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  1. @flipper72 ye I am in the same boat my friend
  2. @SWHF thanks....I am sure eating more bad stuff but trying to stay mindful and do exercise...there are cheaper vitamins out there that are just as good...you are doing good as well
  3. @Sherri1964 I would love to chat almost a year now...message me and we can exchange info :-)
  4. @linuxangel I too am going back to bad habits and definitely eating some slider foods and late night eating....its amazing how fast the weight is coming slowly back. Also adding more carbs and slider foods have really made my mood low,,,,feeling discouraged.
  5. lealor

    Tomorrow is my day

    I was a mess before surgery. I went to Tijuana on top of it all!!!! Very scary. It has beeen 10 months and it still has its emotional, scary moments. I had a hard recovery yet I would do it all over in a heartbeat. You will be fine...be positive, be happy....your new life really begins. You will be fine....xoxoxox P.S. The person that is complaining about pre op diet.......you have to embrace this change, as it is mind blowing after surgery if you don't do it now
  6. Hi I have been struggling my friends. I am at my goal weight of 177.(now its 168)..now i seem to be a fat out of shape person who just happened to lose 72 pounds and has a smaler stomach.I have been eating alot more junk. Funny thing i feel like junk. Felt so good mentally when i was eating better. I have a personal trainer ( no charge and a blessing) to help me get stronger. My hair is so thin, I am thankful i had the surgery but seem like im back to some bad behaviors. Still cant drink water!!! If i use crystal light it is a bit better. I guess I haven't come on here as I don't want to be negative. eating at night, eating chips....having a few cold beers. Ambarrassed.
  7. @ProudMomof2 thanks for post...you are right. We all didn't get obese for no reasons......lets stick together. Yae you for your weight loss ..xoxoxox
  8. @CowgirlJane@Jennifer Ostermeier@@SassyNanny - - - great advice friends. Yes it is a constant living breathing life style change. All these suggestions are so important. Im 6 months out and finding its a conscious effort to stay mindful of my new lifestyle. I work with a lady who was sleeved 5 years ago, she lost 100 pounds, and now has gained 70 back. Scary. It takes time, to lose, to be serious, to stay on track and to get your nutrition and exercise in.
  9. Hi Everyone: I am down 70 pounds, however to everyone else it looks more like 25-30 ish. To be honest, I don't see that much difference either. Getting rid of clothes is a measure I guess as I have gotten rid of 11 garbage bags full of clothes, that was hard. I started thinking maybe Ill keep some OMG no I am not keeping these size 18 clothes. Never going back there.Yet, even to think that scares me. I work with a woman who was sleeved 5 years ago. Lost 100 pounds, and is now 70 pounds heavier. She has gained 70 pounds back. I watch what she eats and drinks and think.....yikes bad habits are a bitch. I do see some habits slowly coming back now after a long rough recovery from my surgery. Is anyone else struggling with exercise and or mind frame? My skin is so saggy and have to start weight training. I guess mentally is just as hard as physical adjustments, and I am struggling with both.
  10. Don't beat yourself up. It is your body that is just taking time to adjust. Make sure you are taking in enough calories for all your workouts. Just breathe and scale will move.!♡
  11. Biggest and best decision you guys. Hard mentally and physically for a while. Im 6 months out and finally feeling normal...lol
  12. @choicemun Bring slippers/shoes to walk around in after surgery. Pajamas. Sip sip sip sip after. I would have started to sip before surgery had I known it was going to be such a transition. I didn't go where you are going but I would do it all over again even with a rough recovery. Take some gas x with you. On plane home, get up and walk around a bit
  13. good for you I had a rough rough recovery. Keep walking and sip sip sip sip
  14. lealor

    Time off work

    @roxiijess314 I only took a week off....not enough time at all and I am reception do sit half the day. Please take at least 2 weeks off both for physical healing but also MENTAL :-)

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