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  1. LoggedOutForGood

    3 months Post Op

    You look amazing! Keep up the good work - you're truly an inspriation!! xo
  2. LoggedOutForGood

    Surgery is tomorrow (gastric bypass)!

    Good Luck today!! Please let us know how you're doing as soon as you can! xo
  3. LoggedOutForGood

    Protein Bars..When did you start?

    @@Cervidae So Protein Bars are part of your soft foods diet? I can't start that diet until Week 4 and bars are nowhere in the menu plan. I'm just starting Week 3 this week. Thanks for the heads up, its something to ask my NUT about when/if she calls back! I don't want to start too early
  4. LoggedOutForGood

    Waking up from surgery?

    I honestly don't recall how quickly after surgery I woke up, I just remember waking up in the recovery room with a bunch of voices saying "Wake up sweetie, you did fantastic!" and "You're in recovery honey, wake up!" I don't think it was very long after though, because I was still being rolled into the room as I was waking up. As far as walking, they had me up and moving that night. Granted, it wasn't long distances (like they'd have me walk to the hallway and back, or to the bathroom) for the first night, but the next day they had me taking laps around the floor which wasn't easy. It's really hard to say if you'll have time to walk with your friend or not, it really depends on how quickly they get you up and moving. I was pretty exhausted and drugged up, so I really didn't open my eyes and speak or move for hours. I hope you do get to spend some time with your friend before she leaves, though! And I wish you all the luck in the world
  5. LoggedOutForGood

    Dropped waist 8 sizes already

  6. LoggedOutForGood

    Surgery is in 5 days

    @@chasingchloee hey girl! I'm sure you've read this somewhere on this site before, but one of the key things that I did to prepare was to get my bag ready for my short hospital stay. I brought with me to the hospital, to be comfortable, were my own pillow, soe chapstick, hand lotion, a hair brush and my phone & charger. The chapstick to me was the biggest lifesaver! If possible, try to do something relaxing for yourself the night before the surgery to calm your nerves..long bath, pedicure, etc. Good luck and keep us posted!
  7. LoggedOutForGood

    My First Win

    Wooohoo!! Congratulations girl! You look adorable
  8. LoggedOutForGood

    hit like a ton of bricks...DENIED!

    @@Anxious2beme I'm not really feeling any better. The left side pain is excruciating and agonizing. I called and spoke to my Bariatric RN who told me this was completely normal and suggested I use OTC Tylenol until I see my surgeon for a refill for a strong pain med (which is tomorrow). OTC Tylenol is a joke though so I don't even bother. LOL I know it'll pass and I will just continue to rest and relax until it starts to subside so I can start excercising and working out and getting on with my journey! Thank you for asking!! I'm wishing you the best of luck with the P2P review! Please keep us all posted as I know we're all on your side!
  9. LoggedOutForGood

    Tomorrow, Tomorrow..you're only a day away!

    @@Anxious2beme It was actually suggested by my NUT and Surgeon to not bother weighing myself until my first post-op appointment because more than likely, I've gained weight due to the amount of fluids they pumped me with in the hospital and the gas they use to inflate your stomach is still lingering, making you feel distended and bloated and they wouldn't want me to be discouraged. So, I am avoiding the scale like the plague. I am not sure when the weight starts to drop to be perfectly honest with you. I think everyone is different in this regard. I have read that some people have lost 10-15 lbs in their first few weeks post-op and then I've read stories where more weight was lost or none at all. I really think it just depends on the person, their progress and their plan in general. Here's to hoping I go to my first Post Op next week and have lost something more than the pre-op loss! *crosses fingers*
  10. LoggedOutForGood

    Liquid/soft food diet must haves?!

    @@hungry4health Hello My two week pre-op diet allowed for FULL liquids, not just clear, and SF pudding saved my life! I also ate a lot of unsweetened applesauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon and SF popsicles! 24 hours before surgery and until the Friday after my surgery, I was on Clear Liquids only and I lived on SF Jell-O, diluted fruit juices (apple, white grape, cranberry) and again, SF popsicles. I got so tired of the broth!! I also drank a lot of Water with Crystal Light and Vitamin Water Zero. You'll do fine! Best of luck to you =)
  11. LoggedOutForGood

    Eating too much?

    @@Lynn Blue I also had surgery on Wednesday, 9/2! Congratulations! I'm so glad that I read this topic, thank you for asking this question! My Diet booklet, which was given to me by my NUT at the surgeon's office, has me eating 1/2 c of Soup AND 1/4 cup of applesauce or SF pudding as a meal for lunch or dinner. This is 6 oz! I did it the first night I was able to be on Full Liquids and didn't feel full and thought nothing of it initially. Then when the time came for the next meal, I kept asking myself, if my stomach pouch was only able to hold 2-4 oz, why I was able to take in 6oz at a meal?? I thought..OMG, did my Surgeon do something wrong?? After that first meal of 6 oz, I have been limiting my meals to 1/2 c of soup OR 1/4 c of applesauce or pudding, but not both. I do not want to stretch anything out and hate life later. I appreciate the feedback that everyone has given and this makes me feel a lot more confident about my choice to cut back. Now if I could just get my Protein shakes in, I'd feel better!
  12. LoggedOutForGood

    Tomorrow, Tomorrow..you're only a day away!

    @@Ashlegal I am on Pinterest and I follow that blog EVERYWHERE! Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram...I absolutely love it! I have been looking into getting the bento boxes that she uses to make meals, it seems so easy!! Thank you for the PB2 suggestion, too! I've heard that from a lot of people on how to spice up Protein shakes! Have you tried the PBThins? @@GBLady41 Thank you, I am trying! Yesterday I had a bad day. I felt completely defeated and kept saying "what the hell did I get myself into? I'm in over my head." I am having problems getting protein in (so I bought some nonfat dry milk powder) and I'm having problems moving around, so I felt incredibly overwhelmed. Plus, I am constantly moving around my house picking up after kids or making dinner or doing household chores and I can't do any of those things right now, and I feel useless. My husband and kids are amazing and being so incredibly supportive, and I know that I'm doing what I need to do to heal, but I hate that they're taking everything on right now. I almost felt selfish for doing this to them! Yesterday was just one pity party of a day! But you know what? Today is a new day and I am feeling better! I was able to use the bathroom this morning for the first time in a week (if you know what I mean!) and I was able to walk to the bathroom with mild discomfort! So I know that the rest and relaxation is working with recovery and it truly is getting better every single day! I just need to remind myself of that when I'm feeling defeated and I think I'll be ok xoxoxoxo everyone!
  13. LoggedOutForGood

    Tomorrow, Tomorrow..you're only a day away!

    @@Anxious2beme I have no problem sharing my particular situation with anyone, especially if it helps people be aware of the possibilities post surgery. I have read so many stories on here where people have had little to no pain and then others who are in pain like I am. Everyone is different, though, so it's really hard to gauge where your pain might be when all is said and done! I'm so so sorry that my pain is scaring you but try not to worry about it too much because you never know which hand of cards you'll get dealt. Yes, I'm on Tylenol w/ Codeine. I am just now starting to recognize when it is working and isn't. I take it every 4 hours to stay on top of the pain rather than chase it. And although the pain is awful, it is actually tolerable at most times. I'm still able to get up and move around my apartment and do a few things here and there, and my body has no problem in telling me to sit my booty down LOL. I listen, too!! I can tolerate the cinnamon with applesauce, no problemo! I was only able to down 4 oz of my Protein shake though. It no longer tastes tolerable after surgery, so I am going to have to buy some nonfat milk powder and unflavored protein and start getting creative!!
  14. LoggedOutForGood

    Surgery is in TWO days!

    @@mimic86 Thanks girl! Congrats on your weight loss so far!
  15. LoggedOutForGood

    Surgery in September

    @@jameka229 I'm counting, but I'm also finding myself going back and forth on my decision. I think last night when I was cooking dinner for everyone else I had a little breakdown for the first time since I started this journey. It isn't easy, but I know it'll be worth it
  16. LoggedOutForGood

    Surgery in September

    @@jameka229 Hello! I'm one day after you! I'm very nervous, too. You are not alone I've accepted your friend request! Feel free to message me if you'd like to chat about anything and everything xoxo
  17. LoggedOutForGood

    Looking for preop friends :)

    @@Jennifer Schneider Hi Jennifer! Wishing you the best of luck in your journey! How long have you been working on this?
  18. @@bhopeful Hello! Everyone's requirements are different based on insurance/surgeons, but I had to do the following: 6 months of consecutive weigh ins with PCP and/or Nutritionist 1 Surgery Seminar, 1 Diet Class, 1 Support Group (Surgeon requirements) A Psych Eval Nutritionist Consult An Upper Endoscopy A gallbladder/abdominal ultrasound A Pap Smear A Chest XRay (done closer to surgery date because they expire) An EKG (also done closer to surgery date because they expire) Blood Work - a lot! H. Pylori breath test I did as many of these prerequisites as I could as early as I could, and kept only the Xray and the EKG until the end. I am scheduled for surgery on September 2nd. It was a long journey, but I'm finally at the end of the tunnel I also started the liquid pre-op diet two weeks earlier than scheduled to be as proactive as possible with liver shrinkage and pre-op weight loss, and am down almost 19 pounds. Probably more since my last weigh in on the 17th. Good luck on your journey! Can't wait to hear how things progress for you
  19. LoggedOutForGood

    What Are Some Things You Can't Wait for POST OP?

    These are all great things to look forward to. I think my top five are: 1. Having more energy to keep up with my three boys and husband 2. No more GERD! 3. No seat belt extenders on an airplane (I travel to FL once or twice a year to see my best friends and dread it every time!) 4. Buying smaller clothes and not having to shop at Lane Bryant where you leave broke nine times out of ten. 5. food. I don't care what my first bite of real food will be, or how small my portion is - one bite is better than 0! (can you tell I'm tired of liquid diets already, and I'm still pre-op?? LOL So happy for everyone and wish everyone the best of luck on their WLS journeys!! xo
  20. @@kmc0812 Umm I've been an emotional rollercoaster since I got a surgery date! LOL The one downside to being on this diet is that I have no energy. I can do my daily walks, and chores, but once all is said and done I am POOPED. I find myself falling asleep at the most random times of day. This makes me cry, because I feel so tired all the time. Then there's all of the fears & worries I have of surgery. I know the rewards far outweigh the risks, but the sheer realization alone that this life changing thing is going to happen to me is scary and exciting all at the same time and this makes me cry. Then there's worries about post-surgery problems, physically and emotionally and mentally. This makes me cry. Then there's worries about relationships with people changing after surgery, this makes me cry. Then there's commercials on TV that I normally wouldn't cry at, but now I'm crying. I think I'm just hungry. LOL But seriously, what you're going through is normal I think. I'm still pretty new at this myself but have read so many posts on here that make me feel so much better. Everyone on here is supportive and informative and welcoming. It has made this journey for me so much easier knowing that I am not alone, and even after all is said and done, I can still come back here for help & support. Keep your head up! You're stronger than you think! xo
  21. LoggedOutForGood

    One month surgiversary

    My surgery is next week, on the 2nd, and this post makes me so excited! I have had a lot of worries and "what-if" moments, and your post made me smile and realize that they will all be worth it in the end. Thank you for sharing your progress thus far! xo
  22. @@kmc0812 Congrats on your surgery! I am one day before you, 09/02! I have been on LSD (too funny!) since 8/05 and will continue to be on it until I get closer to surgery. I decided to start earlier, with the approval of my surgeon and dietician, to be proactive with pre-op weight loss on top of liver shrinkage and have lost nearly 19 lbs. I haven't cheated, aside from licking Peanut Butter off of my finger after making my kids a sandwich, if that even counts! LOL The first few days of this diet were the worst for me. I had a mild headache and was really crabby and really just hated life. Now, it is really a piece of cake. Anytime I got a craving for a bad food, I would just reach for an approved vegetable off of my list. Cucumbers w/ balsamic vinegar have been lifesavers as well as Water with sugar free strawberry lemonade flavoring (I got at Target - Market Pantry brand, but there are so many options everywhere!) And like someone else said, walking..just keep walking! I wish you the best of luck @@gonnadothis We share the same surgery date, congrats!
  23. LoggedOutForGood

    One step closer!

    That's too funny! If I had a daughter, I would probably do the same thing! I actually just bought myself my first XL t-shirt as a goal shirt. I'm sure I won't be in it for long, but I didn't want to start too low and get disappointed if I couldn't fit into it right away. I just had my final pre-op surgeon visit today and my last Dietician appt yesterday so I'm all ready to go! I'm going back and forth a lot but I know it's just surgery jitters!
  24. LoggedOutForGood

    Pre Op diet weight loss amount?

    Hi @@mishi! I started my pre-op diet a month before my surgery to be proactive with weight loss and liver shrinkage and today was my two week checkup and I have lost 19 pounds! I will be on the same diet up until 24 hours before my surgery, so I anticipate losing even more prior to my surgery date. Everyone's pre-op diet is different, and everyone's pre-requisites are different too. Some people have to lose weight before their surgery and some people don't. I didn't have to, but I wanted to be as successful as possible after surgery so any weight I lose before hand will definitely be helpful. Keep up the good work, doll! xo
  25. I too am making a list of all of the things I want to do when I'm smaller and it's helping me overcome the fears and anxieties I am having about the surgery because it's showing me that the reward far outweighs the risk. Some of my items are roller skating, ziplining and parasailing! I even have some things that are simple like running or riding a bike!

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