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  1. CountryGirl5584

    Any New Jersey Sleevers on here?

    My sister had her surgery with him last November and he will be doing my surgery this November too! Are you from northern nj? Yep! I work around the corner from his office, but I live in Sussex County
  2. CountryGirl5584

    Silly question

    This has becomes response too. I can't believe how any people actually ask... Like coworkers!My manager asks me every week. One of the docs I work for who also happens to be my gastro asks, but it doesn't bother me. He's like you amaze me! You're doing fantastic! Pretty soon I'm not gonna be able to see you! Lol he just wants what's best for me, but others are nosey
  3. CountryGirl5584

    Silly question

    I tell them the weight lost since I started the two week preop diet.
  4. Has anyone's liver levels risen since having surgery? Mine were always normal and I just had bloods drawn and they were significantly elevated. I work for a gastro doc so in two weeks we are gonna repeat with other tests and hope it was a fluke. I am 8 weeks post op
  5. CountryGirl5584


    As soon as I was comfortable and if a certain position hurt don't do it lol
  6. Had my surgery Feb 9th went back the 18th
  7. CountryGirl5584

    Baby food

    Be careful with the carbs
  8. CountryGirl5584

    scared I wont feel full

    I'm almost 4 weeks out and never really felt full on liquids, but as soon as I got to puréed foods it hits Ya! I remember wondering if the surgeon really did the surgery lol
  9. CountryGirl5584

    Sugery and Insurance

    Call to make sure they received it. There's been plenty of times where my job has faxed something been given a document number and when we follow up they say they never got it
  10. CountryGirl5584

    What do I take to surgery?!

    I packed entirely too much! Didn't get into my clothes until I left. I only used Chapstick, phone charger, and phone
  11. CountryGirl5584

    Protein from Food or Powder?

    My nutritionist encouraged me to get my protein from food. I'm 3 weeks out
  12. Have your surgery. You're very lucky to have a supportive husband
  13. CountryGirl5584


    I had mine placed during surgery and removed right before being discharged
  14. CountryGirl5584

    Things you wish someone had told you?

    I never changed out of my gown til I left. The only things I took out of my overpacked bad were Chapstick, my phone and charger