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  1. weneebug

    Lapband restriction

    I have the 12 cc band and have a little over 8 in it. Not sure of the exact amount.
  2. weneebug

    Lapband restriction

    Congratulations! I check back in when I get alerted by email that someone has posted on my post. I don't know if there are a lot of lapbanders left on this site. I will be glad to help answer any questions.
  3. weneebug

    Freaking out

    I haven't had any complication so far!
  4. Anyone have lap band that thought they were totally supported by their better half and then have a crazy outcome? I am 2 years out and just not getting the response that I thought I would get. I am I alone?
  5. weneebug

    Lapband restriction

    I am 2 years and 4 months post op from Lap Band and just now feel like I may be at the point I should be. I've been doing very slow fills and finally feel like I'm to the point that my restriction is good. I've lost 48 pounds and have 20-30 to go. I just hope that it continues. It is so hard knowing whether you are in the right spot. It's been a struggle but I think I may finally be there. Anyone out there that has took this long to get to good restriction? I feel like it is a crazy amount of time.
  6. weneebug

    Freaking out

    I've had my lapband 2 yrs and 4 mths and I wouldn't change it. Now I have lost weight slowly....it is definitely not a quick fix. I've been super careful on my fills...only doing small fills but I am satisfied with the results. Of course we all want to loose it overnight! It has been a hard journey but I wouldn't change it!
  7. weneebug


    Before Surgery
  8. weneebug

    Before surgery.jpg

    Before Surgery
  9. I'm struggling with the same thing right now. I have trouble until evening. I can get stuff down in the morning but it hard to get yogurt or even a protein shake down. It actually hurts and feels like it just sits in my chest. I as well don't think I am too tight because I can eat a large portion in the evening. I just had a feel last week so I'm trying to tough it out and see how it goes.
  10. I have a question about flying with the lap band. My doctor has recommended that I have some fluid removed before my flight. How much do they normally remove and will they put it all back in at one time when I return? I don't want to have slowly build back up to where I am. I am probably one fill away from being green.
  11. weneebug

    Anyone in West GA area

    ok, sorry I am not near there. Hopefully you can find someone.
  12. weneebug

    Post Op Penis Size

    Haven't had a chance to read this whole thread but it's hilarious. What I want to know is every 30+ pounds the woman looses does her husband/boyfriend gain an inch? lmao
  13. weneebug

    Anyone in West GA area

    What city are you in?
  14. Welcome Brandon! I know this is a huge decision for you and I wish you the best on your journey. Like you I gained a lot of my weight from depression meds....probably 50 lbs in about 3 months and after that I gave up on myself and gradually kept gaining. I started my journey at 228 back in October, 2016. It has been a very slow process but I would do it over again if I had to, in fact I really wish I had done it sooner. I have not had a drastic weight loss but have lost 30 pounds (198 now...hey 100's). To be honest...I don't count calories at all. I eat 2 meals a day and eat the same thing my family eats just less of it. I do have to change mine up sometimes if there is bread involved because I don't tolerate bread. I too also have an evening drink or too on a daily basis. I know many people on here do count calories and loose a lot faster than me but this works for me. I also work out several times a week. I have a 14CC band and have 6.5CC in it. I go back in May for another fill and should be in my green zone at that point (I hope). I probably eat 1/4 to 1/3 of what I use too. The main issue that I have ran into with the band is making sure that I chew everything well. I find myself forgetting sometimes and I will have a stuck episode and vomit. As time goes on its getting better and better though. I really don't have the hunger that I did before. I can usually make it to the next meal before getting hungry. At first it was hard to deal with the head hunger (where your body is not hungry but you think about food) but that has also gotten better. Not sure that I have answered everything but hope this helps! Good luck!