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  1. I'm down 55lbs since surgery 3 months ago and definitely noticing sagging and softness. I'm wearing a new, VERY tight compression shirt today and my organs hurt and I think it's causing nerve damage. But I keep getting compliments, so 🤷‍♂️!
  2. Wait, what? How did you have the surgery if you're only 30lbs overweight?
  3. You eat... mac and cheese??? I miss mac and cheese so much. The huge load of carbs from the pasta doesn't cause dumping or a crash after you eat it?
  4. Ok, the weight started coming off again, I think. I've lost like 51 lbs now.
  5. How's everyone doing? I'm 11 weeks post-op and have lost 47lbs. I've really stalled in the past 3 weeks though, and I've only lost about 4lbs in that time. It's very discouraging. I'm eating less than 1000 calories per day. How can I possibly have only lost 4lbs in 3 weeks?
  6. mr.sean

    No Greek yogurt?

    I was eating reduced/low sugar greek yogurt 2 days post-op from my sleeve.
  7. mr.sean

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Very true. I had the sleeve and @Lynda486 I just noticed had the bypass. Definitely listen to your doctors over us. However, there is a problem in that there is such a wide range of information and differences in programs. Some say liquids only for 4+ weeks and some say the transition to solids after 2 weeks. Some have calorie goals, some don't. Some do a pureed stage, some don't. Message boards like this are useful for hearing about other peoples' experiences so you can tinker around the edges of your eating habits, but yes, you should definitely not go against what your doctors say.
  8. Hi Mikey! My surgery was 8/12, so I'm 10 weeks post-op now. Can you run down exactly what you went through whilst in hospital? I checked in around 6AM, and had to wait 2-3 hours to be brought into the surgery prep. I changed into the gown and spoke with the nurse and anesthesiologist. They put in the IVs, and I was wheeled to the surgery room, where I fell asleep within seconds. I woke up feeling very woozy and in pain. Post-surgery, I spent about 36 hours in the hospital. I was in a lot of pain for the first 12 hours or so, but they give you medication for it. Getting up and walking really helps with the pain, as much as it hurts to get out of bed those first few times. I was discharged in the early afternoon of my second day. How did you feel in the first few days to weeks.. Where you able to drink much Water? I felt very groggy from the pain, pain meds, and dehydration. In the first week, I was getting around 36-48oz of fluids per day, and by week two, I could get int 48oz+. Did you feel hungry much? I felt a little bit hungry for the first week, but not starving (even though you are technically starving). Was the pain bearable? The pain got noticeably better each day, and around 2 weeks, it was almost gone. It's not constant, nagging pain. It's sharp pain at the incision sites when you sit up or twist a certain way. I couldn't sleep on my side for about 10 days, which was very annoying. However, as bad as the pain was at times, at 10-weeks post-op now, I barely remember it, and it was definitely worth it. And in the first weeks or months are you still feeling restrictions on how much you can eat or drink in one go? Definitely, but it depends on the food. It's a lot easier to eat 4-8oz of yogurt or cottage cheese in 30 minutes than it is to eat 2-3oz of meat in 10 minutes. As for drinking, I can take bigger sips now and finish a small iced coffee (12oz/350ml -- not sure if Australia uses metric or imperial) in about 45 minutes. I'm just curious how we're meant to get enough Protein if unable to drink much liquids? The surgeon and dietician understand that in the first 2-4 weeks, you'll struggle to get enough of both. That's why you prioritize liquids over protein at first.
  9. The 1st day home after surgery I was only able to drink about 24oz. By 1 week post-op, I could do 48oz if I was sipping several times per hour throughout the day.
  10. mr.sean

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    My surgery was in August, and I'm 10 weeks post-op. My surgeon and nutritionist refused to give me a calorie goal, which is annoying. Considering that you're only 4+ weeks post-op, 1000 calories sounds high. At 4 weeks, I was getting between 400 and 600. If I were you, I would try adding another 100-200 calories of protein to get into the 600 calories/day range and see if you can tolerate it.
  11. I'm 10 weeks post-op and my weight has stalled around 45lbs of weight loss and it's pretty upsetting. I'm also easily able to eat 800+ calories per day and my appetite is coming back, which is also upsetting. I feel panicked because I know the majority of weight comes off in the first 6 months and the clock is ticking.
  12. I'm 8 weeks post-op and my incision scars are still very red. They look better and slightly smaller than they did in the week after surgery, but is it normal for them to still look so prominent? Anyone have any idea how long until they fade?
  13. Just checking in to say, 7.5 weeks post-surgery, I'm down 41lbs. Weight loss has slowed a lot in the past 2 weeks. I guess I'm in a bit of a plateau. Since it's easier to eat more types of food, I'm having to be careful about my caloric intake. I ate 300 calories of cashews yesterday without realizing it. I've needed to buy new work clothes, as the shirts and pants from before no longer fit.
  14. If you put a cookie sheet in the oven while it's preheating (it doesn't matter which rack), and then add 2-3 cups of water to it right before you put the muffin tin in, it adds some steam to the cooking, keeping the bites moist and making the texture closer to the sous vide starbucks egg bites.
  15. My loose, sagging pants and billowy, too-big dress shirts are making me anxious. I'm going to DXL to buy a couple smaller shirts and some pants and jeans, but I'm also pissed because they'll probably only fit me for a few weeks.