. She asked for opinions and we politely gave it to her. Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  6. dreamingsmall

    Who will like me skinny??

    I also don't think you should wait till goal to dare. As I'm 30 lbs from goal I'm sure I'll look different from 160s to 130s but people ask me on a date . I go lol. You have to her practice too at dating lol. I'm happy with my body now and will someone who likes 160s like me at 130 hmm who knows but it doesn't matter really because I might not like them by then either. It's just a date so go for it. Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  7. dreamingsmall

    Sleeved Twice??

    Yes. Your sleeve may have streched. But your having weight gain because your eating too much. Many people can have a bigger sleeve without filling it. I'm not sure if you understand what I'm saying 61lbs and don't eat anything doesn't add up . So if your sleeve stretched you put food in it to stretch it. If you gained 61lbs and have no other health issues were did it come from if you didn't eat ? I'm not judging you but we have to take responsibility or we can't make changes. So if you can be honest to say what you ate to gain 61lbs. Perhaps someone can even help you with food ideas to swap to help you lose again. If you continue to say you eat nothing. When your sleeve has stretched and you gain 61lbs.. then how can someone help ? We all may slip up without noticing. And you may have another surgery but we still have to be mindful or it will stretch again But goodluck anyway Edit sorry I just noticed your not the original poster lol I thought you were replying to me because you were ! Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  8. dreamingsmall

    Short and Lower 200's

    I don't post pictures online of my self. Neither do I even post pictures of myself on Facebook for my friends. Who ever sees me sees me face to face . I'm a private person. Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  9. dreamingsmall

    Disgust about starting weight

    It wasn't a disease to do with my motabilism . I ate too much. But whatever makes you feel better about your situation. And again. Hmm how I sound to you is neither here nor there. Your passive aggressive so can't take what you say seriously. What you say is gospel about someone you don't even know lol. Good job. I wasn't ashamed either lol. I was fat now I'm not as fat. It's not the end of the world. It was disgusting being lazy and fat isn't something to be proud of. Just because you were proud and fat doesn't mean everyone should feel the same get over yourself. You were happy and fat good for you. Carry on judging everyone who didn't feel the same as you lol. I have compassion for myself. I love my self. I did not like who i was fat. It's not a crime to feel better health wise and mentally and physically when your smaller you can do more things. Simple as. Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  10. Wow that isn't bad at all ! Thanks ! Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  11. dreamingsmall

    Disgust about starting weight

    Lol don't over estimate your power. Your post didn't upset me. I completely forgot about it til I came back and saw it had been posted on. Your invalidating people in a group yet telling them you posted this so we should all be kind to yourself? Good back tracking. Your post had nothing to do with encourging people to be kinder to themselves and healthy relationships to our body. You said nothing about that in the post. If someone is feeling like **** they should say how they feel. As holding it in is detrimental. Alot of people who are obese have negitive feelings towards themselves from over the years. Of perhaps trauma in their life etc. Introjects of feeling worthless etc from their past. Could have even led to binge eating and their obesity. So maybe think deeper than " oh she said she's ugly when I weigh more than her " when in reality she may have been called ugly her whole life. So sees her self as that. Yet people ten times bigger she seems them as beautiful Kings and queens. It doesn't mean they see you or anyone else that way. And while your telling someone to think about what they are saying. Think about what could be behind it. And I would prefer someone was honest about their self hate than internalizing it. Most people on this process have counselling through the process some do not. So if you see someone saying anything derogatory ton themselves offer sensitivity and support. Not make this whole post about them . You never know how much they may value your positive words. Instead of your 'rant' blaming them for making you feel worse . I'm leaving this thread because I don't come to this group for negitivity. And your post did not offend me. I was honest. And I will always be. You can choose to ignore it. Back track. Insult me. Suit your self. All the best. It's not just 400lbs + that allowed to have issues with self worth . Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  12. dreamingsmall

    Disgust about starting weight

    People get on my nerves. Post something negitive about an particular group of people. And when they respond they start barking like a dog. Rant all you like. But don't expect people to wrap you up in cotton wool. Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  13. dreamingsmall

    Disgust about starting weight

    I see. She's allowed to share her words freely but other people can't ? Lol she ranted I can rant too. Thank you for your two cents. I'll give you a cent back. Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  14. dreamingsmall

    Disgust about starting weight

    I don't care what you think about a comment to myself. Infact did you type this message ? It's quite offensive. There are people with no arms that need voice typing. I think you and op should be mindfull of that. Instead of being insensitive and typing out long messages . Especially on a group with other disabled people LOL Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk
  15. dreamingsmall

    Disgust about starting weight

    If you don't agree with certain people they use passive aggression . Lol i agree with you 100% Sent from my Vivo 5R using Tapatalk