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Well the scaled moved some today. yay :) I'm five weeks post op today and I did my Monday weigh in and it's on 267.0 finally away from the 270. But like I had mentioned before, I was still shrinking because I could tell by my belt. I could tell by my belt. I never got to measure last week. :( seems my tape measure did a hoodie and can't locate it. But I'm good. Not letting stalls or anything get to me. I feel much better and that is all that matters. My goals are to up my working out. I walk a mile 5 times a day, but would like to see about doing more cardio. I see doc tomorrow for follow up and see what he says. I do still have incision pain on my largest incision. So not sure what I'm allowed to do. 

I am still trying to get the eating down too. I know I'm not suppose to snack, but to do just three meals a day doesn't get my protein in. I do like five mini meals. All good stuff like diced chicken, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese stick, protein soups from this site ( so yummy), etc. It works for me. 

My big excitement beside the eclipse everyone is going bonkers over today here at work is, my husband and I are going to Gatlinburg here in TN in Oct. for my 45th birthday/ 23rd Anniversary. So excited. This will be a different trip since we usually focused a lot of our trips on FOOD and places to eat. I'm not a big shopper so trying to figure out the best way to enjoy a NON - FOOD focused trip. 

Well hope everyone is doing well in Bariatric Land.

Blessing to you all,

Later Gaters :251_crocodile:




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Congrats on busting your stall and doing so well at 5 weeks post op! Woot!!! Party! :460_circus_tent::778_heartbeat: Don't you just love moving into a new decade? I always feel like, "Sayonara "old decade," smell ya later! Never!" And sometimes, it feels like forevs before you actually break out and through an existing decade. I thought the 260s were gonna be the death of me! It felt like they took forever. The 250s didn't feel as long, but took exactly the same number of days to break through! Sheesh!

I love your NSV (belt moving thing). That feels better than any scale or measuring tape in the world. Right? And holy crap Batman! You walk 1 mile, 5 times a day? me=not worthy!!!! :1295_raised_hands_tone1:

Gattlinburg vaca sounds fun. Do historical and music stuff. Do dancing and romance!! :D Have a blast!!! ((hugs))

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Thank you - thank you very much - as it's said here in Nashville. :)

LOL _ Never thought about it like decades. Ha ha ha - thats great! I guess the 270s were my hurdle. I was 264 this morning. Doc was please with how I'm doing so that was good. I've been released from all restrictions (except on food of course) so going to add some weights to help firm up as I go. Don't have too much loosey goosey going on yet, but I knows it will come. Tummy will be the worst.

Yes the belt rocks. I'm off the normal holes now and onto these rings (decor things). My husband asked if I should get a new one and said nope. This is my measure thing. The rings work. They are about an inch apart so each ring is an inch down. whoop Whoop.

I walk the miles here at work. Our parking garage from bottom level to top level is exactly 1/2 mile. So I walk up (hardest since it's up hill some) then back down. I do get walking in on weekend when we go to the mall and walk the loop (opry mill mall here is made in a huge circle) I need to my fitness pal it and see how long it is? Hmmmmm<_<

But I've cut it back to one or two times a day since my hours are all wonky at work now. They got changed this week now. New flex time. Love it but different. I come in at 5am instead of 8am so I don't do dark garages when there are no peoples around ;-) - But I feel the once or twice is doing me good. I try to take the stairs now since I was released from restrictions so that adds more stuff. Wowzers those are rough on this out of shape body. Whew

Can't wait for our trip to Gatlinburg. We go every year. I just want to enjoy the woods and streams. Cool, quiet and Ahhhhh :D - I hate hate summer so it's like a I survived reward to go up there where its nice and cool.

Have blessed Day,

TTYL gater - :251_crocodile:

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Oh man! Walking inclines are super great exercise, but so hard! For me, they feel harder than the stairs! It's good that you don't walk in the early morning. I'd still prolly want to walk with a friend at any time! Don't you ever watch NCIS? bahahahahaha. It ALL goes down in Rock Creek Park or in a parking garage, girl!

Love the idea of keeping the belt. But I also think you can go to "the Army" or Goodwill and snag a belt for a buck and please all sides of you! :) I'm glad the doc is happy with you and you are happy with you!!! 264 rocks!!! Congrats!

LOL on being in Nashville, guess there's no reason to do music in Gatlinburg then! The mountains and just chillin' sound like a perfect vaca to me. I'm not much of a doer. Of course, that might change once I lose weight and get healthy/skinny! LOL. You might not be able to hold me back. But now, I just love sittin' by the river, playing some cards or dominoes, and visiting while relaxing. (And in the old days: eating and drinking...le sigh...but life changes and we move on to better lives. Right?!!)

Anyway, getting ready for the hurricane here in Houston. I think we will only get dumped on with water. The south coast will be hit the worst, but we already went to the store (twice, hehe), and now there's more stuff to do to prepare for "whatifs." LOL! Have a good one, sweetie!!! Great update BTW!!!

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