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  1. Praying for you. I hate to hear this happened. We will pray that you recover quickly and have no future complications.
  2. Something you might want to try is to start using myfitnesspal. It is an online site (has a phone app as well) that you can track all of your daily food. You can friend others and view their diaries. I have done this over the past few months to get ideas as to what others are eating. It has helped when I am looking for something new to try. I may not even think of it until I see it on somebody else's diary. It still pretty much do 3 meals and 3 Snacks a day. My breakfast might be one egg and one breakfast turkey sausage link. My lunch might be a small Wendy's chili. dinner might be a small muffin size mini meatloaf and 1/4 cup green Beans. Snacks are yogurt, nuts, cheese, fruit. My fav is a mixture of yogurt, fruit, nuts and seeds.
  3. Rebecca Jo Ragon

    Some days I feel like I can eat the world....

    Amen. I hear you. Some days I am starving!!! But like you, I can still only eat so much. And it does fill me up. If I see it is going to be a day like that, I try to choose my most "efficient" foods that give me the most Protein for the least amount of calories, so I can eat more and stay full. Other days when I am not very hungry at all, I try the things that I like that tend to be high in calories like the nuts and nut butters. I am not very hunger, so I don't eat so much that it makes it a very high calorie day.
  4. Rebecca Jo Ragon

    Doing Great!

    Good job! Keep up the good work.
  5. Rebecca Jo Ragon

    When did your surgery "kick in?"

    Those are some very good points and very on target @@MisforMimi . I think I have fallen into that habit - slid from snacking to grazing. I am back on the very structured platform today and will see what happens.
  6. I have been wondering the same thing and have the same response from my drs. office. They want me to focus on getting in the Protein and Water and nutritious food and not worry about the calories. However, I have had a day here and there where I was at 1300+. I have had several at the 1100 range. I went on a website and put in my age, height and activity level. It gave me the calories needed to maintain weight, lose weight (1-2 lbs/day) and to lose weight rapidly (2+ lbs/wk). I can't find that website right now or I would put the link here. However, it gave me a good target to shoot for. I think the further out we are and the more we can tolerate, it becomes increasingly important to make smart food choices. There are many choices that I have that are good for me. Some are higher in calories. If I choose a lot of cheese and nut Snacks, I might choose to end my day with an 80 calorie greek yogurt rather than Peanut Butter. I hope this makes sense. I am 5' 4" and feel I need to stay below 1300 to continue to lose 2 lbs a week with a light activity level. I am not exercising as much as some. I had a complicated sinus surgery procedure a couple weeks ago and my dr. does not want me straining, lifting, breathing heavy (as with cardio), etc. for a couple more weeks.
  7. Rebecca Jo Ragon

    Stage IV Diet aka Real Food

    @@anaxila - I am with you on those items not tasting the same. I was just trying to explain this to my two bff's yesterday. We met for lunch and I was explaining why some things didn't really bother me anymore. I have taken a bite of them and they do not taste the same and there is no satisfaction from eating them. One item in particular tastes almost like something metallic in my mouth. I tried it a second time to be sure. I could tell they were having a hard time understanding. I am not sure I understand it myself:) However, I am grateful. I don't want to work this hard and end up having to battle issues with foods that I can't leave behind and that cause me to gain weight.
  8. If my craving has been for something that I cannot have, I usually searched pinterest and the blog sites for substitute recipes. For instance, I have tried a fake mac and cheese using cauliflower. I tried a grilled cheese sandwich using cauliflower bread. I have made cupcakes with Protein powder and almond flour. I made a pizza with a portabella mushroom for the "crust." If it is for something that I shouldn't have, I have found that 1 bite of something that I am craving often satisfies the craving. For instance, I am not released for fried foods or potatoes. However, we were at a restaurant and they served my husband some fat steak fries that smelled wonderful. I ate a bite of one dipped in a little ketchup. It satisfied that craving:)
  9. Rebecca Jo Ragon

    Stage IV Diet aka Real Food

    I am almost 4 months out and can tolerate most everything that is okay to eat at this stage. Per my drs. instructions, I cannot add Pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, etc. until 6 months. I can do coconut and apples. I have a fav snack with greek yogurt, apples, unsweetened coconut, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and pistachios. Granted, I am only eating 1/4 of an apple with each serving. The very first time I tried it, I had some issues. However, I waited a couple weeks and tried it again and didn't have any problems. I now eat that a couple times a week. I have also had pineapple, kiwi, all sorts of berries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes. Because I focus on Protein, anytime I have something like that it is in very small quantities. I have not had any issues. I think the most important thing to realize is that everyone is different. What might cause an issue for me may be something that you don't have any problems with at all. Just test things in small quantities and see what happens. If you do have an issue with something, then wait a couple weeks and try it again. Good luck!
  10. Hmmm I may be the odd man out. I am 4 months and 1 week out and I get hungry. Not every day. I will have some days where I have to eat because it is time for a meal or snack. However, there are some days when I get really hungry. I truly don't think it is "head hunger" either. My stomach growls and it is usually 2-3 hours after I have eaten, depending on what I had for my last meal or snack. When I eat my normal portion, I am satisfied. I think everyone is different. I go to my support group meetings regulary and this subject is a frequent topic. Some people don't really feel hunger any more, but many do.
  11. Rebecca Jo Ragon

    You can do it

    What an inspiration - especially for those who may struggle a bit in the beginning. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I see everyone post - go back to the basics. That is what I would advise. Do you use a food journal or diary like MyFitnessPal? If so, continue tracking everything. If not, then start. Focus on Protein. Cut our all refined carbs - sugar, flour, bread, etc. Hold off on the rice and Pasta for awhile. Make sure you are getting in enough Water each day. Google five day pouch test. Read up on that and try that. Check your exercise/activity level. If you have stopped exercising, start back again. That is what I would do if I were in your shoes.
  13. Rebecca Jo Ragon

    Can't believe it!

    Congratulations! We are "onederland" twins. I just made it to onederland this morning as well. Feels great. Keep up the great work!
  14. I am 4 months and 1 week out and it is hard to remember. I do know that my oldest son got married at 10 weeks and I know I felt normal then. We had to travel out of town, were busy all day long for about four days with family get togethers, pre-wedding errands, etc. The day of the wedding started around 7 am with hair and make up, ceremony, reception and we were the last ones to leave with the bride's parents at 1 a.m. I know I was very happy that day and felt great. So, I would say I was feeling back to normal some time before 10 weeks. Hope this helps!
  15. ONEDERLAND! I am so excited to finally be in onderland. It has been many, many years since I have been here and it feels great!

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    2. borg/assimilated


      And it won't stop there! Congratulations on this milestone.

    3. Rebecca Jo Ragon

      Rebecca Jo Ragon

      Thanks - I am at 90 lbs lost, so the next milestone is 100 lbs. Hopefully, it won't take too long to get there. Just got to keep doing what I know to do and it will happen.


    4. Rebecca Jo Ragon

      Rebecca Jo Ragon

      @MrsSugarbabe - I was that way too. I kept going back and forth from 201 to 202 for a week and a half. Then finally one day - poof 198. My scale is weird so it always gives you different readings. I have made up a rule, I weigh 3 times and take the weight that appears at least twice. LOL. Sometimes, I get 3 different weights so I have to weigh 4 times to get one twice. This morning it was 197, 198, 198. So, there you go!

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