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  1. Happy 64th Birthday Tweety/Pat!

  2. Happy 63rd Birthday Tweety/Pat!

  3. I would like someones input here. I started my journey Feb. 2nd 08. Did nutritionist,physc, support groups, seminar, cardio, endoscopy,manometry and passed all until endo they found moderate hiatal hernia, manometry low pressure in les musclle then last friday the 25th I got a call from surgeons nurse at 1:pm no surgery either bypass or band. That same day at 5:30 a call from my gastro. He said on message machine, things look good on your manometry a bit hypertensive but your not symptomatic, it looks like no interference with surgery were his words, Im going to take your test home and I will give you a call Tues. Well its now Sat. and I called his nurse and she said he took your files and you will be getting a call Mon or Tues of next week , note we are now in June. I pulled my files from 1st surgeon where he could'nt tell me why he would not operate. Made an appt. with new surgeon , he will see me Friday June 6th. The new surgeon excels in gall bladder and banding. My question is: If I want this band and the new surgeon is willing to band me, should I keep this gastro for any problems down the road.? And if they have doubts about my low pressure and hernia NOT go through with the banding or ask if there is any other alternative , the weight must come off. One person in the chat room, said first surgeon may not want to take on the liability if esophagus is in trouble. Please give me your input .
  4. Tweety/Pat

    Betrayal is a BITCH

    Tina, Im a 58 yr,old woman and I have been dealt the same cards as you. I look at it differently tho. First off his loss. Second off you have lost the weight which is part of your journey now learning alot about yourself and your marriage, move on. I did . People tell me all the time life is part of learning and unfortunately you have to go through alot of crap before you learn to take from that experience. Men have a different makeup than us women, I read the book Women are from Venus, Men from Mars great reading and learning men do not and will never have the same feelings as we, so if your looking for loyality, unconditonal love, and integrity look harder into thy self., or get a dog as a pet. I'm sorry for your findings out about him, but move on and dive within yourself and life goes on, you will be a much happier person. And as my mom use to say, what dirt goes in the wash comes out alot cleaner. Pat
  5. Dont worry. Its a piece of cake. Just relax if you want to chat tweety208330@aol.com Im here

  6. Tweety/Pat

    Esophageal Spasms

    Yes, I have. I went yesterday for an esophageal manometry. My dr. has been very cautious. My gastro put me on Previcid and it helped alot. Maybe you should call your gastro for help. They are not fun, feels like a heart attack. Just chew your food alot more and dont rush thru your meals. Stay calm no matter what you do. I also found warm liquid such as tea, or warm water with lemon will stop them.
  7. Tweety/Pat

    Support Groups in NJ

    Jetti, Im about to be banded and I have the surgeon Dr. Onophencko in Egg Harbor Township NJ, They are great they have a website, atlanticare.org and the counselors will answer any question you may have , I converse with Debbie Gullo, she is the clinical nurse at the group meetings. You can e mail me anytime and I can try to help you out. Tweety208330@aol.com if you would like. Pat
  8. Tweety/Pat


    Hi shan, My doc went over this with the support group. You can start exercising 8 weeks out after banding. This includes what your speaking of, just go at a slow pace at first then build up to what your use to. Your incisions will tell you if your able to go the whole way.
  9. Tweety/Pat

    Esophageal Manometry

    Thank you for your response . Im having it near May 9th. Hope to be banded soon after.
  10. Tweety/Pat

    Esophageal Manometry

    Hi Im Pat , if you had the test could you e mail me at tweety208330@aol.com I went for a barium swallow also. Same thing as you, Please could we chat. Pat
  11. Hi Dbowers, My name is Pat and I had the exact same test the esophageal manometry. Could you e mail me and tell me how things went and if you were banded yet? Tweety208330@aol.com

  12. Tweety/Pat

    Esophageal Manometry

    robby, thank you. how long did it take to get your results . I have to ask gastro to day to sdhedule one for me. But I had a surgery date of 4/28 which at this point will be pushed up. I just need to know how long will it take for the results and if they will still band me?
  13. Tweety/Pat

    Esophageal Manometry

    Hello, I have to have an esophageal manometry. It measures the pressure in your esophagus. No big deal, no pain I heard just discomfort. Did anyone have the test and still get the band.?
  14. Hi everyone, Last Wednesday I had and endoscopy done. They found Barretts Esophagus, large hiatal hernia, 5mm tear in my esophagus. I also walked away with Aspirated pneumonia with which they gave me Amoxicillin and a follow up with my Primary this Thurs. Now I must ask, will I after going through all the clearances be able to get the lapband. Can surgeon fix it all? Also I must have problems with anesthesia .
  15. Hey Tweety...Here are the adjustment instructions that my Dr. gives me after each adjustment. Open to full screen to read them...