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  1. CoCoKate

    A little confused

    how are you feeling? Hope you're feeling better
  2. CoCoKate

    A little confused

    Maybe you could be asked to be prescribed some ant-reflux medication? I still suffer with reflux 11 months out and it can sometimes make me vomit especially after I've been lying down I'm not on anti- reflux meds. Sent from my SM-N920P using the BariatricPal App
  3. CoCoKate

    Terrified at 23

    easy to say but try not to worry, the team performing your surgery and looking after you will be specialized in this area so are experts in what they do. having the sleeve was one of the best decisions I've made in my life, I wished I'd had it done years ago. good luck for your surgery
  4. CoCoKate

    A little confused

    contact your nurse or doctor straight away, I was told vomiting can put pressure on the stitches in your stomach so needs to be resolved straight away. Are you taking anti-reflux medication?
  5. so I'm 9 months out, I felt like I had done really well and was happy with the weight I was losing, the last couple of months have not been so good I've only been losing a pound here and there and have been eating badly and doing no exercise, I've lost motivation! Has this happened to anybody else and what did you do to get back on track?
  6. CoCoKate

    PCOS hair and period issues

    I have PCOS and am 9 months post op, all my symptoms of PCOS have virtually disappeared as I've lost weight. I did go through a stage where I was losing a lot of hair a few months after my sleeve - due to elevated testosterone when you have PCOS I think hair loss is something we are more prone too, I upped my Protein intake and started to take Biotin and haven't had any problems since. hope this helps
  7. CoCoKate

    Loss of Motivation

    thanks for the advice guys, I must be suffering the 9 month itch! think I am going to do shakes for a week and try and get back into a routine again
  8. CoCoKate

    I need a buddy, plsssss x

    I am always looking for buddies
  9. CoCoKate

    intense depression

    @@crazyplantlady talk to your doctor or nurse if you are still having problems after eating you're still only 2 months out though, it does take some adjusting, I'm 9 months and I am still adjusting to my sleeve. I don't regret having it though, it was the best decision in my life, I hope things start to get better for you.
  10. 43lbs down :)

    1. ProudGrammy


      2 months down - great success!!! keep up the good job!! (i know you will) - congrats - kathy

    2. Mountaingal


      Fantastic Miss KateE. I hope you are proud that your hard work is paying off. You should be!

    3. lealor
  11. never hungry but always want to eat!

  12. having crazy lemon cravings

    1. Mountaingal


      Must be in the air. I had to go out and buy fresh lemons today as the cravings were so bad. Better lemons than french fried or chips or other evil things LOL

    2. Djmohr


      I was going to say, this is a great craving to have!

    3. CoCoKate


      lemon wedges with salt on. mmmmm.

  13. hi all, so I'm almost 7 weeks post op and have now reached the solid food stage, I can pretty much eat all 'normal' foods now. I haven't really been given much advice from my nutritionist/dietician regarding portion size etc other than to only eat 2 tablespoons - I've quit measuring food and have just been eating small meals (I use a baby bowl) for meal times. I'm just wondering do other people who are in the solid food stage of the VSG measure meals and is it two tablespoons? and what kind of things do you eat? I'm really scared of stretching my sleeve out! Thanks, Kate
  14. CoCoKate

    Vomiting every night

    I'm a sleever, but in my booklet the hospital give to me, they said if vomiting occurs go back to liquids for one day until your stomach settles and then gradually add solids back in. hope this helps
  15. CoCoKate

    Rant from a single woman!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlotgnvSwsg - good video on the subject I think this, I don't know whether its me but I seem to think the majority of people are just so shallow! I like to think that I have more to offer than just my looks but its looks that seems to reel people in
  16. CoCoKate

    Sugar love after sleeve?

    I had a major sweet tooth before surgery but know I'm the other way I'm more of a savoury person now and constantly crave meat!
  17. @@jhclikesshopping@gmail.com thanks for the advice, I was stuck! I think maybe I've been eating the wrong things and that's why I'm at a weight loss stall, but I know where to go from here!
  18. Hi all, so I'm 5 weeks post op I've just finished the pureed stage of the diet and have progressed on to a soft diet. I'm not due to see my dietician/nutritionist for another 4 weeks and I only had one appointment with her and was sent home with a booklet which doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm just wondering what has everyone been eating and what portions sizes should I be eating at this stage? I've been told to only have 2 tablespoons at a time per meal but then the booklet says gradually increase meal size? I think I've been eating the wrong foods I've mainly been having tender meats with sauces but then the booklet says only to have minced meat and tender fish but in the pureed stage you could have tender meats finely chopped up with a sauce. I'm really confused!! sorry if I haven't made much sense! please could I have some guidance from my fellow sleevers! Thanks
  19. weight loss stall :(

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    2. CoCoKate


      I haven't lost any weight in a week :(

    3. Smye


      Oh that's so frustrating! BUT it's also totally normal. Am I correct that you're about a month post-op? A 1-week stall is heartbreaking, but part of your body readjusting. None of that mumbo-jumbo about your body changing it's caloric usage due to 'newness' or anything, just redistributing how those calories are put to use. You may well be building some muscle and thus the fat loss doesn't register. Or your liver has finished it's massive post-op shrinkage (or is even rebounding slightly) causing the fat loss to be 'balanced out.' Or maybe it's about water - I'm guessing at this point you're better able to drink than you were right after surgery. Your body thus is better hydrated, has a higher water % and thus the scale won't move even as fat is metabolized. Keep the faith, and when in doubt, post here AND talk to your NUT.

    4. CoCoKate


      thank you I will :) the scale is creeping down again - I hope its lasts!

  20. I want cupcakes!

    1. ProudGrammy


      Get over it ROLFMAO - its good to vent here saying you want something special to eat - please don't give in - stay strong - i know you can


    2. MissKit


      I'm right with you love!!!!

    3. CoCoKate


      I didn't give in - I won't, but it never stops me wanting some!

  21. @Running2theSleeve do what's best for you! people who have never had weight problems don't understand the struggle so I wouldn't take your mom and sisters opinions to heart, maybe if they had suffered weight problems they may have been a little more supportive and understanding. if dieting was as easy as some people make out nobody on the planet would be overweight! if you believe 100% there is no other option you should do it for your health and happiness and disregard the opinions of others, because only you know what is going to work. sounds like you have your aunt to lean on though maybe she will be your support.
  22. you might be in ketosis if you're low sugar/carb - its normal to have waves of nausea in ketosis. make sure you stay hydrated. hope this helps
  23. try not to worry, I only managed to stick to 10 days out of my 14 day pre-op diet and my surgery went fine. just try to get back on track, I know its hard but the pre-op diet improves the success of the surgery and makes the surgery easier. I stocked up on lots of diet coke and had one every time I felt like I was going to give into temptation. I found it helped a little.