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    Pix got a reaction from jfc193 in What is the rudest thing someone has said to you?!?!   
    For me there have been a couple,
    Right after high school I had dropped a significant amount of weight (I am talking over 100lb weight loss) and I was sitting in the cafe studying for a english final (college) and an old acquaintance walked in and we started talking. Mid conversation he asked me if it was true I had contacted the HIV virus because I had lost so much weight. I was floored, I looked at him and said no, I have just been working out and watching what I eat, but it looked like he had contacted the stupid virus for even asking that. :thumbup: Thankfully my boyfriend at the time had walked in and he saved me from smacking the crap out of him. :smile:
    The other one was just recent, was picking up a few things from a friend that she had borrowed and we were discussing my surgery and then as rude as can be she asked me "so when will I be able to see the weight loss". :cool2: I so wanted to hit her.
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    Pix got a reaction from HeatherO in Why Why Why??   
    CarolAnne, darlin this is the Rants and Raves section ... this is where you come to rant and rave over the silliest of things or the most serious of things.
    The rest of the forum is safe and VERY informative sweetheart.
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    Pix got a reaction from gojaguars in Banded 5/7 anyone else out there close to me?   
    I am pretty much on the same diet, and I was banded the same day.. so far I can't really take more then Soups ... But I think that is my own doing. I had myself convinced pre-op that I would be on a liquid diet for x amount of time .... I keep reading my post op care book (post op diet included) to get my mind around the fact I can have full liquids and watery mushies but its just not working ROFL
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    Pix got a reaction from brandyII in I hate it when people post just to post.....   
    Apples2 this is our *counts* sixth deployment *sigh* I could teach those classes they offer for the reintegration stuff.
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    Pix reacted to Daisalana in Sodding Cost?   
    I have never done this, and the companies around here are few & far between. No one answers phones, so just waiting for anyone to call me back.
    I have 1 quote so far, and nothing to compare it to, so wondered if any of you have any idea if I'm getting hosed or not.
    We are sodding our backyard with bermuda. It is currently overflowing with weeds & red clay.. and rocks.
    They said it's 200 yards, $2.25 per yard + (Originally he said $350 prep work) but I got it down to $250 for prep work. Total to sod the 200 yards is $700.
    That seem high or right, anyone?