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  1. It has been a month today and for the last two weeks I wake up every morning with the aches and pains of a head cold. During the day it gets a little better but I keep a runny nose. I hear that others have runny nose as a sign that they have ate too much. But my nose runs all day before I eat. Has anyone else experience The Head Cold Syndrome ?
  2. I was sleeved on April 7 everything went perfect. I lost 16 lbs but I can gain 1-2 lbs Even though I Eat very small portions. Is this normal? I exercise daily . This is so early in the process so I am Afraid it's not going to work. I eat less Than 500 calories a day. Is this normal? What happened to the Honeymoon Period?
  3. Is there anything short of Plastic Surgery to prevent or help my face and neck sagging skin? I fear my face is going to look like a sharpei dog. I really don't have the budget for cosmetic surgery.
  4. If you are able to meet the required grams of daily protein through your diet, is it still necessary to drink Separate protein drink?
  5. It's been 8 days after sleeve surgery. I have had no pain so I've been walking daily but no weight loss. I've also been sticking to the diet. Is this normal, what happened to the honeymoon stage?