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    I'm a girly girl. I like art, religion, books, and indie music
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  1. whatsarahsaid

    Dating, geez, HELP.

    Hey ladies and gents ;-p I don't know if I agree with the idea that its possible for everyone to stop hiding behind weight and be a confident, sexy woman, no matter the size. I can't. Or at least I feel like I can't. I have been fat my whole life, and there is no getting rid of the shy, invisible mindset. On top of the feeling of invisibilty, and I know this isn't in anyway rare, but I've had a sort-of awful relationship with one boy my whole growing up (from 11 to 19!) period. It wasn't a relationship...it was a friendship/mess/horror story. In any case, it was brutal, and on top of physical insecurities...I dunno, it just seems impossible to walk up to a man I find attractive and say hello. I mean, I'm always settling when I do that for the guy in the corner that looks the least dangerous. Oh well, I'm just ranting! ;-p I know I need to get over my issues with love and I can't blame it all on size (or expect it to fall away with my weight).... ....but all I'm saying is that its not always so easy, right? I think I need a class in confidence!
  2. whatsarahsaid

    Scared to death!!!!!

    Hey Miss Elizabeth! You are going to be FINE! I'm 21 and I had my surgery about 4 days ago, and it was nothing that you cannot handle, I promise! It is really hardly anything at all. I know I worried about SO much before I went in....and let me tell you, everything I worried about was ridiculous! The day of the surgery is a little scary, but it is over literally before you know it. There is a little pain, but I don't think its as bad as having the flu, honestly. Its more of an annoyance, or a discomfort than a really serious pain. What's the best part is that since my surgery, I've lost 7 pounds! Ahhh! Its awesome. You will be so happy that you did this! Any annoyance or discomfort is SO worth it...and I'm only 4 days out! I wish you the ABSOLUTE best, and email me if you have more questions! I know I would have appreciated someone to chat with about this before I went in, so let me know if you need a chatting buddy! ~Sarah from SC
  3. whatsarahsaid

    My banding story! I did it!

    Hey Y'all! I was banded just two days ago, and I will post my story when I'm feeling better...but I have to say, it wasn't a breeze BUT it wasn't anything that you can't take. I only have pain of about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, so it is not bad! The worst part is being so tierd and sleepy! ;-p Congrats Marine!
  4. whatsarahsaid

    Girls Like Boys

    Oh, god, me too! I cannot wait to get my band and get going so that new opourtunities, especially with men, can open up. THANK YOU for the advice all! Although, like a total dork, I still wanna get the boy I used to want to date. I mean, I don't really care as much about him anymore....but I still have that thing in the back of my mind saying "Once you get thin, you can get him!" Hahahaha Anyway, that's my post-band fantasy! I wanna meet up with him, randomly, and have that "look what you missed" minute! Ha! :cursing: Anyone else with big post band plans?
  5. whatsarahsaid

    Girls Like Boys

    Hey everyone! So I'm new here, but I didn't really find a thread totally appropriate to post this in, so I started one up. Sorry if its a repeat. Anyway, so I'm about three days away from my band, getting REALLY pumped! BUT what I was gonna post about is about the whole dating life, romance, etc. pre and post band. I'm 21 and I'm a senior at a Woman's College, and becasue I've been fat ALL my life, certainly all of my teen years, etc., I am hella shy and terrible at dating. I mean, I can flirt with the best of them, I just can't find boys that I both like on an intellectual and physical level that I feel comfortable approaching. I have never seriously dated. I was in love with a boy for a long, long time (middle, highscool, most of college) and so I never really approached anyone else, because he was where my mind was all those years. ANYWAY, point is that I miss boys! I miss chatting and flirting and all of that....so are there ladies out there that can sympathize? I mean, I'm a little afraid of my inexpereience in dating because I know its going to change post-band. I'd also love to hear from you boys. How has it been for you guys? Its always been this chief struggle in my life, and I'm looking forward to a time when I don't have to worry about it. Anywhooo, I'd love to hear from you boys. And of course, you beautiful ladies!
  6. whatsarahsaid

    Twenties Chat

    I'm Sarah, I'm a southern girl, I'm so excited I've found this place! I am getting banded in March, hopefully. I'm really ready. I think I have about 160lbs to lose. I can't wait....seriously. Glad to meet you all! :biggrin:

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