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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Always struggled with my weight. After two babies I just couldn't play the diet game any longer. Was sleeved 8/14/17.
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I am one week post op and it has been a roller coaster! I read A LOT of other reviews prior to surgery, and unfortunately, I think I only read those who had great recoveries and low pain. That was not the case for me. Oh My God. It was bad. I cried and shook in my hospital bed the first night (partly due to a bad nurse, which they apologized for over and over again). Only now am I feeling okay, one week later. 
My pain was mostly nausea and vomiting. My surgeon told me that may have been because I was trying to drink ice water and my stomach couldn't handle the extreme cold. She was right, it was 100% better with room temp beverages. 
Things I have learned so far:
1. My having this surgery triggers stuff for other people. I cannot tell you how long the lab tech went on about her own weight and insecurities and how pretty I already was and how skinny I would be. It was really sad. I had to explain to multiple nurses why I was getting sleeved, because they said I was so much smaller than the others, which was awkward and I wasn't quite prepared for that. 
2. They say you won't be hungry, but that's only partly true. I am SO thirsty. I just can't quench my thirst. And I crave real food. Not that I'm hungry as in I want to pig out, I just really look forward to enjoying appropriate preportions of healthy food. 
3. Before you lose weight you gain weight. They weighed me day 1 post op and I had gained 10 pounds! It makes sense that it would be all of the fluids built up from the IV, but I wasn't expecting that. 
4. I'm already more comfortable with my body. I've shown a few people my incisions and just feel at peace with my body and whatever it will be able to do for me in the next months. 
All for now! 

Age: 37
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight Lost: 7.5 lbs
BMI: 35
Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 03/20/2017
Surgery Date: 08/14/2017
Hospital Stay: 2 Days
Surgery Funding: Self Paid
Insurance Outcome: Not covered