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  1. ANewBeginning15

    June Sleevers!

    Thank you! Comparison is the thief of joy, but it's hard not to.
  2. ANewBeginning15

    June Sleevers!

    I was 269 on the day of surgery.A couple years ago I was up to 325.
  3. ANewBeginning15

    June Sleevers!

    I was sleeved June 17th, so I'm at 6 weeks post op. I've "only" lost about 17 pounds since the surgery. I've been following my diet, exercising quite a bit (walk/jog/hike 1.5-3 miles 5 days per week). Im getting in liquids and my Vitamins. I'm supposed to aim for 1200 calories daily, but I'm only getting up to 500-600 on average per day. That's the only thing I could imagine factoring in to not losing as much as others seem to be. I admit that I'm a little frustrated and wondering if anyone else is in my shoes or if any one has thoughts about this. Thank you in advance.
  4. ANewBeginning15


    Sometimes a little bit. But it's more a desire to be eating what I can't have. Sort of a head hunger. I was very nauseous the first two days after surgery and did dry heave once, which was very painful. I didn't want to drink anything at all, or even look at it, until day 3.
  5. ANewBeginning15


    SF pudding is on my full liquid diet list from my NUT.
  6. ANewBeginning15


    I'm also on day 8 post op and had a challenging day today too. I would have been happy with just a little refried beans. I had a bad hour during the afternoon fighting this. But I went to the kitchen, got a bottle of water, a cup of broth, and a SF pudding and just kept sipping. That helped a lot. Maybe I was bordering on dehydration. I kept reminding myself that I'm doing this for a reason and to be strong.
  7. ANewBeginning15

    Overnight Bag

    A pillow. The hospital ones are not comfortable.
  8. ANewBeginning15

    Impatiently waiting...June sleevers?

    i see now. Me too....extra day for those reasons. Came home this morning. A lot of nausea, but it, knock on wood, seems to be getting better.
  9. ANewBeginning15

    Impatiently waiting...June sleevers?

    Tomorrow is my day too. I check in at 8:00am. Best of luck. So how are you feeling now? I didn't start feeling halfway normal until the second day out. Stayed in hospital 2 nights and just got home today. I've been a sipping these grape isoprene drinks with protein in them.
  10. ANewBeginning15

    June Sleevers!

    I just got home from the hospital (today is Friday). I was sleeved on Wednesday and had an umbilical hernia repair. I think the hernia repair hurts more than anything. I struggled badly with pain when I was woken up from the surgery and for the rest of the day. But today I feel kind of happy. Strangely, I'm more focused on healing than losing weight. Hopefully weight loss happens too
  11. ANewBeginning15

    Impatiently waiting...June sleevers?

    Tomorrow is the big day for me. The nerves are definitely there. But glad the wait is almost over. I'm checking in at 9:30am. Oh my goodness. Is anyone else going in tomorrow?
  12. Hi! I took the prep diet opportunity to use the things that have been sitting in the pantry and freezer for too long because I was very busy with teaching as a full time job, teaching math tutorials after school and weekends, and driving the kids to their lessons and fast food became my handy friend. Being on summer break and a liquid diet, I cleaned out the food that's been sitting there and turned it into meals that I froze for my kids and visiting friends when post op recovery rolls around. I literally don't have any more room in my freezer because it is so stocked with prepared meals! I didn't have to buy much to add to the recipes so I saved money (money that went to buying my Protein shakes I didn't have any issue cooking with regards to temptation or torture. I actually enjoyed it. It gave me something to focus on instead of my hunger pains.
  13. ANewBeginning15

    Anyone with a hernia

    I have no good ideas. This is my first hernia. I had my gallbladder removed last summer and the hernia seems to be a result of that? I'm afraid that, like yours did, mine will reopen.
  14. ANewBeginning15

    June Sleevers!

    I wish you the best, Bil! Best wishes!
  15. ANewBeginning15

    Anyone with a hernia

    I also have a large umbilical hernia. My surgeon is repairing it the same time as the sleeve surgery. Some people hope for a hernia to repair because it helps with the cost of surgery. I also look pregnant! lol

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