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  1. Dody

    DeLarla vs. PhotoNut

    "grins", "sighs", and on and on....so original I could puke.
  2. Dody

    DeLarla vs. PhotoNut

    Just Telly...funny.
  3. Dody

    DeLarla vs. PhotoNut

    Telly told me to "consider her a friend" and until she proves otherwise I will do so. I have no problems with Telly whatsoever....are you just trying to start more of your trouble Susan?
  4. Dody

    Define online Stalking please...

    Ah we are bringing God into this again are we? That is why I changed the bottom of my post...another thing for you to dredge up. You knew I couldn't stand you so why would you say "Are you coming back to Idaho, are we finally going to meet you"...I tried every way I could to get you to back off...telling you let it go....move on...just move on, but no you couldn't. You only got attacked on your thread for picking on 3 Loves and you know it...you think you can get away with anything and everything. Who will be your next victim...that poor girl that just signed on from Idaho looks like the latest victim. You are already wanting to meet her...God help her. Supporting alcoholism is being an enabler...ever heard that word. That is what you are taught at al-anon. You don't support alcoholics, you make them own up to their actions, and apparently you are having too much fun to admit there is a problem, even though I think your own dr. has pretty much written you off till you get help. Me-I feel sorry for you. Enough said.
  5. Dody

    Define online Stalking please...

    Months ago I told P'Nut I wanted nothing to do with her...Nothing. She then posted to me in a thread that "Was I coming home soon and was she going to meet me"...I don't think so!! She continued with all the stuff about support meetings in Idaho I have no interest in, mostly because she is there, and wouldn't stop. I told her to move on and she didn't like it. I tried every nice way I could to get her off my butt, but she didn't budge, knowing all along I didn't like her or want anything to do with her. This continued for a whole thread...that is called stalking I think. I avoid her threads like the plague...Gone For Good and the Idaho thread. You don't find me posting to her or anyone from Idaho on there....it's a good way to feel safe. If you don't like someone, stay away from them. You I know nothing about or anything about your stalking as it is called.....your name didn't ring any type of bell to me, because I've only been stalked by one person and perhaps one of her friends. Take care.
  6. Dody

    Going to Vegas, who's with me?

    I said I don't go to Vegas without $10,000 at the very least because I handicap horses (that is a job). Tell me when you are going and I will try and give you some locks if you play the ponies. Need to know what track you are going to play and on what day. I supply the handicapping sheets to a lot of the major tracks and do pretty well. I didn't make $10,000 on my two horses yesterday, not with trainer fees, boarding fees, and jock fees. A lot of people don't understand how many ways that money is divided up, but yes I own and handicap horses, although I don't always play anything I don't think is a lock...but it's horseracing so who can really tell...horse may get bumped, hit the gate, throw the rider, break down...you only hope for the best. You also don't have to leave home to bet the ponies. You can go to YouBet.com or TVG if it is allowed in your home state and bet right on line....legal...yes. It is www.youbet.com or www.tvg.com . Good luck. Good luck in Vegas.
  7. Dody

    Put Up Or Shut Up

    Perhaps you are right. I've been up all night with a sick grandson and a sleeping pill sounds pretty good right now. My daughter has insomnia...maybe I can ask her for one. Also, yes alcoholism is a disease. I had an ex-husband die of it rather then get a cure. He died of cirrhosis of the liver. When Susan's dr. told her to get help that should have been the low point for her and she should have sought help. It's never too late.....unless you don't get help for it. Off to take that sleeping pill. I don't feel like these go-rounds today, and yes I was wrong in mentioning Susan's marriage and I take full responsibility for that one. Yeh, I'm wrong at times too. Anger makes people think a lot less clearly. That's why I'm taking a break.
  8. Dody

    DeLarla vs. PhotoNut

    Lisa wants equal treatment for everyone. What's wrong with that? She wants P'Nut to tell her why she harrassed her off this board and stalked her...so far no reason. P'Nut also followed me around a thread about coming back to Idaho and seeing me (not ever happening) when she knew I wanted nothing to do with her. She went on and on....and I'm not interested in her and she knew it. She just doesn't know where to quit. Can't see where Telly broke any rules at all. That's just the little picture. Why shouldn't Lisa want answers? That is my question. Why should a moderator remain when she has been involved in a hoax against other LBT members? Maybe those are some questions that can be answered. Shouldn't you be able to trust a moderator? Hope this answers some of your questions Paula.
  9. Dody

    Put Up Or Shut Up

    What on earth made you think I was telling you not to send PM's to anyone Letha? That was said to P'Nut, who once again sent a PM to 3 Loves who doesn't want to hear from her. I personally don't care who you send PM's to and the post wasn't directed to you. I owe Susan an apology for nothing. She made my life on here a living nightmare before I finally figured out who she was and told her I'd had enough and wanted nothing to do with her, and just like Lisa she stalked me around. There was nothing for anyone in that post but for Susan.
  10. Dody

    Your Favorite Garage Sale Buy ~ What is it?

    Would you believe I've never been to a garage sale in my life Michelle. I was meaning to go with a friend, but she got very ill and died from brain cancer a couple years ago. She loved to go and picked up some really great items. I've just never got around to going, but I'm glad you got some good stuff for the boys. I really would like a stationary bike and I hear you can pick them up at garage sales fairly cheap. I would be leaving mine behind so don't want to invest a lot in it....
  11. Dody

    Going to Vegas, who's with me?

    You are going exactly where Lisa lives. She would probably just love to show you all the hot spots in Vegas I'm feeling pretty flush myself right now, but didn't know money was an issue on this board. I had two horses win stake races yesterday...now that is money in the bank for sure. :confused: Maybe we have different concepts of flush....for me going to Vegas isn't Vegas unless I take along about $10,000 for fun, but then again I hate the slots and 21, so you would find me at Bally's playing the ponies which is what I do the best..... Try the Big Kitchen at Bally's for some fantastic food...some of the best in Vegas.
  12. Dody

    Colon Blow anyone?!?

    This is a part of the experiment...I said that in another thread. Don't tell me you missed a thread with me in it Donna. Shame on you girl!! A few days before surgery that was a requirement. It seemed silly at the time, but now it makes complete sense to me....not to be confused with they also are working on a way to suck the gas out after surgery, but you may be confusing the issues. The fact is I had absolutely no gas pains...so should I thank my surgeon who recommended it, or his team that sucked the gas out. Whatever it was it worked!! This subject was around all last mo. I guess you just overlooked my responses to " it was recommended by my dr"...., but don't let it worry you. We still on for Christmas?
  13. Dody

    Put Up or Shut Up ~ Famous Last Words

    E.mail is a much safer way to go. I'll make sure I keep on using it. Don't worry about me filling the PM box....gosh it's kind of hard to stalk you through e.mail though.
  14. Dody

    Locking Threads????

    I always let Donna have her little space to make her quotes. I'm trying to establish a friendship with her so we can exchange Christmas Cards That's kind of an inside joke...but you are right it was just MY opinion and Patti (Bettina) unfortunately has not been privy to all that went on here. I kind of tried to fill in between the lines for her, so I hope she understands a little better now.

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