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  1. ZinNH

    Low Energy

    I haven’t experienced this. Are you eating enough?
  2. FreeZer meals are a great idea. My family lived on frozen pizza for the two days I was in the hospital. I felt great when I came home, and was able to get back to my regular routine right away. I had stocked up on groceries ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to do any heavy lifting. after surgery, I prepared meals for them and made soup for myself so we could all eat together. Hopefully your recovery will go quickly.
  3. ZinNH

    Surgery and Working

    I had my surgery on a Tuesday and was discharged Thursday. I went back to work on Monday with no problems. I have a desk job with a little bit of walking. I was tired but fine. I did take a nap after work every day that first week, but I was glad that I went back to work because it kept my mind off of everything! I didn’t tell anybody at work that I was having it done, so I didn’t want to take too much Time. With all that being said, if I wasn’t feeling up to it, I wouldn’t have gone back. Surgery is one of those things where you really won’t know how you are going to feel until it happens!
  4. ZinNH

    Telling your work

    I started a new job two weeks before my surgery. I just told my boss that I was having a medical procedure done and would need to miss four days. I did need to bring n a doctor’s note, but no questions were asked. My surgery was on a Tuesday, and I went back six days later, on Monday. If anyone had asked, I was prepared to either fess up or say it was a girly surgery, but luckily no one asked.
  5. ZinNH

    10 months post op!

    You look great! Thank you for coming back to share your experience!
  6. ZinNH

    Greek Yogurts

    They were acceptable on the plan my surgeon provided.
  7. I’m finding the premier protein to be too sweet for me now as well.
  8. ZinNH

    Destined to be fat?

    Do you have the option of seeing a therapist? I discovered that my anxiety was causing me to overeat. A therapist helped me learn other coping mechanisms. I’ve also realized that I was addicted to food, so I had to work through that as well. It’s an ongoing battle to break that desire. I read a book called Never Binge Again, which really helped me set some boundaries for myself. I had the lapband ten years ago, and went through the same things you’re feeling right now. I didn’t lose more than fifteen pounds, and ended up gaining it back and some more. Weight loss surgery fixes our bodies, but not our brains. If you can get some help to change your mindset, it might go a long way in getting you back on track. You can do this!
  9. I love this idea! I wish I hadn’t already given my bigger clothes away!
  10. ZinNH

    8 months out, 85 lbs down!

    Congratulations! I appreciate the effort you made to come back and share your success!
  11. ZinNH


    Definitely work on getting over any food addictions that you have now. And start exercising if you don't already. I was walking/jogging 45 minutes a day up until the day of surgery, and I think it had a lot to do with my easy recovery.
  12. Do you have the option of seeing a therapist? Talking to a professional really helped me start to get over my food addiction. Then I read a book called Never Binge Again, and that made all sorts of light bulbs go off for me. I think we all worry that we are going to fail, so now is the time for us to fix our mindsets, so our sleeves can help us more!
  13. ZinNH

    Approval time- Anthem BCBS

    My approval took three weeks.
  14. I read a bunch of info on here about what to take, and honestly, I didn't need any of it. I used my earbuds and ipad, and that's about it. The hospital provided everything else, and I wore the same clothes home that I wore when I went in. The only thing I ended up wishing I had was some baby wipes to freshen up a bit. I was way too groggy to do anything, and ended up snoozing any time I wasn't out of bed walking around.
  15. ZinNH

    Time Off Work

    I had surgery on a Tuesday and went back on Monday. I was fine, until around 1 pm, then I felt exhausted. It wasn't horrible though. I did take a nap after work every day of that first week back though. Just take it easy, and allow yourself the right to take more time off if you need it. Good luck!