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  1. PhillyAj

    Officially Post Op!

    Wishing U a healthy & speedy recovered. I was sleeved 12/19/16! Sent from my iPhone
  2. @kathylynn160---are you looking for unflavored isopure powder or the isopure Protein drinks? Sent from my iPhone
  3. PhillyAj

    Before and during

    Congrats on the wt loss! Hope your knee gets better soon. How did u lose so much wt in 8 months? Im excited to hear. Sent from my iPhone
  4. I got this from Amazon & use it in everything: (i think 1 scoop is 25g): i mix it in my no salt ketchup (for my eggs), unsweetened applesauce, sugar free Jello & pudding etc I also drink 1 Isopure flavor Protein drink a day (which has 40g of protein). I am getting in almost 80g a day of protein. Hope this helps! Sent from my iPhone
  5. sleeved 12/19/16 wt 393# current wt 1/13/17 380#s Sent from my iPhone
  6. PhillyAj

    Transformation Tuesday

    @readytobethin---u look amazing! how did u do it? i am 1 month post op rt now. what are ur secrets???? Sent from my iPhone
  7. PhillyAj

    125 days after Sleeve

    congrats! Sent from my iPhone
  8. PhillyAj

    50 pounds down as of today!

    congrats! u look amazing. Sent from my iPhone
  9. PhillyAj

    Hello, friends! 8 months PO!

    u look amazing and happy! congrats! Sent from my iPhone
  10. thats great! congrats! Sent from my iPhone
  11. PhillyAj

    1 month into surgery

    congrats! u look great! keep up the hard work. Sent from my iPhone
  12. anyone in South Philly? what hosp? who is ur surgeon? when is ur date? i am tomorrow @ Jefferson w/dr Palazzo!!!! Sent from my iPhone
  13. PhillyAj

    Happy New Year to all...

    Happy New Year to ALL! Sent from my iPhone
  14. congrats! u look great!!! Sent from my iPhone
  15. thats awesome lastipe! u look amazing! Sent from my iPhone
  16. thanks for that wjessi1---cant wait to try it on Mon. Sent from my iPhone
  17. PhillyAj

    Philly? South Philly Sleevers?

    hi Maria! Thats awesome...good luck. i loved Jefferson. surgery went very well. the nurses were kind (especially Lizie!) in hosp. my surgery was Mon 12/19---I was discharged Wes 12/21 around 4pm. they need to see you walking. the only thing that i had a prob w/was dey heaving the first 24 hrs after surgery. they gave me zofran, a patch behind my ear for nauseau n then finally compasine (if i spelled it rt) that finally worked & i wasnt dry heaving any more. the pain meds were great! i am still on the 2 wk post op liquid, looking forward to puree on Mon 1/2. keep in touch & let me know how things go. Sent from my iPhone
  18. good luck tomorrow baileymedlin24-keep me posted!!!! Sent from my iPhone
  19. PhillyAj

    Transformation Tuesday

    keep up the great work! Sent from my iPhone
  20. u were disappointed w/Pinterest? omg. i love it. just search bariatric surgery puree or what stage u on & so many ideas! Sent from my iPhone
  21. PhillyAj

    Philly? South Philly Sleevers?

    bignorm4life-hows things going for u post op? Sent from my iPhone
  22. -kate- are u serious? ppl are eating those foods few days after post op? that is dangerous! Sent from my iPhone
  23. just make a Pinterest account and search: bariatric puree food and the recipes are endless!! i cant wait to make this pizza with no crust: http://www.kalynskitchen.com/2015/01/low-carb-pepperoni-pizza-chicken-bake.html?m=1#more then they have grilled chicken zucchini boats, turkey meatball, egg omelets & more. Sent from my iPhone
  24. malin-so sorry to hear about ur dad. we can do this together! Sent from my iPhone
  25. thanks so much theantichick. ur post is very detailed & helpful. very much appreciated! Sent from my iPhone