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  1. below 190! the comments have started ;) hehe

    1. Liz5012


      Very exciting!

    2. JamieLogical


      Congrats! For me 190 was a bigger milestone than 200, because I'd actually gotten below 200 several times, only to regain back up over 200. But below 190 was pretty rare territory for me!

    3. amazon


      That's awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  2. txfirefly979

    Weird Feeling Week 3

    yeah I'm 3weeks out too and finding the same thing. sometimes even stuff that went down okay (mushed avocado) then sticks the very next day! a little frustrating but in the overall situation, I'm still thrilled to be down 20lbs in 3 weeks! :-D (especially when I couldnt lose 3lbs to save my life the past 8 years!!!)
  3. a Celtic song made me tear up... pretty sure that means ALL the estrogen from fat lost has officially hit ;)

    1. Miss Mac

      Miss Mac

      Is Celtic your heritage? My DNA is traced to the Ancient Stonebuilders of the Orkeny Islands and Scandinavia, the McCullochs of Dumphries and Galloway, plus a couple of generations in county Antrim, Ireland during the Scottish Plantation period.

  4. txfirefly979

    Twinlab Bariatric Vitamins

    I have the Multivitamin and the chewable Iron. (got from Vitamin Shoppe) tastes kinda like Flinestones Vitamins I took as a kid. not bad just a little grainy (I expect most chewable vitamins to be like that consistency though). Havent tried the chewable iron yet (blackberry flavor) as I'm only 3weeks post op and surgeon said not to worry about it until 3 mo followup unless energy levels severely drop (and then would get lab tests)
  5. txfirefly979

    Birth control

    we're using FAM (fertility awareness method, similar to NFP) with condoms on the 7 or so "fertile" days. BC pills/patches/hormones make my anxiety sky rocket (and also religious reasons). (~1mo PostOp) even if you have zero interest in FAM/NFP, reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by nurse practioner Toni Weschler is a GREAT read! (look at the reviews on Amazon) Its been around since 1995 but still VERY useful. even has chapters for those of us with PCOS, annovulatory cycles, etc.
  6. txfirefly979

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    I'm in... and my first challenge too! SW = 203. Goal Weight is 185. thanks @@stephh!
  7. txfirefly979

    Lots of NSV's this weekend

    that's WONDERFUL! sounds like a really fabulous mini-vacay! I'm trying to get the hubby to get a passport because for ONCE in my life, I can actually imagine that I will fit into a bikini in 4-6 months! (p.s. you're totally my role model since we have similar starting stats... I'm just several months behind you )
  8. txfirefly979

    March 19th anyone?

    how's everyone doing? Had my 1st follow-up appt (2 weeks, 4 days) and down 19lbs since pre-op appt.! YIPPEE! I dont go back till the 3 month mark... he said he'd like to see another 20-25lb loss by then. I start purees today and then in 2 weeks can move to soft foods (baked fish, etc.) Not sure I'm getting in quite 60g Protein he suggested to minimize hair loss but I know I'm getting over 40g per day and ALL my liquid (iced tea has been my fave!) hope everyone is feeling great and loving being on the LOSERS bench
  9. 1st follow up (2 weeks, 4 days) and down 19lbs since pre-op appt! YIPPEEE now only 75 more to go ;)

  10. Officially 2weeks POST-op! feeling great! :)

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    2. JerzyTomato74


      That's awesome! Every day gets better!

    3. blondebomb


      it keeps getting better! glad to hear !!

    4. txfirefly979


      thanks everybody. I had my "2 week" (actually 2 weeks 4 days post-op) dr appt today and I've lost 19lbs! pretty sure its been close to a DECADE since I was able to lose that much weight. Very motivated for losing the other 75lbs NOW! :)

  11. What did you find out? I'm 12 days out and was an avid exerciser before. I'm back to walking with 2lb hand weights but tonight after eating my heart rate is around 92. Don't feel stressed out so not sure why it's high.
  12. txfirefly979

    March 19th anyone?

    Great news! I don't follow up with mine till 2 weeks post-op and with Good Friday, my appointment got pushed till after Easter. Based on my home scale, I'm guessing I've lost about 10-13lbs. I've been able to have full liquids (including blended cream soups) but still have another WEEK (10 days) of this before I can move on to purees... blech. BUT those taste better than protein shakes which I need to focus more on.
  13. txfirefly979

    What is Your Goal Weight at 5'5

    I'm 5'6 (30yr, F) and while I was probably that small in high school (maybe jr high ) I have an athletic build (swim, tennis, volleyball are my faves). also havent had kids yet. My surgeon said he could see 160 for me. I was hoping for more of 140 so if I split the difference and get to 150, I'll be thrilled. (not yet in ONEderland but hopeful it will happen near my 1 mo follow-up).
  14. sleeved the 19th around 10:30am. The first day wasn't bad but as general anesthesia wore off, the IV pain meds were NOT my friend. SO nauseous. powered through it (after puking some yellow bile) and got up and walked laps probably 4x that afternoon/evening. Dry mouth was horrendous... even with the swabs. thankfully I went for leak test around 8:30am so I was allowed to sip Water starting around 9:30am. finally around the 2pm shift change, nurse figured out it was IV pain meds causing the super nausea (since I kept begging for more anti-nausea and acid reducer, thinking that was the problem). switched to liquid hydrocodone and problem solved (although it did conk me out). Discharged 2nd day around 6pm, hubby stopped and got Rx filled while I walked around. got a bag of sonic ice and unsweet peach tea and headed home. haven't really taken pain meds since day #4 (even then, was to sleep) so feeling really blessed of easy recovery. also very lucky (TMI) to have 1st BM on Sunday evening. BUT then tonight, have had watery diarrhea 2x anyone else suffering with this? Is Imodium safe to take? all I have is pill form but I could chew it up. I know I'll definitely be adding a bit of sugar-free Fiber to water tonight and all liquids tomorrow but also dont want to be running (literally) to toilet all night . Also very worried b/c supposed to start back at work in a couple days.... definitely don't want this problem at work! (I have another 8 days of full liquids before purees..... sigh) reassurance/advice/suggestions appreciated! hope everyone else's recovery is moving along smoothly....
  15. txfirefly979

    Weight gain post-op

    I had mine on 19th. I was told it was pretty common and usually due to all the IV fluids you get during surgery and day(s) after... I'm sure you will be losing lbs and inches in no time at all!