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  1. I was 278 prior to surgery in June 2015, my goal was to lose 103 to hit 175. I actually ended up losing 130lbs and my low weight was 147.3 lbs in August 2016. Current weight 171. My happy place is around 155 so I’m going back to basics (logging food, counting protein)
  2. rnsamantha

    Back to basics and really doing it!

    Hi all, I would love to join this "challenge". I'm just over 2 years post op and would like to lose 16 lbs of regain. Unfortunately, I've been trying to lose this 16 lbs since December....and it's August. I've been succumbing to junk food nonstop, and am frustrated that I can't get away with the bad eating habits that I used to. I recognize that's it's time to get back to basics of logging my foods, measuring, and staying committed to the plan!!
  3. Congrats for recognizing you're off track. I'm off track too. I had my sleeve 6/2015. Lost more than my goal and my lowest weight was 147 (too skinny for my 5'10 frame to be honest). I've slid back into terrible junk food habits over the last year in particular and am up to 166. Although I rationalize that this still isn't a "bad" weight, and below my original ultimate goal of 175, it's a slippery slope. 166 this year, 175 next year, et cetera... Started logging my food again today! We can do this!!
  4. I'm 1.5 years post op and up 15 lbs. I just started the 5 day pouch reset. Protein shakes and clear liquids for me, then going back to logging all my food in mfp
  5. rnsamantha

    When did you start loving your sleeve?

    Give it time. I remember feeling completely exhausted for about 3 months. Although I was happy to be losing weight, I wondered if I had traded my quality of life to an extent. I don't regret my sleeve 1.5 years out and think it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Certainly, a big restaurant dinner or an all-inclusive resort/all you can eat buffet are a bit wasted on me, but it's a fair trade in my opinion. I can always take the restaurant leftovers home at least!
  6. rnsamantha

    Following my own advice: carb detox

    I'm in the same boat. Felt invincible and was staying in my buffer zone between 150-155 lbs no matter what I ate. Suddenly between Nov-Dec. the scale crept up to 165. Just started a 5 day pouch reset (even though I had a sleeve). Clear liquids and protein shakes for me. Cold turkey off the diet Dr. Pepper which has returned to a full blown addiction and replaced all water. We can do this!!!
  7. I had my sleeve 6/2015, and was a diet dr. Pepper addict preop. Gave it up cold turkey for 6 months, and then it slowly crept back in. No, my stomach didn't explode, I still lost all the weight, I just burped more. The problem is that I'm back to drinking it all day, everyday and basically gave up water. It does make me crave sugar which leads to snacking. Over the last 4 months I've put on 15 lbs, and while still below my original goal (175 lbs---hit 165 recently though and trying to get back to 150). it's time for me to get back to basics. I've given it up cold turkey and am doing a 5 day clear liquid reset presently. So my opinion--can you drink soda post sleeve? Yep. Should you? Probably not.
  8. I'm late with my post, but 152.5 this morning
  9. 154.5...rough weekend with a lot of poor choices
  10. I tell everyone who asks that I had weight loss surgery, but also add on that I follow a strict diet and exercise a minimum of 1 hour/day 5 days per week. I don't mind people knowing I had surgery, but I try to convey that it's not the only reason I've lost 125 lbs in < 1 year.
  11. Just FYI, I think you may have spelled my name wrong on the spreadsheet? It's rnsamantha, and listed as rnsananrha?
  12. Start weight: 152.5 Goal weight: <155 lbs Category: maintenance
  13. rnsamantha

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I'm at 152.5 sorry I'm late posting!
  14. rnsamantha

    Anyone from the AZ?

    I had my surgery at St. Luke's last year 6/25/15 with Dr. Fang. Start weight was 278 (260 on day of surgery), now maintaining at 153 lbs--I'm almost 5'10 so this puts me in a size 6-8. I never met Dr. Juarez but have heard good things about him. Good luck to both of you with your upcoming surgeries!
  15. I'm in. My goal is to maintain at or below 155lbs. Will post start weight 5/30. Thanks!
  16. rnsamantha

    Wendy's chilli

    I used to eat more of the Wendy's chili, as a large serving would last 3 meals! Now I just make a pot of chili on Sunday and freeze it into small containers. Voila! Dinner plus lunches for a week, plus I know exactly what's in it! I still eat the chili when out because there's no way I could eat a burger or fries without feeling sick for 2+ hours.
  17. rnsamantha

    Left side tenderness/pain bending

    Oh, FYI, I had a sleeve, not RNY, but I think the laparoscopic approach is similar.
  18. rnsamantha

    Left side tenderness/pain bending

    I had pain with bending/twisting at that bigger incision for several weeks after surgery. Not enough to need more than Tylenol, but enough to remind me I had surgery! The muscle needs to heal. I'm almost a year out and can tell you that that pain disappears over time! I started working out at 8 weeks post op and don't recall that pain being an issue by then.
  19. rnsamantha

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I'm at 151.9 this morning
  20. rnsamantha

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I'm at 152.9 this morning.
  21. rnsamantha

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I'm at 156.6. Considering I just returned from a one week all-inclusive vacation, I'm taking it as a victory that I didn't gain more! Back to the gym today!

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