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  1. angelf13

    Guys, what do you consider your ideal pants size ?

    I was size 58 and 1 year later I'm size 46!!!!!
  2. angelf13

    No weight lost

    Yes,I have no issues at all,believe me I'm so happy...Is hard to understand but I guessed that loosing weight constantly and come to a stop suddenly concerns me.When I say no restrictions with the band,I can eat anything or as much as I want .My band only has 3cc and one filled only.I listen to people about their restrictions and I don't want that for me.I must learn to eat and know how much is enough.My weight was 371 lbs now 267 .I continue to avoid the gym because I want to do the best way in a normal daily routine...
  3. angelf13

    No weight lost

    I have lost so far 105 lbs in 1 yr.l have no problems with the band in the last 3 months I lost 4 lbs and I usually average 9 or 10 lbs...I haven't gained any weight during the holidays "mind control ",I know I lost about 4 inches in size..I have no restrictions with my band and I'm not hungry and I continue the same routine every time..I'm glad I'm over the mind hungry phase...I am not a gym person but I did bike riding and the treadmill until November,our friend winter is here...What else can I do or should do???
  4. angelf13

    Body Scanner at the airport....

    Same issue too
  5. Wauuu,I just lost so far 101 lbs in 15 months in the last 3 months so far lost 7 lbs very slow,compare to the past and I'm getting nervous too..
  6. angelf13

    port flipped

    I'm having same issue but so far in one year I lost 100lbs,I don't have any restrictions at all.the doctor was only able to add 3cc and due to the pain from all that pocking I hold him to stop...I go and see him every 3 months and he keeps telling me let's continue doing the same right now as soon I stop loosing weight than he recommended to do surgery to fix my flipped port....
  7. angelf13

    December Banders Where Are You?

    Had mine dec31,2014 a year ago and so far 82lbs;))))
  8. angelf13

    Six days pre-op struggling with diet

    You need to do this,is part of the new change in your life...
  9. angelf13

    What have I done to myself?

    I had the lap band in January of this year and so far 85 less.currently I would be loosing about 5 or 6 lbs each month but so far this month no weight lost....;(...In total I did start a change in my eating habits started in the beginning of September 2014 and now I have lost a total of 101 lbs , went down from size 58 to size 48 in pants and 4x to 2x in shirts... I'm still not motivated to do exercise and I wish I would be....,
  10. angelf13

    Protein shake

    Question,is it ok to drink a protein shake before going to bed????
  11. angelf13

    Port flip?

    That happened to me and it was so painful trying to get my first and only fill in 8 month..I notice people talked about their doctors giving local anesthetic around the port and I told my doctor if we ever do any more fills I want him to use local anesthetic
  12. angelf13

    Port Area Pain!

    I had my surgery 8 months ago and still have some discomfort....
  13. angelf13

    Howdy GREEN ZONE!

    Is not easy but you have to set your own mind to control your appetite...In 9 months I lost so far 82lbs total.i have given up on drinking soda,pasta,bread!!!!I don't need it....I don't eat anything after 9pm.i was 370lbs in Sept 2014.start the previous op in Nov at 359 had surgery in late December 335lbs and now I'm at 295lbs... I don't exercise but every time I get in the treadmill for few days im fine but since I had knee surgery,I have good and bad days.....knee pain.......
  14. angelf13


    This is the only thing that I will never stop drinking,I love strong coffee and I add regular sugar and 2%milk...????????every morning 18oz.....

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