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Duodenal Switch Patients
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Was searching for a SIPS friendly forum to find others that may have had the same surgery.  I did not ask for this surgery and thought I was getting the traditional ds but surprise, nope!  So now I have to figure out what and how I'm supposed to eat etc.
In my day to day world I'm a classic car freak and own my first car (38 yrs) still which I participate in car shows, car cruises and other car events. Once a year I make a 4 1/2 hr drive back home to do a cruise with my dad and his old car.  I just love that we share the same passion and autos are usually our topic of conversation but we can gab bout anything really.  I work on cars, talk cars and breathe cars in some people's opinion.  They aren't too far off!  I was daddy's boy and in the garage and grease from the time I could walk. It has paid off when it comes to keeping some of the clunkers I've owned going and dealing with male auto parts people trying to sell me the wrong parts.  I am also a pretty happy go lucky person and laugh a lot. No sense crying, it just makes ya feel bad.  Guess that about does it for me.
VSG October 19, 2008
SW 298 lbs
lost 70 lbs and regained
Revision to Sips 12-18-2015
SW 275

Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Weight Lost: 2 lbs
BMI: 50.3
Surgery: Duodenal Switch
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 03/20/2015
Surgery Date: 12/18/2015
Hospital Stay: 2 Days
Surgery Funding: n/a
Insurance Outcome: n/a