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    SuziLPN reacted to uhm.mazing in BCBS Massachusetts- how long did approval take?   
    I have BCBS of MA as well, Do you have a 6 month dietician requirement?
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    SuziLPN reacted to Middus in BCBS Massachusetts- how long did approval take?   
    I think it depends on your hospital. All i had to do was run a barrage of tests to prove I was fit for surgery. My surgeon then placed a 10lbs weight-loss requirement which added an extra month. Approval happened less than a week after it was submitted.

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    SuziLPN reacted to sgaddarich in BCBS Massachusetts- how long did approval take?   
    I have BCBS Ri and it took me 3 months of testing and nut visits. Once I did that approval was done in 15 mins.

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    SuziLPN reacted to kins117 in Day 1 pre op diet   
    Today is day 1 for me as well. I can feel the headache starting from no caffeine. 13.5 days to go!
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    SuziLPN reacted to aquarious12585 in Day 1 pre op diet   
    Thank you both for the support! I took your advice and have started crossing off the days as I go! 9 days left until surgery. I can do this!

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    SuziLPN reacted to higher in Who has had WLS without family and friends?   
    Yeah, I ended up keeping it a total secret. Leaned heavily on this forum- could not have managed without Bariatric Pal.
    All my friends are family are incredibly supportive and positive because they all they see is me eating small healthy portions, exercising and dropping weight and they love that.
    I think I saved myself a lot of trouble by keeping it to myself.
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    SuziLPN reacted to OKCPirate in Who has had WLS without family and friends?   
    @@CLN.BK - Yes you can. I was not dating anyone. My kids were in school. I work out of my house. My co-workers are "virtual." And it was great. No back stabbing. No idiot comments. I could control my diet. No one ate my food in the fridge. So look there are upsides and downsides to everything. Just look at the plusses.
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    SuziLPN reacted to BigViffer in Already cheating 5 months post op   
    You are already being supportive, this is all on him. If he is causing fights I would ask him point blank, is that stupid bite of food worth the fight? Does it really mean more to you than the health of the family?
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    SuziLPN reacted to LaurieRenz in April sleevers!?   
    April 5th is my day! I have my pre op appointment on Wednesday. Getting very nervous/excited!
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    SuziLPN reacted to mrsdaniel2013 in April sleevers!?   
    Me too. We can do this!

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    SuziLPN reacted to Slim r in April sleevers!?   
    I got my approval and expecting a call from the hospital to schedule my date tomorrow. Dr said most likely April 3-4th.

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    SuziLPN reacted to kins117 in April sleevers!?   
    I'm officially scheduled for April 12th!! Pre op diet starts the 29th

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    SuziLPN reacted to Meiki40 in April sleevers!?   
    I got my surgery date thursday and my sleeve date is 4/26/2017 and cant wait!
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    SuziLPN reacted to Judymo in April sleevers!?   
    Good luck everyone
    I am nervous as the date draws closer, but I am ready for this. I am happy to have found this online group because I learn a lot from each of you and what to expect.
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    SuziLPN reacted to laGata15 in April sleevers!?   
    I got the phone call today after being denied 2 months ago because my A1c was 9.8! The doctor said he would approve me if I got it down to a 8. And here I am 2 months later , 20 pounds lost and lowered my A1c to 7.9 lol. I got to work on it.
    I am now scheduled for April 17th, pre op testing April 5th. Will be on a 10 day liquid diet I hope I make it lol. After 6 long months of test and dr appointment this is finally happening! I am excited, super scared and nervous. Good luck to everyone!
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    SuziLPN reacted to gryffen in Ten years later - GOT A DATE!!!   
    Ten long (very bloody long) years of weight management programme in Scotland and I have a date!
    18th April at 7.30am.
    *happy dance*
    liquid diet for 15 days and also my grans funeral on the 7th and pre op assessment on 11th.
    Trying to work out calories for a shot of tequila to toast her or she's getting toasted with a slimfast!
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    SuziLPN reacted to shon74 in Feeling great   
    I'm sleeved y'all, yes I'm feeling ok right know
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    SuziLPN reacted to nocturnalgemi in Surgery on Monday   
    My surgery is Monday too! I'm the first one of the day; I have to be at the hospital at 5:00 AM. I'm not quite nervous yet but I know I won't get much sleep tomorrow night due to nervous energy. Good luck! [emoji4]

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    SuziLPN reacted to shon74 in Surgery on Monday   
    My surgery is on Monday as well, I'm A lil nervous , but I know we will all do well.
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    SuziLPN reacted to tashpoint_0 in Surgery on Monday   
    My surgery is Monday as well. I've never had any kind of surgery before, so I'm nervous. But I'm so ready to make this change.

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    SuziLPN reacted to RoxxerDoxxer in Surgery on Monday   
    I'm having the same feelings my surgery is scheduled for Tuesday! I'm excited but nervous!

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    SuziLPN reacted to milda_vsg in Before and After Pics   
    Aaaah, 8 months down the line I can finally see a difference! I look rough as balls due to me still getting over a cold, but that ain't stopping me from enjoying my 'before' and 'during'! 118lbs lost from my highest, 89 since the day of surgery. Best way to start the new year in a long time!

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    SuziLPN reacted to Boscogirl in Before and After Pics   
    Been a long while since I posted an updated picture. Everyone is looking amazing!!!
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    SuziLPN reacted to inhiskingdom in Before and After Pics   
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    SuziLPN reacted to Kellyfitz4 in Before and After Pics   
    10 months out and feel great! Trying to figure out maintenance!

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