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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Kelbri96

    New to fifties group

    Thank you so much! I will take any advice you can give. I live on Long island. Where do you live? I am presently on prep day of 14 days and I haven't lost a pound......
  2. Kelbri96

    New to fifties group

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am 51 years of age. I am a heart attack survivor with a RCA Stent. I presently am on my pre-op diet and my gastric sleeve surgery is scheduled for 6/14. I am very excited and nervous... What will life be like...
  3. Kelbri96

    Tomorrow is the day

    Good luck!!
  4. Kelbri96

    June sleeve buddies?

    Hi I am starting prep on Wednesday! Where are you? I am on long island!
  5. Kelbri96

    June sleeve buddies?

    I am June 14th!
  6. Kelbri96

    Finally got my surgery date!

    My date is 6/14!
  7. Kelbri96

    Surgery Date May 31st

    I just received my surgery date 6/14! How about you?
  8. Kelbri96

    Surgery Date May 31st

    You are a busy Mommy! I am on my way to the doctors to schedule my surgery whoop whoop!!!
  9. Kelbri96

    Surgery Date May 31st

    What are you studying? How old are your kids? I have 3 two girls 14 and 20 and one boy 16...I have my Masters of Education Secondary...
  10. Kelbri96

    Surgery Date May 31st

    Definitely! And you too! How long are you taking off from work? My doc has me going straight to mushies !
  11. Kelbri96

    Surgery Date May 31st

    We have the same stats but I can tell I am older than you I am 51-
  12. Kelbri96

    It's getting Real!

    I am very nervous too. I know I need this surgery but I am not sure if I want it lol... Same story for years. Well I will stay strong and look forward to living my life again.. no more I am too tired, this hurts, that hurts, this new medicine, a new side effect... My heart attack was my wake up call... A RCA Stent later.... I know I need this
  13. Kelbri96

    Surgery Date May 31st

    I think I will. I am meeting next week to schedule date. Office said most likely 5/31 I am nervous how about you?
  14. Kelbri96

    Empire plan insurance

    I meant EPO sorry? Is six month supervised diet required? What if you gain weight?
  15. Kelbri96

    Empire plan insurance

    Is this Empire BCBS Epi?

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