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  1. summerset

    Veggie Dips

    (Soy) skyr with different spice mixes.
  2. summerset

    Remembering foods you can’t eat now

    I don't know how many years ago it started in Germany but I think it has to do with more people living alone and both partners working when being in a marriage. In the end it's a spiral of companies-offering-it-to-people and people-wanting-to-have-it.
  3. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    It's pretty common in Germany. I've never seen smoked herrings though.
  4. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Udon noodles with wakame salad and smoked trout. The combo was quite good.
  5. Incredibly tired these days.

    1. tarotcardreader


      Hope its not the covid hope u feel better

    2. summerset


      Nah, it's more the work overload.

  6. That's the 5 year survival rate, mind you. If it has spread to local lymph nodes make that a 25%.
  7. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Yellow curry with mushrooms, broccoli and onions. I mimicked the Vietnamese takeout with these mock chicken stuff cut in strips on top.
  8. summerset

    Body Fat

    Dunno. I have no idea how reliable body fat scales are when lots of loose skin is present. They're not really reliable in general so I don't trust mine when it comes to absolute numbers. It puts me at 22% bf. My latest routine ultrasound showed "almost no visceral fat" according to the surgeon who did the ultrasound so visceral fat seems to be of no concern. I'm not curious enough to expose myself to extra radiation, so no DEXA for me just to satisfy curiosity. In general I guess one has to find a middle ground between "desired body fat", "healthy body fat" and "what's possible without having to sacrifice too much".
  9. Yeah well, I'm kind of envious of all these Trader Joe items.
  10. summerset

    Carbs after gastric bypass

    What's the rationale behind that? Possible dumping?
  11. summerset

    Carbs after gastric bypass

    It varies big time. I never counted carbs or calories. I only made sure to reach the protein goal. Worked fine for me and still does.
  12. Because nobody with brains worth more than 5 cent in their skull won't believe this schlock. People might not tell you to your face "You had surgery, right?" because in the end most people are polite enough to not out you but with WLS being a known procedure these days and not as uncommon as it once was - people draw their own conclusions once they see a very heavy person losing weight fast, especially when it started after a short period of absence.
  13. summerset

    Struggling badly..

    Cook up some vegetables and puree the hell out of them. I don't know what seasonings are allowed in your case but some salt or one of these little broth cubes should be ok I guess.
  14. summerset

    Struggling badly..

    What exactly do they mean with "liquid". Our 4 weeks were called "liquid" as well but was more like "thinner puree".
  15. You said it yourself: the other one is whisked together. This changes the consistency in a significant way. That's the simple reason why scrambled eggs go down easier than hard boiled ones.