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  1. K_aane

    Those nooks and Crannies

    I use coconut oil. It's a dry oil with anti bacterial properties. After I shower I rub it in between my.legs, under my stomach and along my hips. A little goes a long way. It dries fast and leaves a barrier against chafing and if your skin is red or irritated it literally heals it overnight.
  2. K_aane

    Slow WL

    I am so sorry for the loss of your Mother. Take time to heal .... It is good to hear I am not alone with the slow losing. I feel like you, it has changed my life in that I am so much more active then I had been in years. I also feel like to go slow gives me time to stay on track and make these changes permanent as well as hoping it's better on the extra skin. I do know I am losing inches. Today I went and bought a new pair of pants cuz I thought mine felt loose. Turns out I was wearing a 16/18 and bought a pair of 12/14 !!! They fit!!! Inches are coming off and that is a good thing. No ones journey is the same but it does help to hear from other slow losers. Its going to take time but I will get there!!
  3. K_aane

    Slow WL

    I am a slow loser. I had vsg in 7/17 and I have only lost 55lbs. I have also had 3 additional surgeries, hernia, 12/17, appendix ruptured 8/18 and another hernia repair11/18. Lots of inches lost and I am getting stronger. I barely eat 900 -1000 calories a day. Drink lots of water, do not eat bread, pasta, or sugar. I just think my body has been thru a lot and just going to take time. Luckily my surgeon is very supportive. I have went back to 2 protein shakes and salad with tuna, chicken or shrimp. I am hoping my body really kicks in. I am not going to fight the process, cuz I am very thankful for how far I have come. I was never a big eater, didnt drink soda and didnt eat fast food. I just keep working it. Clothes fit better and I do remember being told, we don't buy clothes by the pound but by the inch. 🤣🤣🤣🤗
  4. What is that? HW 274 SW 263 GW 125 GASTRIC SLEEVE 7/21/17. Height 5'1" instagram: K_aane_VSG
  5. How did the extensions work for you? I am in the same situation and thinking of getting the clip in wefts too! I just want more fullness and length while my hair grows out. Thanks so much for sharing! K.
  6. K_aane

    Trying to stay positive.

    I had my surgery on July 21, 2017 and I have never regretted it, except wish I had done it sooner. I am down now 45lbs, feel wonderful and food, well you know that saying, "nothing taste as good as thin feels", that is soooo true. It's a rough ride with stalls, bad days, f**k people who criticize (My surgery is private) but it's so worth it in the end. Take care of yourself and love yourself, you deserve this, go for it and be happy, f**k everyone else...lol You are beautiful!!! HW 274 SW 263 GW 125 GASTRIC SLEEVE 7/21/17. Height 5'1" instagram: K_aane_VSG
  7. K_aane

    Menopause Triggered?

    You can do some research on a site called emerita.com yes it can happen with the wl. Look into natural progesterone creme on that site. It can be bought in a health food stores and can be a real life saver. [emoji4] HW 274 SW 263 GW 125 GASTRIC SLEEVE 7/21/17. Height 5'1" instagram: K_aane_VSG
  8. A wave to you Diana!!!!! Ditto what she said!! I have kept my surgery a secret, only my niece (who had the surgery), my godchild, my hubby and now my 2 sisters. I was worried about telling them but since I was able to have my hernia surgery in Dec I wanted them to know. Turned out they were both very happy and have been my biggest cheerleaders. They also agree that I don't need to tell anyone else. So far I have lost 42lbs. 6 mo. It's been slow but the benefits are, skin has a chance to catch up and no one looks at me and says, oh wow you must have had wls!! ( with that very smug disgusting disapproval look) I just credit my loss to having been strict bc I needed the hernia surgery. Now that I have had the hernias repaired I am cleared to workout like a champ. I hope to knock off another 50lbs by July 2018, my 1 yr mark. If you are thick skinned and don't mind being scrutinized, then tell everyone, just be prepared for the "oh you took the easy way out comments along with the rest of the b.s. that comes along. One-day maybe I don't know, if someone makes a shitty remark, who knows what I might say. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Right now, this is for me, to get my life back and man I am loving it!!!!! Between the support here, my few family members and my Instagram buddies it's enough. I love sharing my little milestones and struggles with those who truly care and understand. Everyone else can go ....well you finish it....lol if you are like me it's the expletives!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 As the Lady Gaga song says, "so happy I could die" HW 274 SW 263 GW 125 GASTRIC SLEEVE 7/21/17. Height 5'1" instagram: K_aane_VSG
  9. K_aane

    Protein Iceed coffee

    I do the chocolate with coffee,,, hmmmm love it!!! HW 274 SW 263 GW 125 GASTRIC SLEEVE 7/21/17. Height 5'1" instagram: K_aane_VSG
  10. K_aane

    Proteinaholic by Dr Garth Davis

    I cannot eat that much protein. I try to do 60 but many days I just don't eat a lot. I have fat, let my body eat that. [emoji1] [emoji1] HW 274 SW 263 GW 125 GASTRIC SLEEVE 7/21/17. Height 5'1" instagram: K_aane_VSG
  11. I,was sleeved on 7-21-2017 and I have no regrets wha t so ever! My weightg loss is slow but none the less I am very happy. I have lost 42 LB and many inches. I have went from a size 24 to an 18. But the biggest thing that I am most grateful for is that I was able to have the hernia surgery that I have waited 6 years for. Due to four abdominal surgeries I had 3 large hernias that really hindered my ability in everything I did. But no more!!! I had my hernia surgery on 12-19-2017 and it has made a huge difference in how I walk, my ability to dance again and just the overall happiness of looking down and seeing my stomach flat again!!! Before surgery for the last 4 yrs, I did not eat, pasta, bread, soda or fast food, so I do not miss that. I drink water and coffee only. I try to get at least 60gr of protein, I eat a protein bar and shake everyday. But I just don't eat very much and I am very happy with that. Food was never my friend, I had guilt every time I ate and now that is gone. I pretty much eat when I am hungry and I eat what I want. Sometimes it just a few bites and I am done. I do not eat sweets at all, when I feel I want something sweet I have a sugar free cookie and that's it. My guilty pleasure is a few spicy nacho Doritos, lol. Even then it's only 5 or 6, not the whole bag. I look forward to dancing!! I walk a lot , have lots if energy and keep thinking it can only get better. If you look for me on Instagram you can see my journey. And I did tell my sister's who were very supportive! I told them in October bc I knew my hernia surgery was coming up. They have been my biggest cheerleaders besides my hubby. I am very happy and thankful everyday. HW 274 SW 263 GW 125 GASTRIC SLEEVE 7/21/17. Height 5'1" instagram: K_aane_VSG
  12. I am 58 and had my vsg in July 2017. Weight loss has been slow, but I am losing inches and I do feel great! Its slow but, at least I am not gaining. The best part is no one seems to notice much and since my surgery is a secret, its a blessing! ! I did end up telling my sisters and they have been very supportive!
  13. K_aane

    365 Days...!

    You look absolutely amazing!!! What an inspiration! !! You,are glowing!!! HW 274 SW 263 GW 125 GASTRIC SLEEVE 7/21/17. Height 5'1" instagram: K_aane_VSG
  14. K_aane

    Sugar free cookie

    I do the sugar free cookies. My doc said it was ok. I only allow myself the serving size when I want a treat. It has helped me tremendously bc I will not deprive myself of everything. It just doesn't work for me. I do not eat anything that has regular sugar such as cakes or pies. If I do decide, I will take one bite only. This surgery for me was about control. I don't over due or over eat like I used to and for that I am very happy. I already do not eat pasta, pizza or bread. But one cookie isn't going to derail me and I am with not eating the whole bag. We have to find what works for each of us. A lifetime of denial of everything is not living. HW 274 SW 263 GW 125 GASTRIC SLEEVE 7/21/17. Height 5'1" instagram: K_aane_VSG
  15. I live my life by my favorite Tony Robbins quote: " whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in life." I saw myself in a dream at a party at my house. I was so thin, smiling, wearing yellow Capris and a white tank. I look at that image in my thoughts daily until one day I will become her. HW 274 SW 263 GW 125 GASTRIC SLEEVE 7/21/17. Height 5'1" instagram: K_aane_VSG