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    I had the lap band a few years ago. Last two years have had issues and vomiting. Had it loosened and gained weight. Will have lap band removed May 11 and sleeve on August 3rd. Can't wait to get past those two dates and get on track again.
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  1. AvalonNeeCee

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    hi everyone. I have not been on here in forever. how are you?
  2. AvalonNeeCee

    July 14 (or close )Sleeve Date Friends

    Good Morning. I really lost my way and would love any and all advice on getting back on track. I had one thing after another, all great excuses, for the fact that I ate and ate and ate. What I need to know is how to knock it off and really get back on track with proper nutrition, water, following my plan and exercising. I just can't seem to stop myself from eating what I want when I want. I really don't want to gain any more weight and I don't want to be a failure. Please if you have some good and kind advice I would appreciate it. Telling me to just stop eating isn't helping either. I really need to learn self control, but how? I am up to 159. I am a revision to sleeve from lap band. With lap band I got down to 110, which I loved!! But the band slipped and had to be removed. In the time between removal and sleeve I gained up to 155lbs. Then after surgery I was down to 145lbs. Now I am 159 and eating myself to death. I really need to find a way to wrap my mind around things and not feel like I am missing out if I can't eat, that I am going to starve if I am not constantly eating, that I don't need to eat if I am bored or upset or happy, that I don't need to eat because later there might not be food. I really want and need to lose this weight for my health issues. I am out of control and I can't seem to stop myself even though I know how great it is to be 110-120 lbs. How much healthier I am and how good I feel at that weight. Please kind advice as I am emotional and don't need to be chastised. Any tricks that work for you? Any meal plans or exercise plans that are easy to incorporate? We don't have gym on the island where I live so it is home exercises in a small place with no equipment, or walking when weather allows. I definitely use food as comfort and the holidays were tough this year. But I think that part is behind me and I need a plan. If you can help me please...
  3. That would be great. Beck isn't a diet, more a way to stay on track of whatever diet plan you are on. I'll msg you my phone number for texting. Thank you for the response.
  4. Good Morning. I am about 6 weeks out from my revision from Band to Sleeve. Doing well but really need a Coach/buddy/pal to keep me accountable. I am following the Beck Diet Solution (Judith Beck) and one of the things I need and want to do is have someone that I can Communicate with at least weekly, before key events, and daily as needed for support and accountability. I want to share weekly changes in weight, successes, receive positive reinforcements, and talk about struggles or setbacks. I also want to be able to talk before high risk situations and discuss strategies for success in these situations (the holidays are coming soon). And I want to be able to reach out to someone if I struggle on a given day. I would in turn be most happy to be your coach/buddy/pal/mentor and help you with the same. I want accountability, trust, and support even when I struggle. Bonus if you are doing the Beck Diet Solution or are willing to, but that is not of course mandatory. Thank you for listening.
  5. AvalonNeeCee

    July 14 (or close )Sleeve Date Friends

    I finally decided no more weighting myself for awhile. It was too frustrating. I am just concentrating on following my diet.
  6. I gave up weighing myself for awhile and I am just concentrating on eating right and walking.

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    2. IchooseME


      @brandnewme2015 what is the Labor day Challenge?

    3. brandnewme2015


      @IchooseME if you go to the general gastric sleeve discussion forum you will see a thread called "Labor Day Challenge". Basically you set mini-goals for your weight loss. It's a way of holding yourself accountable and getting/giving others support. One of the members keeps a spreadsheet with everyone's progress.

    4. IchooseME


      Thanks @brandnewme2015, I will be checking it out

  7. AvalonNeeCee

    July 14 (or close )Sleeve Date Friends

    I am doing great with eating. Sticking to softer foods but did have a protein bar yesterday for lunch. At a little more than half and finished the rest later in the day. I have usually about 48oz of liquid, hard to get 64oz. Only do shakes a couple times a week now as I feel I want the food I can chew more and am able to get in the 60g of protein. I think i try so much harder on this sleeve than I ever did with the band. I don't want to fail and I wish the weight loss was faster, but I am happy. I overate on fruit of all things and threw up a little bit. I do not want to do that again. It was uncomfortable to be too full but throwing up not on my agenda for sure, did enough of that with the band to last me to forever. Scared to weigh myself too often so I am avoiding the scale for awhile. Staying under 1000 cals a day too. Walking daily but could do more walking I think. Hope you all are doing well and having success. I am on myfitnesspal as neeceeusa.
  8. Finally lost a little weight!! Yeah!

    1. _Kate_


      Congrats... bad bad stall! lol

    2. Mountaingal


      Wonderful. Hope you keep progressing from here.

  9. 3 week stall sucks but I am sticking to it.

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    2. Slim-Shady


      I feel your pain. Going through it now too. We've got to keep pushing. This too shall pass!

    3. OutsideMatchInside


      I thought I responded to you earlier, but yes, this stall is really terrible. On the bright side, unlike when I have dieted before, I can't quit now, so I just have to power through this stall.


    4. Djmohr


      I know that feeling but you will come out the other side. Stay the course!

  10. AvalonNeeCee

    My Fitness Pal

    I ended up just doing the week and a half no disability. Now she is trying to act like a mama hen and say no food at your desk I'm watching you. ..this does not help at all. ..and so I still feel like I Have to sneak food. She just thinks they fixed damage from band. I choose not to share the sleeve info with her for these reasons and because she is anti bariatric surgery and not her business
  11. AvalonNeeCee

    July 14 (or close )Sleeve Date Friends

    Helen valentine supraner Has the fb page
  12. AvalonNeeCee

    July 14 (or close )Sleeve Date Friends

    Don't know what I would do without you guys!! Thank you for being there with helpful answers!
  13. AvalonNeeCee

    July 14 (or close )Sleeve Date Friends

    It helps. Shows I am probably doing very normal. Thank you
  14. AvalonNeeCee

    My Fitness Pal

    I am neeceeusa on MFP. Please add me. I sent some of you friend requests already.
  15. AvalonNeeCee

    July 14 (or close )Sleeve Date Friends

    Earlier on I was also having the protein soups from wonderslim brand bariatricchoice.com and other sites sell it. but I prefer the puddings. I am 23 days post op today. Have lost 24.6 pounds since day 1 of pre-op low carb diet. The last 2 weeks I haven't lost a pound. . But dr says it completely normal and to be expected. The liver is "filling" back up and it takes time, and it's heavier (glycogen) so that's why the stall. Phew... Protein shakes is what nutritionist said I should be getting most of my protein from still at this stage. And not to worry about tracking calories/carbs etc... Just to take it slow and give time to heal. Sick sick sick of the shakes. But have gone too fast or too soon with certain things and Had a few dumping episodes.... Not fun!!! My stages were: PO Days 1-2: clear liquid only Days: 3-9: Full Liquids - including strained soups, thinned yogurt etc... Days 10-16: Pureed Foods - anything that is basically blended - with no chunks/pieces. Start vitamins Days 17-30: Mechanical Soft - Mushy. Tuna/egg salad, ground meats in sauces, toasted bread, deli meats, cooked veggies. Days 31+: Regular foods Sharp Pain: yes. First week it was the larger lower incision that was tender, sharp pings and felt like it pulled. Went away and was fine. But on day 15 I started to get a diff pain on my right side only when I laid on my left side or moved just right. It was odd... Dr said it sounded like tissue healing etc... Some thought gallbladder, but it's gotten better. ½-¾ cup I believe. Haven't really measured. Depends on what I'm trying to eat.