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  1. summerset

    Belly Sticking Out

    Would be interesting to know how much weight she lost (especially in BMI points). After all there's a difference between losing 80 lbs being a tall person and losing 160 lbs when being a short person. I only think of weight changes that are about the same BMI points as comparable when it comes to loose skin. Also, age is a huge factor and "quality of skin".
  2. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Unfortunately, treatment teams are all too often reinforcing that thought. 😕
  3. summerset

    "Head Hunger"

    You're frustrated, offended and angry because people don't take what you write as gospel but call you out on your unscientific and unproven statements. Claiming you're not frustrated, offended and angry? Well, you don't give the impression that you're not.
  4. summerset

    "Head Hunger"

    lol Calm dawn, ok?
  5. summerset

    "Head Hunger"

    Hangry, my dear, hangry!
  6. summerset

    "Head Hunger"

    Don't bet on it. Boredom eating (or any emotional eating for that matter) is alive in practically everyone. This "food for fuel only" schlock is only the wet dream of the dieting/WLS community. "Elimination" of emotional eating is just not possible. Also, physical and emotional hunger are entangled all too often. When I e. g. eat after a complicated intervention that lasted for hours I'm usually eating out of both physical hunger (it's afternoon and lunch is like really late) and emotional reason (need for relaxation) and I'm definitely not in the mood then to analyze and evaluate what "might be the stronger reason for eating" or "if I should've eaten something different" or "if I should've stopped eating earlier" or "if I should've eaten at all before having done a meditation session to relax" or whatever. Does it seem like calories are over the top? Was it an out-of-control-binge? No? Then I won't waste another thought on it.
  7. summerset

    "Head Hunger"

    This board is proof. Lots of hangry people on here sometimes. 😂
  8. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Edamame Fettucine with a vegan bolo sauce (vegetables being baby spinach, red onion, red bell pepper, mushrooms this time). Topped it with cashewsan.
  9. summerset

    "Head Hunger"

    Some pretty steep assumptions. Like... just wow.
  10. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    "Cashewsan" 115 g cashews (give or take a few gram) 4 tbs nutritional yeast 0.5 tsp onion powder, garlic powder, salt Throw into blender and swirl for a few seconds. Store in an airtight glass in the fridge. I found it to be good tasting even after four weeks (though it usually doesn't last this long, lol).
  11. summerset

    Weight Gain

    You are NOT "addicted to sugar" or are you sneaking into the kitchen, pouring tablespoons of plain sugar down your throat?
  12. I feel like a sponge soaked with water this weekend. Noticed it yesterday already, also today. TMI I guess but this feeling of having peed and then this strange feeling in the bladder that lasts for a while - like you still have to pee.

    1. BayougirlMrsS


      I went to the dr. yesterday.... he put me on Bactrum. Starting to feel better

  13. summerset

    Rice, Pasta, Bread, etc

    In my experience it depends a lot on the brand.
  14. summerset

    Rice, Pasta, Bread, etc

    There is no gold standard (even though some might claim that they've found the holy grail). IMO that's one of the reasons patients are so afraid of "doing something wrong". In the end there are patients adopting elements from several plans, creating the most restrictive plan possible because they only look at what other treatment teams label as "forbidden" and not what they label as "ok". One team says "NO!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!" when it comes to coffee - there goes the coffee, even if your own team says it's ok in moderation. Others say "NO!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!" to carbonated drinks - there goes the carbonated water, even though your own treatment team doesn't mind it. Just for - you know - safety reasons. A team says "NO!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!" when it comes to bread - you plan to never touch a slice of bread again, even though your own dietician says you can start eating whole grain breads 6 weeks after surgery, just to be... safe because there is this talk about lack of weight loss because "carbs". And that list goes on and on and ON endlessly. In the end you've become the prisoner of your new "bariatric lifestyle".
  15. Fi-nal-ly the equipment for my homegym arrived. Delivery times are insane these days.

    Since moving to my new flat in another town I actually have the space for a treadmill. I planned on only getting a treadmill because I already have enough stuff for sufficient training at home but decided to get a power cage as well because I can't install my aero sling to the ceiling in this flat and installing it into the wall just plain stinks because no pull-ups or inverted rows etc. possible.

    Anyway, it took four guys to carry that treadmill upstairs in its package - they definitely earned their dinner that evening!