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  1. erniesmom863

    Day 5 - suprised to be hungry

    It may be acid reflux. I was hungry at the beginning too and someone on instagram suggested that I ask my doctor for prescription nexxium. I was fine right after. Now I take the over the counter one every day. My hunger went away. I also found that I had to stop protein shakes as soon as I could eat real food. They make the acid reflux so much worse.
  2. Thank you so much! You and @diana_from_philly have seriously helped. I am trying to stay on track and then I became a little nervous when I couldn't find the info. I know I can handle 3.5-4 ounces at this stage of most proteins. Yeah!
  3. Thank you so much. This is so helpful and exactly what I was searching for. So happy to hear this.
  4. I had vsg in Mexico and i didn't receive a lot of literature past really 6 weeks on how to eat. Now I am 6.5 months postop and I currently shoot for 3 ounces of firm protein at each meal and an ounce or so of a veggie like broccoli or lately lettuce. Here is my question, I am really not full after and wonder it's ok to maybe go to 4 ounces in this late stage? Is it ok to have 4 ounces of protein at this stage? Would love to know your thoughts and if anyone has a pdf of postop serving sizes for 6+ months they would be willing to email me I would be so appreciative. Kind of lost and everytime I google it there isn't a lot of information past 90 days postop. My email is jeni.lamberto@gmail.com. I am 2 pounds away from my original goal of 125 for reference.
  5. erniesmom863

    Keto diet

    I am 6 months postop and knew I would go keto as soon as I was 4 weeks postop. There are so many successful vsg'ers on Instagram and youtube who are strict keto. It helps with hunger and inflammation. Check out vsgtanya2011 on youtube. She is 5 years postop now and I can't think of a better example. She started to struggle with regain in August and went keto and she has been a huge success. My experience has been wonderful so far and I feel great with a high fat intake. I carefully measure everything and record all the calories. It's important that we are still restricting calories for lots of reasons. The higher fat literally burns fat. If you record everything on myfitnesspal it will show your macros on the nutrition button. I shoot for 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs (good carbs only) for my macros. I am 2 pounds away from my original goal.
  6. erniesmom863

    ALDI Post-Op Finds

    I happen to be enjoying 3 ounces of Aldi chicken thighs right now. They have great sales.
  7. erniesmom863

    Surgery in Mexico

    I went to Tijuana in November and I had the best experience. The medical care was top notch and the surgeon's staff was warm, knowledgeable and loving. They greeted me with hugs when their driver dropped me off the first day. The hospital staff was plentiful and so sweet, I honestly could not believe how many nurses they had on my floor. I used Dr. Kelly Ramos in Tijuana. I would also check out Dr. Alvares from Endobariatric. He has the #askdra youtube and he is full of information. I think the youtube channel is called endobariatric. Watch his videos and he will actually answer your questions that you ask in the comments section. My surgery with Dr. Ramos cost $4,900 and that included the hospital, surgery, hotel, etc. I only had to pay for the flight to San Diego.
  8. erniesmom863

    My Hunger Has Returned!!

    Have you considered eating a ketogenic diet with high fats, moderate protein and low carbs? That's what I eat and I know a lot of other postop vsg people that do and they are very successful. It seriously helps with hunger and you won't crave carbs. Carbs are the devil. lol. Hope this helps.
  9. erniesmom863

    Help! I ate a whole Pizza. How??

    Meal planning and food prep will probably help you resist in the future. I am 6 months out and meal prep weekly so i always have things on hand. I am a true food addict and I need to fight my addiction every hour of every day. Are you eating keto? Look up the Holy Grail Fathead Pizza crust recipe on Ditchthecarbs.com http://www.ditchthecarbs.com/2015/04/23/fat-head-pizza/ . I make it ahead and after it comes out of the oven I divide into mini servings (my servings are smaller than the recipe says) and I throw the servings into a ziplock. i have it on hand whenever I crave pizza, bagels, etc. It is seriously better than regular pizza. It will also not make you crave carbs and is filling in a healthy way. As a food addict, having foods readily available to me that will prevent a binge on something crappy is key and it is the only thing that will make me successful with this tool. I hope this helps. I would suggest that you meal prep right away and try to choose foods with your macro goals. Not sure what your macro goals are, but 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs has worked for me and keeps me satiated so I don't want to binge eat. Keto has saved my life. Myfitnesspal will show you your macros if you record all your food. Stay strong!!!!