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  1. OzRoo

    I finally got my activity tracker!

    Yay! It is early in the morning here, right now, and already 2 fans are blowing. Next step, turn the air-con on .... Yes, cheese-bread with rum flavoured GENEPRO with awesome company sounds wonderful!
  2. OzRoo

    There sure are a lot of beaches on this board here

    @ Boom, boom! Your wife certainly knows her hooking and fishing skills Good for you both!
  3. OzRoo

    I finally got my activity tracker!

    @@mrsNilla Yes, I remember the slipping and sliding on icy streets in Norway ... especially bad in steep roads/streets going down. Had to move like a crab, sideways. Wow, GENEPRO with rum flavour .... this could be interesting @@LittleBill Hope you are wearing your thermal under-ware ..... keep warm! If I could, I would gladly send the heat to both yourself and Nilla. I am yet to install a second air-con in my West bedroom. Even with 2 fans going full blast, it is still too hot. We are having our hottest summer, and other countries are having coldest winters. Anyway, it is only a very long flight to my place, but bring the cheese-bread, and the party is on!
  4. OzRoo

    I finally got my activity tracker!

    Yes, let's all get together in OZ and have a cheese-bread party! Nice and very warm here now ......
  5. OzRoo

    There sure are a lot of beaches on this board here

    Do you want an answer to make you feel good, or do you want the tooth? I already feel good These fangs are made for chomping, chomping they will do ..... I am old enough to remember when this was on the radio! Yes, Nancy Sinatra! This song was also used many, many years later in Austin Powers, the Fembots
  6. Following. I don't have a recipe, but I would be interested in a savoury Protein bar, something with cheese. Pity we don't have cheese-bread here in Australia! A bread made out of cheese .... how does one make one?
  7. OzRoo

    Got confused today re eating bugles ....

    @@GinaCampbell How about Black pudding ? I liked it. I love beef tartar, but I thought I would be ill after eating a snail, and definitely no frogs legs for me!
  8. @@els Hi, I am also in the holding pattern, for many weeks. I am 9 months post op, and I have noticed that for me, my weight loss slowed down after 7 months .... I am still shrinking though, and also lost a shoe size Actually, I recently bought 4 new pairs of shoes, and I love them! I have 3 more kilos to go to my Goal weight, and 8 kilos to go to my Stretched Goal ..... I have thyroid disease (autoimmune), still in the medication dose adjustment stage. I also noticed that my appetite has returned, and that I need to stay away from sweet things and very sweet/carb laden fruit. If I eat those, my weight loss stops completely....
  9. @@genn Thank you for the Eggface suggestion! What a great idea I followed her on Pinterest, and saved so many great recipes. Wonderful!
  10. @@mrsNilla Congratulations, and may your recovery keep being kind to you. What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your story. Best Wishes to you
  11. Hi everyone, this video was posted when I joined BP, and was early post op. The Funnel analogy made an impression on me, and it was easy for me to remember that. I was happy to find it, as I saved it in my YouTube folder, and share it. Yes, it is critical information that everyone should know and follow. And for visual people, like myself, seeing it cemented this rule into my brain! Best wishes
  12. Here is a good explanation for drinking soon after a meal. Although this guy had a Bypass, this video explains what happens when someone drinks with a meal or soon after. I don't wait too much Before my meal, but After my meal, I stick to the 30 mins rule. I simply remembered the Funnel analogy.
  13. I too had runny nose before surgery, mainly in cold weather, and air conditioned places, but it wasn't as bad as it is now. It makes sense re the Vagus nerve in some people. Yes, I am paying more attention now to any symptoms (if any) I get from eating, any allergy type symptoms. I read about your auto immune disease in other threads/posts. It is no fun ...... I am glad that you found a med/spray that finally works! I too tried so many different types of relief over the years. Yes, perseverance does pay off!
  14. OzRoo


    Yes, limiting the carbs, increasing the Proteins, more Water and exercise definitely do help! Well done @@CynthiaM333 !
  15. OzRoo

    Funny Weight Loss Pictures & Quotes

    Great, this thread got resurrected!

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