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  1. I've been away from this site for a while. After my skin removal surgery I had a long and hard recover that caused me to stop exercising. That has cause me to gain some weight that I need to shed. Getting back to basics with logging and making better choices. 

  2. This is the first day in a long time I have felt something close to "normal" since having undergoing Panniculectomy and Abdominoplasty 18 days ago.  Hopefully I have hit my turning point. 

    1. ShelterDog64


      It's a tough surgery. I had a circumferential lift done in July and I just now feel *completely* healed. Hang in there, the results down the road are amazing! My scars are fading nicely, things are finally healed on all the incisions...the only thing that's not mostly normal is some numbness between my belly button and the incision.

  3. Starting the 5-day reset after slipping with all this Halloween candy and other temptations laying around. Lets see how hangry I get the next few days ;) 

    1. FluffyChix


      Don't cheat! Eat meat! ;)

  4. Goal! 3 days after my 1yr anniversary I hit my goal. Have my 1yr follow up tomorrow with Dr. Owens. Looking forward to it.

    1. ProudGrammy


      hey dude, 166 lbs gone-

      GOAL!!- happy one year surgiversary - many more to follow - congrats

    2. jane13


      166lbs g-o-n-e >>>>>>





  5. NSV - Being able to ride roller coasters. Went to Knott's Berry Farm and got to ride anything and everything I wanted with out fear of not fitting into the seat. This made me super happy and made for a fun day.

    1. Cervidae


      I'm looking forward to this so much! :)

    2. Steph Anie

      Steph Anie

      I can't wait either....I think I may be there...but not sure....hoping to take the kiddos this spring/summer and find out!


  6. As much as I love the holidays I can't wait for it to be over and all these temptations between the office, holiday parties and even my own house to be gone. I've allowed myself to do too much grazing. Thankfully it hasn't come back to bite me in the ass on the scale. That no reason to justify it though.

    1. dlappjr


      I can relate to this. I too have been over tempted and even indulged in some things I wish I hadn't. Has not haunted me yet but I know that this week will be trying. all I can do is my best, and work out harder than my best leads me to believe I am capable.

    2. LisaLouBop


      I can't agree more, this has been very hard. It seems all that willpower I had has escaped me. I'll find it again though.

  7. 6mo follow up yesterday. Down 127lbs. Celebrated by running 5 miles this morning :P

    1. pink dahlia

      pink dahlia

      What can I say but "you're awesome !" Congratulations ! Great job and keep it up !!!

    2. samuelsmom


      Wow! Congratulations!

  8. The "Body Pump" group class at 24 Hour Fitness is no joke. My body is wrecked. Feels good.

    1. JonathanS


      Huge fan of Les Mills here! I've been taking Pump for 2 years now combined with Attack, Combat, and CX. Just started an 8 week GRIT session and it is killing me!

    2. OneDollarBill


      It was my first time doing that class. Here it is two days later. My legs and biceps are still sore.

  9. Broke out of a mini-stall with a vengeance. Lost 5.3lbs this week (Fri to Fri)

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    2. OneDollarBill


      Not really. I just kept doing what I was suppose to and then it just happened. I was in disbelief this morning when i was down 1.7 over yesterday. I weighed myself 4 times to make sure it wasn't an error.

    3. bazoooms




    4. AngelaWilliamsMD
  10. Happy Friday everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend

    1. ProudGrammy


      back at ya!!! kathy

    2. ProudGrammy


      back at ya!!!

      l01 lbs down!!!

      that's great, keep up the good job kathy

  11. Down 99.8 OOOH so close :)

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    2. Mountaingal
    3. jane13


      that is a big WOO HOO!

    4. OneDollarBill


      I landed over the mark as of this morning 100.3

  12. I love the Apple Watch and how it calculates actual output. For example my 3.1 mile walk was rated as follows: Active Calories 330, Resting Calories 177, Total 507. I'm only getting credit for 330 on MFP because that is when my heart rate was elevated during the walk.

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    2. OneDollarBill


      LOL no worries. I see how the way I phrased my last sentence could be taken as a complaint.

    3. Stevehud


      there are several wearables that do the same thing and dont cost 400 bucks though. So i cant justify that purchase. besides with all the medical bills, it would take me months to save up for an apple watch. but hey if it works for you. Then im happy as heck for ya man! keep it up.

    4. OneDollarBill


      I hear ya Steve. I was in the market for a GPS running watch. The one I has chosen (Garmin Forerunner 225) was $299. At that price point I started debating all the other functionality I would get from the Apple device. I picked up a 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch for $340 on Craigslist, so that helped my final decision.

  13. Officially dropped 90lbs. Two days from 4mo post-op.

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    2. SkinnyDown


      Excellent! You totally rock!

    3. Mountaingal


      Congratulations..great job.

    4. Djmohr


      Wow! that is fantastic, congratulations!

  14. 3 Month follow up today. Down 81lbs and broke into the 200s on the scale!

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    2. MrsSugarbabe


      Congratulations! That's great! Keep on keeping on!

    3. ProudGrammy


      twoderville!!! great weight loss!! keep upp the good work - i know you will - kathy

    4. Kushka




  15. Now that I am working out like a mad man. I get hungry between meals. Quest protein bars FTW.

    1. ShrinkingPeach


      Love Quest protein bars...can't wai til I can have them again!

    2. lexiemia


      I have heard good things about them but have never tried them. I plan on trying them when I can.

  16. Hit 70lb lost this morning. 12 weeks including the 2 week pre-op diet. Feeling great.

    1. LeslieT63


      WTG, thank you for sharing.

    2. ShrinkingPeach


      Awesome! Congrats on your success!! Keep up the good work!

    3. VDB


      Fantastic... can you imagine, 70# in three months, that never happened before

  17. and the scale keeps going down down down.

    1. pink dahlia

      pink dahlia

      Being awesome does that to some people. Just sayin'. Congratulations !!!!

    2. MrsSugarbabe


      Terrific!!! And, you're that much more healthy as it continues going down down down. Congratulations!

  18. Signed up for my 1st 5K. It's the "Avengers Super Heroes" at Disneyland. I have 7mo to get ready. Let's do this!

    1. samuelsmom


      Great! Good luck to you!

  19. Phew. I felt the effects of not measuring out my food last night. Ouch. Tankfully it passed quickly and going to the gym helped.

    1. Miss Mac

      Miss Mac

      Gotcha. Miss Tummy makes me miserable for at least four hours if I mess up.

    2. MrsSugarbabe


      It's not fun when you eat that "one bite too many." Been there, done that a few times. I always have to remind myself that my tummy feeling of fullness is in real time now, and not delayed about 20 minutes like it was pre-surgery. A half cup is all I can handle at a meal.

    3. OneDollarBill


      Yeah I made sure to measure my lunch out today. I am still in the 1/4cup range.

  20. Walked almost 2 miles at lunch. Something I would never have done in the past. Feels good.

    1. JerzyTomato74


      That's awesome! I also find it easier to get my walking in since losing weight also. Keep it up!