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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you're doing poorly! I was hoping that you were feeling better... I'm glad you know your body well enough to see warning signals! Now that you know what is happening to you is not the typical post-banding issue, you should feel a-okay really soon! Get that IV in and tell them to take good care of you!!!!
  2. Just an FYI - My doc said to take NO anti-inflammatories - ever. Ibuprophen (advil, motrin) and Naproxen (Aleve) are both anti-inflammatories. He told me that they can thin the lining of your stomach, causing it to bleed, which can lead to erosion. I'm not trying to be a bummer or anything... just wanted you to be aware of one doc's advice. As always, you should call your doc to see what he/she says about it. HOw are you feeling now? Hopefully better. I'm starting over (again) and I just want to let you know that I lost weight and really did well when I logged on here daily - it just keeps you motivated! So, I'm back to get the support I need - remember we are here always! Good luck, dear - it will get better!:confused:
  3. Hey, I've been banded since 05, with my lowest weight being spring of 06... I have gained consistently since (almost 50 lbs of the 60 something lost). I've had 2 complete unfills due to hpylori and a blockage, but we can't get more than 1 cc back into my band! Anyway... here's my question... I have been having really bad gas pain and localized sharp left ab pain for about a week (I was thinking ovarian cyst), but now the pain is gone and I have INTENSE itching in the same area!!! Any ideas as to what may be going on???:thumbs_up: I would talk to my doc, but I wasn't covered on insurance and my hubby's hours have been drastically cut since the recession has taken down the auto industry... I just don't have the bucks to fork out right now.
  4. This too shall pass...:thumbs_up: I know those words suck right now, but it really does get better! I thought I was literally dying from the shoulder (gas) pain for about a week. My pain slowly subsided, not over night, but the next thing you know it's gone. Be sure to keep up with your pain meds (it's okay to be a junkie for now), get some good liquid anti gas meds (maybe call the doc's office for suggestions), and try to walk as much as possible. Walking helps dislodge the gases and gets rid of it quicker so you can start concentraing more on the wonderful choice you made for your health!!! Congratulations, and the best of luck!!:thumbup:
  5. I would really, really, really like to see a sticky of stickies. Stickies are important threads on this forum, and it would be nice to be able to access them all at one place!!! I have been searching for a specific sticky all morning, so coming to one spot to find them all would help with my efficiency (a new year's resolution:redface:)!!! What do you think? Thanks! ~cheri
  6. Recommitting here, too! I have been off the bandwagon for almost as long as I was on it!!! Lost almost 60, but regained almost 40. Time to lose that 40 and 40 more!!!!
  7. Cheri

    I'm BAAAACK!

    :faint:EWWWWW!! Sometimes my breath is stinky, but OMG!! hehehe
  8. Cheri

    I'm BAAAACK!

    Hey QT~ I had a pretty intense case I guess. I was on something called the Prevpac, it has bunches of meds + they put me on nexium and carafate for the heartburn/tummy aches. So glad it's gone!! I just got back from Disney on the 11th!! I miss Mickey already! It is the greatest place on Earth as far as I'm concerned. Disney is for everyone, even my father had a great time! WE went with 11 of us - I don't recommend it! Do you live near or is it a big trip? Do you pin trade? If you need any info, I've got tons of Disney suggestions for you!!! Just let me know! ~cheri
  9. Cheri

    I'm BAAAACK!

    Well, my poopie infection is gone! I am now the proud owner of a 2cc fill in my 10cc band - and my insurance is now covering fills!!! WOOHOO!!!!
  10. I lost 25-30 during the liquid stages. Since then, I have lost like a turtle with no legs trying to get upstairs...hope this helps!!!!:faint:
  11. Hello again! It has been a VERY long time since I have posted (I've come and read a post or two in the past year, but have hidden away for the most part!) My history - I have been banded for 18 months now. Started out at 266.5, got down to 208 earlier this year, now I am back up to 228. I suppose in a perfect world I should be roughly the size of Paris Hilton by now... I ended up with H.Pylori somehow, which the doc says is caused by injesting contaminated fecal matter?!?!?! I do have 3 kids and teach 4 yr old kindergarten, but I am still amazed at the fact that I could injest something like that without knowing it! Gives a whole new meaning to the term "eat sh!*&%", ya know?! Anyway, I had to get completely unfilled and go on a big course of antibiotics, prevacid, nexxium, carafate, anti-viral drugs, etc, etc. That was back in late March/early April. I am headed to the doc today to hope for some fill again. I am afraid it isn't going to happen for me though as my symptoms are back with a vengeance! I had to wait eight weks for the infection to clear up completely, but I am so worried that it isn't gone! So, why have I come back? Besides the fact that I miss the daily dose of laughs, cries, and support... I am asking for everyone who reads this to pray that my doc has mercy on my quickly reinflating body and allows me some fill in this tool to hopeully slow down the damage I am re-doing to myself!! I am glad to be back, and I hope y'all will feel the same!!hehehe Cheri
  12. Cheri

    Labor Day Gift Exchange Thank You Thread

    Hey Kat, sorry about not responding to a PM, but I don't have any. I couldn't even find this thread to thank the Lovely Three Loves for yet another AWESOME gift!!! I am apologizing as well to my ss, jorjet, for not being in touch with her. I looked for this thread (on the new posts list) last week sometime, but it was not to be found!!! Hmmmm, missing threads, disappearing PMs.......I wonder if it is the computer ghost messing with me????? Speaking of ghosts, when is the Halloween gift exchange????? ~cheri
  13. Cheri

    Labor Day Gift Exchange Thank You Thread

    Thank you thank you thank you, Three Loves! I can SOO use the care package you sent me! I'm glad your family enjoyed picking it all out!!! Mine thought it was for them. I let each of them have a pair of scissors and some crayons, but the rest is going straight to my classroom!! Sorry I didn't get a picture - packages in the mail rarely make it to the recipient, let alone make it there in one piece! Thanks for the goodies!!! Love ya ~cheri
  14. Cheri

    Gone For Good Club- August 2006

    Hey all! I'm in...but I am sooo busy right now!! I will get all of my stats updated when I get back from the BEACH on Monday! Lapband - $14,000 Protein shakes - $30.00/month Gym Dues - $50.00/month Going from a size 24 to size 16 swimsuit - - - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!

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