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  1. I wasn't thinking. Went to the Vitamin shoppe for some items, non wls related. I see they have calcium chews for but one get one 50% off. They're regularly 9 dollars for 30. What a deal, right? Half way home (after I tried one) I realized hat they're carbonate and not citrate.'s either back to the store to return one or convince my husband to eat them daily. The way I feel right now, both are a hassle to do. Haha! 

    1. Thejeweledsleeve


      Oh that sucks, but hey maybe your husband will take them LOL. I do not think they will give you a hard time a Vitamin Shoppe. You should be able to exchange your vitamins (unopened) for another type.

    2. PatientEleventyBillion


      Yes return to store but if you can't just make sure you take it with meals to reduce chances of nausea.