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  1. When I was only getting 300-400 calories in, I was definitely very tired. I’m getting in 600-800 now and I have a lot more energy. Try adding another 100-200 calories. Mostly protein, some carbs and fat.
  2. I've lost about 30 post-surgery and my surgery was 2 days before yours. I noticed I lose almost nothing for days, and then all of a sudden I drop 4-5 overnight. Just keep waiting, but if you're unhappy with the pace of weight loss, ask your dietician/surgeon/NP about it at your next followup.
  3. Baked reduced fat ricotta cheese Shredded chicken breast cooked with a lot of broth or marinara in a slow cooker Different flavors of low sugar greek yogurts 10-20 Veggie Straw “chips” if I want something crunchy (not a lot of protein) spiralized sautéed zucchini or yellow squash (not a lot of protein) Reduced fat refried beans with shredded cheddar cheese baked for 10-15 minutes
  4. I'm 4 weeks post-op after VSG, and I noticed that when my stomach is empty, I get this weird fluttering/seizing/twisting feeling in it. It wouldn't describe it as painful, but it's definitely unpleasant. I can feel the sensation about to come on for a few seconds, and then it happens for a few seconds, and then it's over. Sometimes it happens a few times per hour, and sometimes only 2-3 times per day. Does anyone else experience this or know what it is? Are these just hunger pangs, and I'm so unfamiliar with them that I'm just not used to it?
  5. After my gastric sleeve, I got frequent and painful hiccups from about post-op day 7 to 15, then they went away.
  6. mr.sean

    Pain post op?

    I was sleeved the same day as you, and the last couple days, I've been having a stinging, burning pain at the largest incision cite too. I assume it's because one of the dissolving stitches is dissolving so the muscle is under more stress. I'm being extra careful of lifting now.
  7. 22 days post-op! Eating soft solids has been fine, but I still struggle with fluids. The feeling of the liquid hitting my stomach pouch and very unpleasant and causes a feeling of uncomfortable fullness and nausea. I'm averaging 48oz/day though, so I'm only a little dehydrated. Trying to get to 64oz is challenging. I do great with the sugar-free popsicles, but I can't eat 16 of those per day. Also, the area around my large incision where they took out the stomach is starting to sting again, sometimes intensely if I twist or bend a certain way. It feels like it's just the skin and muscle, so I'm not worried. It's just annoying because I had like a week with no pain and now it's back!
  8. You definitely should not have eaten pizza. Because of the bread, you shouldn’t eat pizza for at least 6 months after surgery. If you’re having intense cravings for food like pizza that you can’t fight, you should talk to your surgeon and nutritionist.
  9. mr.sean

    Hello Gay Sleevers

    17 days post-op and I feel good! I got dehydrated yesterday because a new multi-day wave of nausea kept me from drinking as much water as I should have been. I'm back on track with the water now though. And down 26lbs!
  10. I lost 19lbs in the first 5 days after surgery, but in the following 12 days I've only lost an additional 7. Is that normal? Am I eating the right amount of calories? My program wouldn't give me a calorie goal, but I've been between 600 and 800 per day. I'm 17 days post-op now.
  11. It's so crazy how different the programs depending on the hospital and surgeon. My program said no exercise besides a lot of walking for 4 weeks and no pasta or rice until at least 12 weeks. I'm glad you're doing so well!
  12. Starting yesterday, I have reverted back to mostly a Phase 2 full liquid diet, with the exception of eggs, which I tolerate fine.
  13. Thank you. I have not been as diligent as I should be with constantly sipping water. It's a surprisingly hard habit to learn.
  14. mr.sean

    Barimelts multivitamin

    I'm 16 days-post op and I can't find a vitamin I can tolerate. The Barimelts taste too gross and make me nauseous. I know they genuinely work for some people, but I've just been so nauseous the past few days. I've spent like $60 on vitamins and I hate them all haha. I'll try the Celebrate chewables.
  15. I'm 16 days post-op now. I didn't have any nausea the first 12 days, but since I've started adding soft solid foods back into my diet, I've had a lot of nausea. Is this normal? Also, whenever I take my multivitamin now, it makes me nauseous for like an hour afterward. The nausea is making it more difficult for me to sip water throughout the day, and I'm already feeling dehydrated. I want to just take a few big gulps of water but I can't, of course.
  16. Your surgery was 4 days after mine, so it's great your program says you can already do soft solids now. I'm about to eat breakfast: 1 poached egg, 4 thin slices of avocado, 3oz of crumbled turkey sausage cooked in chicken broth. I hope it doesn't hurt!
  17. Started soft solids today, 10 days post-op (2 days early). 1 egg + 1/4 cup egg beater + a dollop of plain greek yogurt to smooth it out, scrambled, + reduced sugar ketchup Went down fine. I just had to eat slowly. Took about 25 minutes to eat. Protein Shake Ricotta bake (I changed the recipe that's been floating around by doing half cottage cheese, adding spinach, and adding some parmesan) Filled an 8oz ramekin with the ingredients, which I knew would probably be too big for a meal. I was right. I finished about half of it over 25 minutes and felt uncomfortable and had a little bit of pain. My stomach "sleeve" did not feel physically full. I just felt it in my lower esophagus... which I guess is my stomach now. I don't know, I guess I don't know what full feels like anymore. I finished the rest after waiting 15 minutes, and the second half took about 20 minutes. I'm very happy to be eating normalish food again, but I may have overdone it with the portion for dinner and introducing too much on my first soft solids day.
  18. 4 days post-op and you're already eating refried beans?? Lucky. I'm 9 days post-op and the most solid thing I've eaten is greek yogurt. My program said I can start adding soft solids (scrambled eggs, refried beans, some pureed stuff, thoroughly chewed soft chicken) on day 12 or 13, but I'm going to start tomorrow. The past 2 days I've only consumed like 350 calories because I'm so tired of yogurt!
  19. My surgery was August 12. On August 14, the day after I was discharged, I was up 1lb, which was to be expected, since I was still eliminating the IV fluids. Two days later, on August 17, 5 days after surgery, I stepped on the scale and I was shocked I had lost 19lbs. Now, August 20, 8 days after surgery, I'm down 1 more (-20lbs).
  20. I’ve seen some hospital webpages say only clear liquids for up to 2 weeks after the sleeve! My surgeon said clear liquids the first 2 days, then full liquids starting on day 3 if I can tolerate it. Nonfat Greek yogurt is the thickest full liquid on the list of full liquids. I’ve been eating the Greek yogurt since day 3 and it stays down. Takes me about 3-4 minutes to eat a 5oz container.
  21. I'm 5 days post-op, and I've been hitting my protein goal (70g) with 2 premier protein shakes per day, plus 2 light and fit greek yogurts.
  22. Feeling hungrier. I put some light whipped cream on jello, but my stomach didn't like it. I'm guessing because of all the air in the whipped cream. Still living on yogurt, protein shakes, and Gatorade Zero. I've tried broth a couple times, but hot liquids just don't taste good to me right now.
  23. I’ve had no trouble keeping clear or full liquids down, and I’m tolerating nonfat Greek yogurt, jello, and V8. I actually consumed almost 600 calories today with no discomfort, and I’m starting to feel hungry again, which worries me...
  24. When did the pain kick in for you? Im in the hospital, my procedure was at 2pm. Right now I have very little pain. Just some soreness. I keep waiting for it to come but nothing. Hoping I’m in the clear. I had only minor gas pain as long as I was lying completely still. However, getting in and out of bed caused a minute or so of excruciating incision pain. But once I was walking, it helped a lot with the gas pain. In terms of days and pain, they went like this from most to least painful: 2 (discharged), 1 (surgery), 3, 4 (today). I’ve been using the oxycodone less and less, and I can finally sleep on my left side.
  25. I just noticed your username, and wanted to say I just started watching Outlander a couple weeks ago! My surgery was Monday, I was discharged yesterday, and I’ve already watched 2 episodes today. Almost done with season 2. It’s helping to distract me from the pain.