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    Husband has problem with tattoos

    Well as I have 11 or is it 13 ... I forget .. anyways ... When my hubby and I married he knew I was no where near finished with my tattoos. I have a back piece, stomach piece working on two quarter sleeves. When I finish losing the weight I plan on getting a full thigh piece. The hubby is tres cool with it. He is no where as near tattooed as I am but he thinks my ink is cool and tasteful as it is all my design. You will find nothing on my body on the standard wall templates in any tattoo shop.
  2. Pix

    Boogie Onederland!!!

    WOO HOOO Way to go mah Honey!!!
  3. Pix

    I?m alive!!!!....

    (putting this here because part of this is a rant :smile:) I think, hehe things here have been insane. The hubby got back last month (I can’t believe it’s been a full month now!) and since then we found out we are moving!! I started thinking of a song “OH HAPPY DAY”. England here we come baby!! We are moving in Jan/Feb but since it is the AF moving us nothing is 100%, we are waiting for the other shoe to drop and tell us “oh sorry not moving there”. Now for the rant part of it (even though ENGLAND!! WEEEEEEEE) OMG we have so much crap in this house!! I have started going room by room making lists of what needs to be done and what can go/stay. HOLY CRAP so much crap its just not even cool anymore. The stuff we have to worry about with the animals, clearing quarters here in the states, looking for places in the UK … ARG .. Lets not even start on the passports, and having all our ducks (read as documents) in a row so they don’t say “Oh this isn’t right, you can’t leave the airport” … that is my biggest fear. But … OMG I AM SOOO MOVING! SO cool… Oh yeah, down 50lbs … (will update the ticker one of these days) slow and steady, bit to slow for my taste but hey my doc is thrilled with the weight, and says that unless I plateau and can’t lose more weight he wont do another fill. Its alright with me I guess, I told him I wanted to be really conservative and he is taking me at my word. *looks at watch* EEK! Time to get the kids out the door, bring the hubby some coffee and Breakfast at work, then bring mah pants to the tailor cause I am to cheap to buy brand new britches just to have them tailored down in a bits time. LOL EW and grocery shopping cause I am watching a friends kids Wed- Fri … I really REALLY need to learn to say NO more often. Toodles!! Pix
  4. Pix

    I?m alive!!!!....

    hehehe Fanny we aint ever gonna stop shaggin .. Everyone needs a hobby! You had better make some plans to come back to the UK before 2013 cause that is when we will be movin back to the US (I think).
  5. Pix

    DH, I love you, but.....

    LOL That is one thing I don't have to worry about is Ex's. Thank goodness, but best bit is, and you can quote me on this one, I am so not jealous over any of his ex's (GF's not EW, I am his first/last/only marriage) Cause in the end, I married him, they didn't and we share the pillows and blankets not them. BWAHAHAHA Besides the only ex that ever mattered (well two of them) are married with kids now and we are all friends as couples not him and them or me and them .. its all US ... heheh
  6. Pix

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    posting to post that catchin up in this thread took me almost an hour .... six pages ... LOL
  7. Pix

    High Fructose Corn Syrup commercial

    I can't touch the stuff, even though my blood numbers have been amazingly low for me, they are still high, and HFCS in anything spikes it to dizzying heights. Those commercials piss me off because yes, for someone who is healthy at a healthy weight, with no sugar issues, in moderation HFCS wont hurt or affect them, but those of us with problems even in moderation can make us very ill.
  8. Pix

    I?m alive!!!!....

    Glad someone remembers me, cause half the days lately I sure don't... :wink_smile:... We are moving to Mildehall RAF (also known as Lakenheath RAF) We are just so danged excited it isn't even funny!! But at the same time we are so not holding our breaths, we have been burned by the AF a few times about PCSing, soooo yeah ... We will Celebrate when we get there and he is all inporcessed. LOL
  9. Pix

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    LOL My house looked like James Town yesterday... The hubby was jet lagged out on couch, all sprawled so not even the cat had room. The oldest was passed out on the floor in front of the big fluffy ugly chair, youngest was half under half out from under the coffee table. Dog was in front of the entertainment center snoring (I shit you not) both cats were passed out ON the coffee table. I was just sitting on the love seat trying not to giggle like a loon and wake them all up. It was fricken hillarious. The hubby got back around 1pm on wed, and its been AWESOME having him back home again. This last six months was ebil!!!!
  10. Pix

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Posting cause its been over a week since I have posted just to post or post at all ....
  11. Ok, so the hubby is insistant I spoil myself for my birthday. Well ok, he actually had to twist my arm for it cause I don't like spending lots of money on me. Well anyhow, July 15th hair highlights and a new phone (the apple iPhone 3rd generation 8gig, or 16 gig if I can get a good deal). Then on my birthday I am getting a brazillian wax and back/neck massage. FINALLY on August 15th I am getting a manicure and pedicure. I know why break it up, but see here is how it is. It was the ONLY way he could get me to agree to it all. I don't agree with spending that kind of cash on me, when I can get the boys or the hubby so much with it. SO, he said no, this is for your birthday you either find a way to make it work for you, or I call and make the appointment and pay for it all in one go NOW. Yeah, he won this round ... *complains* Am I alone in not wanting that much money spent on me? I mean really how do you handle that kind of cash being spent on you in one sitting (including tips we are looking at damn mean 400-450)??? I hate the idea but hey, he said I have managed to worm my way out of him spending money on me one to many times and he will WILL win this round even if it means he pays NOW from the sand box. Am I just that weird?????
  12. Pix

    My Family - Need Advice

    Kat has a point too. I also go to family reunions when money allows. One thing I do that really REALLY leaves me feeling perky and the rude ones gaping is wish them all a pleasant day and tell them how happy I am to see them, and how wonderful it is to get to know family again after so long. Leaves them floored and confused when their intended target is sooooo nice and pleasant and when they get snarky and rude I just smile and say some happy inane comment about how wonderful it is to be there then smile and walk away. My mom loves it when I do that, cause it leaves her rich cousins all agape and drooling like infants at a milk factory.
  13. Pix

    Confidence Killer

    Like someone said, she is an ugly soul, and your losing weight don't let people like that get you down!! I so don't want to know what her karma looks like *shudders* What I would advise is talk to your little boy about this situation. Explain to him that some people can just be mean, but it is up to you and him (and the rest of the nice people) to make up for the mean ones by being extra nice even to them. Make this a object lesson for your son, teach him that it is ok to walk away from those situations and hold your head high because you know YOU didn't stoop to that level. It hurts, it always will but you know you are better then that, and that girl was just plain trashy. Turn it around into something positive for your son to learn from (how you acted and remained cool and calm on the outside at least). I got in a habit back in high school that when people started being cruel I would just turn to them smile as big as I could and wish them a pleasant day all the while in my brain I was imagining torturing them slowly and very painfully (hence the beatific smile) and walk away. Eventually it stopped and some of those people actually became some of my closest friends (still are to this day).
  14. Pix

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Ya know, after I read what I just wrote, the JELLO song ran though my head ... *sings* "See it wiggle see it jiggle ... J E L L O" :mad2::biggrin::eek:
  15. Pix

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    I found out this morning I officially weigh less then my 220 muscle bound hawt husband ... Only by two lbs ... but HOT DAMN I weigh less then his toned ass ... *dances like a crazy person*
  16. Last night I was on the phone with a girlfriend of mine, love her to pieces but sometimes I just want to strangle her. She was going on and on about a co-worker she has and how mean he is etc. Then she dropped the N word like I should have agreed with her. I was polite and told her that she needs to find another word to use as I personally do not like the word and wont talk if it is used again. She actually got mad at me and told me that as her 'best friend' I was obligated to agree with her ... blah blah blah .. I was tired and just wanted to go to bed, that and I was tired of being on the phone as she was the 3rd person in a row I talked too that late at night, so my comments to her weren't so nice. Told her that because I was her friend I wouldn't agree with her and tell her when she was wrong not enable her prejudiced and make it "ok" that she uses certain epitaphs of hatred. I asked her to REALLY think about it and how would she feel if some random stranger started going on of indians around her knowing I am indian. It shut her up and she said goodnight in a really quiet "omfg I forgot your not white and I really stepped in it this time" voice. Woke up to 4 txt messages from her apologizing for her words and the promise that she will be more tolerable. I wont hold my breath but hey I can hope.
  17. Pix

    Why Can't I???

    L2L just kick him in his knee caps, you will feel better. Seriously, I am the same way, tell me I can't do something and it will be done. But my DH knows better then to tell me "I can't' do something. He knows he will get an ear full then a swift kick in the arse (metaphorically speaking of course, maybe) then I will just go and prove him wrong.
  18. Pix

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Awww BBK sounds like you got some good kids there. *HUGS* I am glad it worked out ok for you. My boys want hamsters and stuff, but I am trying to figure out which varmit I can buy that will live longer then a year. We already have two cats and a 100lb retarded dog. I don't think I want more, but the hubby is on their side on this one. *sigh* I have been outvoted.
  19. Pix

    People! Leave my stuff ALONE

    When I was a waitress I flat refused to clean the restrooms (it was part of our job description if bussers/dishwasher were busy) I told my manager that I would never clean it and he would just have to fire me first. I was never fired, but he never made me clean them. He said I did enough of shift for 10 of his servers so I could go with out cleaning the restrooms. Now the other manager tried a few times to get me to clean it. That was fun, but never did clean them, always had someone else do it. Seniority has its perks.
  20. Pix

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    I hate doing paperwork, and waiting on the attorney to make a certified copy and signature just to turn something in .. /rant I hate attorneys .... wait .. I am in school to become one ... well at least I wont have to wait for paperwork and certified copies LOL
  21. Pix

    Officialy denied.

    "Switching" from tri-care isn't that easy. If you are military it is standard for dependents. You can purchase secondary insurance to go along with it on your own. Dropping tri-care is a bad idea because that means you have NO medical coverage through the military. You can supplement, but dropping is a bad idea.
  22. Pix

    My Family - Need Advice

    Family is a odd duck sometimes. I don't get along with over half of my family. I am the black sheep of the family, I haven't been arrested, I was never involved with ex-cons and I had my children after I got married. OH! Lets not forget I not only graduated HS, but college as well. But they find the most retarded things to harp me about. I am not indian enough for them, I am to white like my mother (whom they adore by the way) or they harp on some other retarded shit. Like the fact I am tattooed, that is the big one right now. I am "evil", "whorish", and or (my favorite one) "condemned to hell for desecrating my body". This is from most of my moms family though, (the rich side) my dad's family I fit right in ROFL.
  23. Pix

    This thread is going to be sooo inappropriate!

    Reading through the DS forums is scary shit (har har pun intended). I don't think I would ever EVER chose a surgery that bypassed my entire digestive tract. I mean you kind of need it if you think about it.
  24. Pix

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    I had a similar problem some years back. But as I was breaking up with the tool I had a vindictive pleasure of tossing it back in his face and cursing him out. I had showed my bf at the time this ring I was saving up for as something I wanted to buy myself. Well fast forward a week of hell, of this tool trying to guilt me/boss me/tell me what/how to live my life and how to be the "proper" girlfriend. Needless to say he went on a 3 day trip for work, when he got back he presented me with the ring I had been saving up for with vows of eternal love *retch* and devotion *retches somemore* I told him to piss off, take the ring and shove it up his ass and that next time he has a girlfriend he might try to relax and let her be herself before she kills him. He cried .. .boo hoo ... Ok, your dilema is actually sweet, mine was vindictive pleasure :frown:
  25. Pix

    Officialy denied.

    Appeal, Appeal, appeal. I can't say it enough, never give up after one try. I came into this expecting to be denied, I had everything ready to go to fight Tri-Care and the hospital. Turns out I didn't need too. Check to see if the local military hospital is offering the lap band, if they are that could be why tri-care denied. If they aren't keep fighting, tri-care likes to sting you along, just appeal the denial, and keep appealing it.