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  1. generator77

    PCP anti wls

    Find a PCP that is supportive! A lot of old school doctors don't like wls but so many see the benefits it has for their patients!
  2. generator77

    Back on pre op diet

    The preop diet is tough, no doubt about it but am concerned you are still struggling so much. The level of changes you make for surgery are drastic and post surgery there are no other options than to be complaint with your doctor's orders or you will be sick or hurt yourself. Ask yourself are you ready for all of that? This thing takes total commitment or it just isn't worth it! You'd be setting yourself up for failure postop and I wouldn't want that for anyone.
  3. generator77

    Nutritional counseling

    I felt like my six month diet helped me wrap my brain around this process. I've read a lot of posts in the past year and researched a ton but I felt like that time was really preparing me for life after surgery. Some programs really want to focus on successful outcomes. I know a few surgeons who build their practice on making sure that this is a lifelong treatment for obesity not just another weight loss scheme. These surgeries are tough and being prepared mentally is important. During my preop time I would sometimes wish I didn't have to do the six months but post surgery I realize that it gave me time to be full prepared for the lifestyle change.
  4. generator77

    Head hunger

    It helps me to get my head right about food in general. I've gotten to where I am because of emotional eating. This surgery has given me a chance to break those old habits and deal with my emotions in a whole new way. It's odd because I feel so much more myself without having to use food to cope with that. I have found a great support group at my church that helps people deal with addiction and self defeating behaviors and it has helped me immensely. The other thing I do is smell good food and usually that helps me not have head hunger. Maybe it's my postop brain speaking but nothing that is bad for me is going in my body. It probably also helped me to have had one incident of dumping from licking one piece of honeydew melon last week. I literally licked it and had a full body rejection of the fructose in that thing. It was no joke the worst feeling ever so in order to avoid any future episodes I'm just cool with what this body can do right now. In all honesty it is the first time in a long time that food has no control over any aspect of my life and although difficult at times when I see something I used to love also extremely liberating! Hugs to you. Life is good!
  5. generator77

    Beyond Aggravated

    I'm surprised they waited that long to test you. My surgeon sent me to be tested after his first visit with me because sleep apnea is so very common with his patients. It will go by fast but I understand how frustrating it is to have to wait. Get in ASAP and get fitted then you'll be on your way!
  6. generator77

    How much do you eat?

    I don't feel full so I just go by the measurements my nut gave me. I eat really slowly and chew thoroughly. Most meals are around 1/4 cup of food.
  7. generator77

    My weight loss story

    So wonderful! You look amazing!
  8. generator77

    11 months post op (pics)

    You are amazing! So inspiring! Get it, girl!
  9. generator77

    post op pain

    My worst pain barely hit a 4. Not bad at all.
  10. generator77

    TMI POST- Constipation

    For the thing poking out I would go for the enema. Usually it get packed in there at the end and acts like a plug. Once that is out the rest will be easier to get out.
  11. generator77


    My one week is tomorrow and I went in yesterday for IV fluids because I wasn't getting enough in. They gave me a new med to help because I was feeling like I couldn't get liquid in and that helped immensely. Also with the heat of the summer it's tough to stay hydrated.
  12. generator77

    Trouble sleeping...

    I definitely have slept less this week after surgery. I tend to get to sleep fine but then wake up around three or so. I can usually fall asleep again after a bit but I really hope it gets better the further I am in the healing process.
  13. generator77

    lactose intolerant?

    My NUT told me that about 50% of people are lactose intolerant after surgery. She warned me of it and I prepared for it but it hasn't been an issue for me. She did say that it tended to be mostly with liquid milk and that milk like Lactaid would be a good option. Or almond milk
  14. Just remember that your body is still healing. Just because your top layer of skin looks good doesn't necessarily mean the other layers are done healing yet. The six week guideline is a reminder that those other parts aren't all healed up yet.
  15. generator77

    My Story

    Or I hear they sell it at Whole Foods and Amazon