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  1. Over a month ago I had severe pain. My surgeon's nurse gave me an appointment for a month later. My regular doc sent me to the ER for a CT in case it was divemetriculousis (sp) or the appendix. Then he sent to for an ultra sound. Everything was negative. He put me on an antibiotic that didn't do anything. Three days later my wound started to seep. Again I called my surgeon but his nurse said since I was coming up on my 2 mo. visit she didn't give me an appointment. My regular doc took a culture swab. My surgeon is 500 miles round trip; I went for the 2 mo. checkup but didn't see the surgeon. I saw the gastroentronogitst (sp), and team coordinator, The gastro wasn't interested in the wound; that's not his thing. The coordinator, who isn't a doc, gave me something to pack the wound. Two days later my regular doc called: the culture came back showing 2 types of bacteria, one with strong growth the other moderate. He put me on 7 days of Cipro which cleared up the wound. I finally saw the surgeon yesterday. It's still warm around the wound; he said give it 2 weeks. I'm glad this has been taken care of; now I can concentrate on loosing weight.
  2. On May 17 I posted about the pain I was in. Since then I saw my primary who sent me to the emergency room for a CT thinking it was divmetriculosis or my appendix. Ct was clean. Then I was given an ultra sound but that was clean too. By that time I was seeping a yellow liquid from my wound. My primary gave me 10 days of antibiotics. I called my surgeon several times; his nurse gave me an appointment on June 17, 4 weeks from my first phone call about the pain. While the pain has eased up a lot but not altogether though the seepage continues. I see members of the surgical team later this week. Meanwhile, I've been putting on weight. I think that bothers me the most. Thanks for reading this; I just needed to vent.
  3. fuzzyfeline

    In constant pain and I don't know why

    Update. I'm scheduled for a pelvic ultrasound tomorrow at 9 a.m. I have to drink 40 oz of Water before the test and not go to the bathroom.
  4. I've had awful pain in the right side of my abdomen. Finally went to the doc who sent me to the er for a CT scan. Everything was eliminated (like divmetriculousis) but I'm still sick. I have a high white blood cell count and low grade fever. I called my surgeon whose nurse said she'd get back to me with an appointment but never did. My abdomen is distended. Remember how painful it was to get up and down right after surgery? That's what I'm experiencing again. I don't expect anyone to have answers; I just need to put this out here. btw, more test scheduled for Tuesday.
  5. fuzzyfeline

    Help. I gained a pound

    Thanks for all the support you've given me. I realize this is just part of my 3 week stall. It helps me psychologically to realize this is normal and accept it. No matter what, life is still better than pre surgery.
  6. fuzzyfeline

    Newbie only 4 weeks post-op

    Hi, I'm Fuzzy and also 4 weeks out. Down 31 and at the 3 week stall. I don't know if there is a private chat but would like to. I'm in Florida. You? I feel well; the only time I'm in pain is when I play bridge; that's due to the awful chairs. There is good news. I saw my regular doc and he cut my diabetic med down from 500mg 2x p/day to 250 once a day. I still have to push myself to get out and walk. I still haven't tried going back to the gym or yoga. How are you doing? If you reply I will see it show up in my email. Fuzzy
  7. fuzzyfeline


    Congrats on your approval. I know you will have a fantastic rest of your life. The heck with a bucket list. Those of us in our 60's are making a "live to do" list. Glad you're joining us.
  8. fuzzyfeline

    April bypass buddies.

    I hope everyone's April surgery went well. Mine was on April 2. I'm down 30 and now at the 3d week stall. I'm enjoying a mechanized diet; this morning I had 2 slices of turkey bacon and a 1/4C scrambled egg. I'm still working on getting enough protein in each day. How are each of you managing?
  9. I'm now 25 days post op. For 3 days I plateaued at 271; that didn't bother me. Yesterday I gained a pound and am still 272 today. I began to add a bit of food; turkey sliced thin and mashed potatoes, but only 4 oz. I'm also not reaching 60 grams of Protein each day although i'm using shakes. Any suggestions?
  10. fuzzyfeline

    No One In The Sixties?

    Hi Boomers. I'm 65 and 23 days post op. I'm not a grandmother but still looking forward to enjoying the rest of my life. This is my 3d day of stalling at the same weight but I guess that's just my body reacting to the surgery and diet. I'm 32 lbs down from surgery and 45 since liquid diet. I'm healing nicely , feeling better each day. We are Boomers; we changed the world once and now we're changing ourselves.
  11. fuzzyfeline

    Ladies over 50 - bypass

    I'm still mostly liquid or liquified. Today I moved on cottage cheese without blenderizing it first. Tonight I'm trying it with eggs. I'm working up to blenderizing tuna and chicken. There's no need to rush the food; let your stomach heal.
  12. fuzzyfeline

    What ya eating tonight?

    I'm thinking about trying tuna for the first time. If I do I'll blenderize it with chicken stock so that the tuna is pasty. I haven't tried a side since I use applesauce to take meds.
  13. fuzzyfeline

    Ladies over 50 - bypass

    Hi everyone. I'm 65 and 18 days post op. I'm looking forward to having a healthy rest of my life, with the ability to do things I haven't. I'm looking forward to buying one seat on a plane and not squeezing others out of theirs. I'm looking forward to taking a cruise and being able to get off the boat because I can walk down the pier without getting winded, and taking those sight seeing tours up front by getting off the bus. This is a bit off topic but it's ironic that while my gastric process is getting better, my cat's got worse. She went to visit her vet today because I could tell she wasn't acting right. The X-ray showed a blockage (probably hair) in her intestine and colon. The vet has her on saline to hydrate her and barium. I know pets can sympathize with their pet parents, but Misty is taking this to the extreme.
  14. fuzzyfeline

    Ladies over 50 - bypass

    I'm 65 and 16 days post surgery down 46 since pre surgery liquid diet. I've been obese since childhood. I look forward to enjoying the rest of my life as a normal size person. I want to travel on a plane without buying 2 seats. I am anxious to get off a tour bus and actually walk and see places of interest. Life will keep getting better, for all of us.
  15. fuzzyfeline

    Finally got to eat....

    I went to the store and bought somethings to eat: egg beaters, cream Soup, cottage cheese and turkey slices. I know everything needs to be blended and purreed, but I'm scared to get off of liquified yogurt. Congrats on trying soft foods.

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