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    Dr David N Dyer

    Yes... that is the amount. 500 cal till you hit goal...I wasnt given a range. Just 500.
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    This was me at my highest 315 and me at 255
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    I was only 2 weeks post-op and started my first stall. It lasted about 2 and 1/2 Weeks...almost 3 and then I started losing again. But during that time I lost inches in my waist because my belt had dropped like five holes. I was so surprised. I had heard that true weight loss really doesn't start till 6 weeks post-op. Or that's what my nutritionalist said. That any weight you lose before this is bonus weight. And you'll probably go through others as your body adjust and heals. Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. Well the scaled moved some today. yay I'm five weeks post op today and I did my Monday weigh in and it's on 267.0 finally away from the 270. But like I had mentioned before, I was still shrinking because I could tell by my belt. I could tell by my belt. I never got to measure last week. seems my tape measure did a hoodie and can't locate it. But I'm good. Not letting stalls or anything get to me. I feel much better and that is all that matters. My goals are to up my working out. I walk a mile 5 times a day, but would like to see about doing more cardio. I see doc tomorrow for follow up and see what he says. I do still have incision pain on my largest incision. So not sure what I'm allowed to do. I am still trying to get the eating down too. I know I'm not suppose to snack, but to do just three meals a day doesn't get my protein in. I do like five mini meals. All good stuff like diced chicken, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese stick, protein soups from this site ( so yummy), etc. It works for me. My big excitement beside the eclipse everyone is going bonkers over today here at work is, my husband and I are going to Gatlinburg here in TN in Oct. for my 45th birthday/ 23rd Anniversary. So excited. This will be a different trip since we usually focused a lot of our trips on FOOD and places to eat. I'm not a big shopper so trying to figure out the best way to enjoy a NON - FOOD focused trip. Well hope everyone is doing well in Bariatric Land. Blessing to you all, Later Gaters
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    Thank you - thank you very much - as it's said here in Nashville. LOL _ Never thought about it like decades. Ha ha ha - thats great! I guess the 270s were my hurdle. I was 264 this morning. Doc was please with how I'm doing so that was good. I've been released from all restrictions (except on food of course) so going to add some weights to help firm up as I go. Don't have too much loosey goosey going on yet, but I knows it will come. Tummy will be the worst. Yes the belt rocks. I'm off the normal holes now and onto these rings (decor things). My husband asked if I should get a new one and said nope. This is my measure thing. The rings work. They are about an inch apart so each ring is an inch down. whoop Whoop. I walk the miles here at work. Our parking garage from bottom level to top level is exactly 1/2 mile. So I walk up (hardest since it's up hill some) then back down. I do get walking in on weekend when we go to the mall and walk the loop (opry mill mall here is made in a huge circle) I need to my fitness pal it and see how long it is? Hmmmmm But I've cut it back to one or two times a day since my hours are all wonky at work now. They got changed this week now. New flex time. Love it but different. I come in at 5am instead of 8am so I don't do dark garages when there are no peoples around - But I feel the once or twice is doing me good. I try to take the stairs now since I was released from restrictions so that adds more stuff. Wowzers those are rough on this out of shape body. Whew Can't wait for our trip to Gatlinburg. We go every year. I just want to enjoy the woods and streams. Cool, quiet and Ahhhhh - I hate hate summer so it's like a I survived reward to go up there where its nice and cool. Have blessed Day, TTYL gater -
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    One week post op tomorrow and

    Yeah a lot of doctors have different plans. It's crazy. I had a two week clear liquid post-op then two week full liquids ( just added the premier shakes) then two weeks pureed, which I'm still not too yet. Almost. Then on to adding full foods. I couldn't imagines doing pureed already at week 1. My stomach barely liked me putting the premier shakes in at week three. Took a few days to get used to. Just do what is comfortable for you. Start with mild soft stuff like scrambled eggs (soft). This is so going to be my first. Take a small bit and wait. See how your stomach feels. If real concerned talk to you doc about it or your nutritionist. We seem to talk to them more than the doc anymore here. He is more concerned about incisions, internal pain and dehydration. Hope all works out well. GrInS
  7. So I didn't know I wasn't able to blog on here on my phone. Totally frustrating. I don't have a computer at home so taking two weeks off work for the surgery; I was unable to get on here. Pooey. I tried to recap the last two weeks quickly as possible. So it's now been two weeks since my gastric sleeve surgery on 07/17/2017. I arrived at the hospital at 9am and didn't get taken back to surgery till about 2pm. Boy that was a long wait. ugh ***My surgery was performed by Dr.Dyer at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville TN. Surgery went well. Minimal pain. I was on the pain pump and used it for a bit. I'm allergic (severe itching) to morphine so I only used the pain med for the first two days since they gave me a drug related to morphine and of course I was miserably itchy. I had a drain on my right side. (I attached pics of the incisions.) I had a total of 10 marks – a couple you can’t see. One was in my belly button and another on my left side. It wasn’t real visible in the photo. Some were small incisions, some punctures (needles where the gas was inserted), and the largest where they took the stomach out was near the drain. It still hurts a bit today, but not much. I was up walking pretty quickly. No problem. Drinking was bit hard. It felt like swallowing a rock. And it hurt went it hit the stomach. But I just sipped sipped and it got better each day. The second day I was given a bowel suppository of some sort to help reactivate my bowels since they freeze up due to surgery and anesthesia. I had a small movement the next day. Same stuff each day, walk , drink, sleep, walk , drink sleep. I was released early Thursday about 10am. I still had the drain and had it taken out that following Tuesday. I felt pretty good. I was probably ready to go back to work Wednesday but already had put the time in so just took the rest of the week off. So the worst part of everything was the clear diet. Ugh ugh. I couldn’t stand Nectar, Isopure and started to have trouble with the Unjury. I don’t throw up, but just hated the tastes of the water based proteins. I was only getting 40 grams in a day. So I started the stage 2 a few days early. I was suppose to be on the clear diet for two weeks then start stage 2 liquid diet. This just adds the Premier protein drinks. I drink two a day right now. I did have my first “too full” feeling yesterday when I drank my shake. I think I just had too much at once. It was like a large burp that couldn’t come out stuck just below my sternum and I was nausea's. Because of course my gag is broke (wink) I don’t throw up. So I just didn’t move for a bit till things moved on through. I only drink a bit at a time now. Much better So I’ll be on this Stage 2 liquid for three weeks. It’s only suppose to be two, but my doctor doesn’t want me changing stages till I see him and the nutritionists and he is on vacation the week I’m suppose to transition, so I get an extra week of liquids. Oh Joy. We’ll see how this goes. LOL Other than that I’m back to work today. I have my schedule with my vitamins and drinks and will see how it all goes. I listed my schedule below case you were interested. I’m suppose to add a third shake if able when I can. But doc said doesn’t have to be everyday. Hope everyone is doing well in Bariatric Land. GrInS ***this is just a layout to try and help me get everything I am suppose to in. Awake – 4am – take thyroid pills (crushed) Start first 24oz cup water At Work – 6am – take multivitamin Start second 24oz cup water 8am – drink ½ protein shake 9am – drink ½ protein shake – take first calcium 10am if not completed – finish second 24oz water Start third 24oz cup water 12pm – walk 30 min (lunch break) – take second calcium 2:15 off work 3pm – drink ½ protein shake 4pm – drink ½ protein shake – take third calcium – biotin and D3 ( I take B12 once a week on Sunday) Make dinner for family Have another 24oz water available as I want ( I don’t feel pressure to finish it since I’ve hit my goal of 64 ounces already) but drink as I want so I’m not thirsty. 6pm – yummy sugar free Popsicle. 7pm – Bed time Oh my states right now are highest weight 315 - DOS 286 (I think- they weighed me in Kilograms ) - today 273.8 (42 total lost)
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    July Schedule

    Well mine was moved from the 12th to the 17th. I'm on day 3 of 4 days. They dont count the surgery date as part of the 3 day stay. I am hurting pretty much today. The pain pump meds were doing the same to me as morphine... Uncontrollable itching. So I stopped. Bam... Pain city. But I'm dealing. They gave me some liquid Tylenol. Blah... that was horrible. But it's taking the edge off. It hurts to drink. Pain all the way down. Hoping this will subside soon. Because once I'm off IV... fluid intake will be on me. Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  9. It almost 4am. Feeling great. Already walked around a couple times. Too many wires and stuff to unhook or I'd love to get up more. Surprisingly the pain is minimal. Of course it does hurt just not too bad. But I do have a high pain tolerance. Of All the things I'm finding the urinary catheter the worst. I can't wait till they take that out hopefully sometime later today. I posted a picture of all my incisions. Apparently I have a total of 9 that's including the drain. From my pre-op class I was told they usually 6. Wonder what the other few were for? Hope all is well. Hugz Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I just might give up caffeine for good

    I'm still preop but I gave up caffeine years ago. 2011 to be exact. Haven't had anything but decaf coffee and water. I never likey sweet drinks and have had my fill during this 3 week pre op diet. Everything sweet... Blah. But wanted to say I have felt great and never needed it. Id stay of the stuff if you can. As you lose weight natural energy will be all you need. I can't wait. Just this 20lbs I've lost on this preop diet has felt great. Can you imagine when more comes off. Who needs caffeine. GrInS Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Who's Currently In Pre-Op Diet Phase?

    I always state that every program and doc is different. I posted my personal pre-op diet on my blog on here. I'm on my last week of a three week liquid pre-op diet. It gets much easier as I go and it will for you. I noticed there is always a day or so that is just real rough. The fourth day for me was the worst. But after that it wasn't too bad. I don't even feel real hungry anymore. I have a schedule and stick with it. Every hour I have something. I start with two cups decaf coffee 6am- tomato juice (5oz can) and broth 7am - premier protein shake 8am - 1/4 cup cottage cheese with sugar free jello or seasoning of choice if I want savory 9am - I repeat this once more for 10, 11, 12 and 1 - then I go home from work and have another tomato juice while I make dinner for family. I have one Oikos triple zero yogurt (coffee is the bestest) and two sugar free Popsicle. Tada - days over and I start again... LOL - sometimes I have one more shake in the evening but really haven't much. I add protein unflavored powder (Unjury) to my jello and between that and the cottage cheese and yogurt protein - it makes up the protein from that last shake. Yes there are times I so want to eat, especially when cooking something I love for dinner, but every morning I feel better and better. My edema is practically gone and I'm down 20lbs which I really feel a difference when I walk because my back is in less pain. I keep real busy. I'm taking more time in my hobbies and stuff. I love painting and spend more time doing that than eating. I also walk. Especially at lunch break at work. I walk while everyone brings in their McDonald, Panda express and all that other processed poison. It helps get me away from all the smells. *wink* Blessing on your journey - You so got this - GrInS
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    Ha ha... that's so true. Funny...i always started my diets in October. Anyways did great through all the challenges of Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas. You know what did me in. Valentine's day... baskin robins love potion Ice cream always came out then. Been two years since I've had it. Going strong. This will be so worth it. GrInS Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  13. Just wanted to share some of the stuff I've been eating this week for my pre-op diet. Besides three Premier protein shakes I have other stuff. My life saver is the sugar free jello. I add 1 scoop of Unjury Unflavored protein powder to a cup of cold water, mix real good and then add that to my already dissolved jello that is 1 cup hot water. I like firm firm jello so I do 2 pkgs jello to 2 cups water total. One hot to dissolve the jello and one cold for the Protein powder. Mix both and pour into single serve containers. I add the protein powder to make sure I get enough protein in for the day because I have trouble doing three premiere protein shakes a day. I really get sick of all the sweet. blah I also use Unjury Chicken flavor soup protein mix too... this is so good. I'm going to experiment and had it in unflavored gelatin see how that works. LOL - soup cubes *wink* _ I'll let y'all know how that works out. LOL I do use broth cubes for convenience, but I don't want to much sodium so I also buy the organic premade broth from Walmart to break up between cubes. These are good and have less sodium. I find the beef broth flavor is my fav. Chicken is second fav. Veggie broth. Blah! There is Chicken with herbs bouillon cubes and these have a tad less sodium than the regular Chicken cubes. I am allowed cottage cheese on my pre-op diet so that helps too, cause I can sprinkle with seasonings for a savory flavor or sugar free jello/crystal light for a sweety thing. Kinda reminds me of ambrosia salad with cherry jello on it. I also am allowed Oikos triple zero yougurt once a day. Those are so yummy. Coffee flavor is the bestest! I'm also allowed up to 2 cups per day of V8/tomato juice. This is savory yummy too. Love (just a dash) of Worcestershire and hot sauce. For those of you just starting your pre-op. I'm already not feeling as hungry as I used too. I have to remind myself sometimes to make sure I get enough stuff in for the day. Its true once you get past the first four or five days it gets easier. This diet is to help us shrink our livers and drop a few pounds to help in lessen any complications during surgery. It also helps us detox and ready our body and minds for the changes its about to go through. But this is pretty much what I eat each day. Oh and I always have Popsicle - sugar free of course when ever. Love to hear any ideas or things y'all have tried. GrInS
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    On The Road Again...

    Will definitely have to plan more for trips. Used to trips revolved around food. It was all they were about. WLS will change that I'm sure. Instead of going to certain places just to try the food it will have to be about the activities. OH BOY - this will be so different. Scheduled for surgery July 12, 2017. Soooo excited. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. *thumbs up
  15. May 9th was my consult and my surgery is scheduled for July 12th. That was his next available time. I do have two weeks liquid diet before the surgery. Fun fun *wink* Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    July Sleevers!!!

    I ordered it off amazon. There called yum boxes. I thought it was cute. Nice small compartments. Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    July 12th here as well....whoop whoop Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  18. Well I'm through all the pre-cert stuff. Had my Pysch eval - guess I'm not crazy and Nutritional eval. Took about a week for my insurance to approve. Over all from first call to office took about a month to get the that point. Then had my consult with the doc and surgery date is July 12th. Have a pre surgery thing on June 12th that includes upper GI - Labs and Pre surgery class. I have to do a two week liquid diet (which include cottage cheese and yogurt - seems weird) before surgery with the day before being all clear liquids plus that lovely magnesium stuff the night before too. yuck. So glad things are flowing along. Still nervous and working on new life habits. The whole drinking things I'm find the hardest. Just never had to THINK about not drinking. ugh... Any Hoo - Just posting the progress. Oh - does anyone know how to change stuff in our profiles? Can't figure it out for nothing. Thanks again GrInS
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    Who are you telling (pre-op)?

    My husband was who knew in the beginning. I didn't want to hear everyone's opinions and horror stories. But after doing my research and getting more comfortable and confident in my choice to do this and come to realize what others think really doesn't matter, I have opened up my circle of know-ees to a few coworkers since I never hardly ever miss work and will be after having this procedure. Surprisingly I haven't heard anything negative yet.
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    Almost 2 years out and gaining


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