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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Bbkay reacted to HopeThruFaith in When Did You Eat Salad?   
    I had my 3 week post op visit yesterday and was told to go ahead and try eating lettuce.
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    Bbkay reacted to biddykm in Nothing but SLIME!   
    I had the same problem. I even started regretting the surgery. Wondering what kind of life this is vomiting all the time.
    No matter what I drank, I threw up. No matter what I ate, it came up. I knew I wasn't overrating or eating to fast bc the FIRST bite made me sick.
    I went back to doctor. And I was told 1 in every 10 experience this excessive nausea and vomiting. And that it WILL get better.
    Blue Powerade was the only thing I could hold down and not very much of it. I was so thirsty and had cotton mouth. No energy at all!
    Doctor said my stomach was still swollen on the inside and once the swelling went down some I would feel better, I just needed time.
    And he was correct. A week later the vomiting has improved. I still vomit 1-2 times a day but I can hold string cheese, and popsicles down.
    I was so very emotional but it has gotten better. I was sleeved on dec 19. Hope u feel better
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    Bbkay reacted to carolynjackson in Any April sleevers   
    I'm nervous, excited and scared. Seems the closer it gets the more anxious I get. It's a week away for me.

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    Bbkay reacted to Graeme in Any April sleevers   
    yes, I've never had surgery or an IV or anything. Very nervous and scared. Even though I really want it
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    Bbkay got a reaction from BeccaK7983 in Any April sleevers   
    As our surgery dates are approaching, is anyone nervous ?
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    Bbkay reacted to cms0181 in Are there any April 2017 sleevers?   
    April 3rd!!!

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    Bbkay got a reaction from JennySue in Are there any April 2017 sleevers?   
    I literally made my decision early February and paid my deposit shortly after. I am only going in April to accrue more pto otherwise I would've gone sooner.