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  1. Dropzone

    Protein powder

    I have been using the Dymatize 100iso comes in a lot of different flavors Dymatize ISO100
  2. Took me two months after surgery to be able to drink coffee also if you haven’t tryed cold brew coffee it’s amazing. Cold brew coffee isn’t less acidic than hot brewed coffee so not as hard on a weak stomach or as upsetting it helped me plus it’s amazing in the spring and summer months.
  3. Dropzone

    Sugar grams

    My nutritionist told me to limit my meals to 10g of sugar or less I am 9 months out and for my total daily sugar count using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone keeps track of the sugar each day and I usually get around 25-30g each day of sugars it’s just how I do my meals and I try to get those early on in my day so no to effect me later on in the day as a type 2 diabetic.
  4. Dropzone


    I was not able to eat raw veggies for two months after surgery now I eat salads with veggies and some chicken in it, I also have been making up time with veggies.
  5. I am 9 months post op I eat 3 meals breakfast, lunch, dinner with 2 snacks being protein shake or a yogurt cup or some cottage cheese roughly half a cup. My calories are about 900-950 a day and I am drinking roughly 130oz of water a day. i get about 80-90g of protien a day I also use Thebes MyFitnessPal app daily best tool so far I have found
  6. Dropzone

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    I started my whole weight loss journey @ 585 lbs was my heaviest at the time of surgery I was @ 521 lbs which was almost 9 months from my heaviest to surgery it took my doctor telling me that within 5 years if nothing changed I would be dead of either heart attack or just my body shutting down. At that point it lit a fire in my soul and under my ass to make things right I started reading and studying everything about my upcoming surgery and weight loss. It was difficult at first but once the weight started coming off it became easier so far after 7 months I am down 150 lbs and can’t wait for it to get even more
  7. Dropzone

    Protein shake powder

    I use isopure protein powder but I add spinach berries and fruit to make a nice morning shake or snack shake when needed. you can get unflavored or a flavor you like to go along with whatever shakes you like to make.
  8. Dropzone

    where did you lose the weight?

    Yeah my family told me face stomach also my legs also became more flabby lol or looser so far 7 months out and 150 lbs later my mom tells me I am a totally different person almost not recognizable she says
  9. Dropzone


    Yeah mine too cause of that possibility of swallowing it.
  10. Dropzone

    Rate of weight loss?

    I am 3 months post op I started my weight lost surgery at 575lbs back in November 2016 and at the date of surgery I had got myself down to 521lbs. On my 3 month mark I took pictures and video of me weighing myself to make a record I had reached 420lbs. I am on a diet of 900 calories with the majority of my diet being 55% protien consisting of chicken fish and other lean meats and 25% fats (healthy fats) and 20% carbs. I am amazed at my progress so far and I am taking my weight loss so far because I was heavier that most but still taking it very serious.
  11. Dropzone

    Columbus, Ohio

    I had my surgery back on may 16th it would be nice to talk with others going thru the same thing I live in groveport
  12. Dropzone

    Columbus Ohio Sleevers

    Groveport surgery was may 16 2017
  13. Dropzone

    100+ Pound Club

    I just wanted to stop in pretty new to the site have been browsing and reading since before my surgery on may 16th 2017 and officially got my 3 month weight and I am glad to say in 3 months I am down 100 pounds. i started this whole weight loss surgery at 574lbs at the date of surgery I weighed 521lbs and he can happily say I am at 421.3lbs feels amazing to hit this goal in 3 months I am hoping to be around 370 by my 6 month mark.
  14. Dropzone

    Emotional roller coaster

    I am 3 months post op and today was one of those days where I just woke up mad at myself and angry or feeling like haven't been doing enough even though I have lost 70+ lbs so far I try to keep myself on a routine throughout my day but today it's been hard. also getting that lonely no one knows how I feel feeling even though I have a great group of family and friends as a supportive system.
  15. Dropzone

    I need a workout plan!

    I walk but I fell recently and hurt my right knee and it's been rough trying to keep up so far my mind is ahead of where my body is in terms of working out or being active even in my down time my mind is like get up and go walk or do something active and it's just not the case my body just can't keep up lol going to incorporate some jump rope or some basic kalestinics in the morning to help get me back to where I was