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  1. The hospital system I had my VGS surgery required a $200 upfront payment for the nutrition class that was required before having surgery. This was in addition to the 3 monthly meetings with the nutritionist required and paid for by my insurance. Do most programs require a payment for the "class," where they go over the food plan that you should use for the first few months after surgery? If anyone out there has, I am interested in knowing what the class consisted of, and how much it cost. I am angry I had to pay this money because it was an hour class with a nutritionist who read off of the packet they gave me previously, and gave me again after surgery. There was no new information, the class wasn't one-on-one, and my insurance does pay for nutrition counseling. I do not understand why they charged $200 for someone to read a copied on a regular (what?! Not even in color!) and stapled booklet of information that I was able to read and follow at home. I am going to try to get reimbursed from my insurances, but I am quite miffed why this cost occured when all others were paid for by my insurance.
  2. CloverBlue

    4 Month Check-in

    I was sleeved on 1/5 and I'm doing fine! I typically do not compare my weightloss to others because no one else is me or has my biology! I had to add some carbs back into my diet because I had some gastro issues, but what I've learned is I have to follow eating habits my body wants, not what others tell me to do or what I want to do in my head (when I know it really isn't useful for my body. I try to get Protein in, however it is based on what my body needs to lose weight, not an arbitrary range given to everyone by my NUT. I have other health issues that sometimes preclude me from eating the amount of protein needed. If I am unable to get what we believe is my minimum one day, I may overachieve the next. Our bodies don't particularly know a day as a measure, so it has worked for me. I am down 68 lbs (and am female & 5'2"- because height and gender places weight loss in perspective). I've learned that I need to vary the foods I eat. The more I eat the same foods over and over, the less I lose and will stall. I don't beat myself up if I eat a food that is not as nutritious as others. I make sure that 95% of what I eat is good for my body and needed for life processes. I continue listening and learning about my body. It definitely has a story to tel. Honestly, I think like an overachiever and hoped to lose more weight faster. But as long as I am learning to exist in my new life, the way I want to, I am happy. I am proud of myself that I decided to work with a CBT psychologist on weight loss issues since way before I even decided on having surgery. This has helped me throughout the body-mind-spirit issues of losing weight. I believe this is a key piece of what is missing in most programs. Seeing a therapist to actively work on mind issues that contributed to the gain are crucial for success, and performing thoughtful activities to address these issues and become more cognitively aware is key. I became disenchanted with my program because they only require visiting the NUT 1 month, two months and then 9 months out. This is ridiculous. I found my own NUT outside of the program who focuses on whole foods and does not vilify natural sugars used sparingly. I am losing weight for my health, but I also want to be able to enjoy life to its fullest and that is what I am doing. Overall, I am happy. If you asked me what I was disappointed in most, it's sagging skin under my chin where I don't have stretch marks. How?!?!?! Who knew I was vain! CleoSays
  3. For the first time in yeeeaaars, I can fit into some regular size 16 pants..

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      Italian Gal

      Congrats! Can't wait for this day to come!!!

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      CLeoSays, I'd love to see what you've got. I love to cook but am always looking to expand my repertoire.

  4. @@Smye and everyone. Smye, I always make too little! I will post the recipes tomorrow. I sent a copy to one member, but then I realized I want to be very clear and was rewriting the pizza recipe. Started to respond in the text box and lost all the information. I wanted to cry because I had been rewriting it for the past 15 minutes (blame my perfectionism, and technical writing background! I will try to rewrite them tomorrow. I guess I need to go to sleep because it's midnight and I've been up since 4am. Smye, I want to thank you again for your initiative in posting your recipes on the forum and encouraging me to share!
  5. NSV- hiked longer and further than I have in 15 years. Hello muscles.

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      Congrats and keep up the good work!

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      Fantastic! Keep up the great work!

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      Way to go! Time for me to go for a walk.

  6. @@Smye Thank you for your recipes. At my house we eat whole food, no artificial sugar and our diet varies from meat to vegetarian... After surgery, I was shocked at how my bariatric center's nutrition guidance included so many low quality and artificial foods. My other awakening was that they only had three follow-up nutrition appointments in 9 months (1 month, 2 months, and then 9 months which I haven't reached yet)...but I digress. Since my surgery, we've used and perfected cauliflower pizza crust, coconut flour biscuits (which would go oh so good with your BBQ), and our own coconut chicken tenders recipes in addition to revising other non-healthy recipes to not only fit my new eating style but my family's needs. However, due to my lifestyle I am always searching for recipes made by others that do not include artificial sweeteners or processed foods for nights when I want to just make a recipe and be done without conversions and thinking about end results of the product. I want to thank you for posting your recipes, as it has made my life a lot easier. Also, If you create a blog, I'd be willing to send you some of my recipes as a guest blogger. I just don't have time to create one on my own (and have wanted to!), but I can really see that there is a strong need for those of us who have had the surgery to have access to appropriate and healthy whole food recipes, and I'd support you any way I could. THANK YOU!!!!! CleoSays
  7. CloverBlue

    Carbs, PCOS and VSG

    I am a little over 3 months past surgery, and it sure has been an experience.I believe there isn't a prescriptive amount of carbs for anyone, even us who have PCOS. So far, after much testing no sign of insulin resiliency has been found, thought I have all the other symptoms. I started out my journey after surgery limiting carbs to 50 mg and under because that is what I was told, and also I read that it was good for PCOS. I eventually went through the inevitable 3 week stall, then was stalling much more than I thought I should/would. My NUT said to increase calories, so I did that. I had been having issues meeting my Protein levels- I also have an issue with a blanket range of protein being prescribed for everyone because our bodies are all different...but I digress. Over the past few weeks, for other reasons, I had to increase the amount of non-fruit/veggie carbs, and wondrously my weight started decreasing. This occurred simultaneously with hormone fluctuations due to my oncoming menstruation. We all have to pay attention to what our bodies want/need. We aren't all the same. I've find that menstrual hormones cause periods of low weight loss, especially two weeks or so before menstruation. I also discovered that during that time a slightly higher level of carbs will help me continue my weight loss. I'm not sure why as I haven't researched it, but it worked. Naturally I typically stay between 50-100mg of carbs because of my eating levels. I eat a whole food diet, with whole grains, and at times I do eat a cracker or two or have toast. I needed to be on the B.R.A.T diet when I had intestinal issues due to virus/bacteria/who knows, but I lost weight on that too even with toast and rice. My NUT is fully supportive of how I eat because we found it works for me and my specific issues. I don't feel bad about "playing around" with my nutrition only because I need to find out what my body wants and when it wants it, in addition to finding out what I need to do to support my weight loss. Good luck with yours!
  8. Oh, I love flounce posts. I haven't seen one in any forum in awhile. This made my day.
  9. CloverBlue

    Cheated every day of 7 day pre op diet

    You have a nice start. You recognized what is hindering you and are looking for solutions to change your behaviors! Keep going!
  10. CloverBlue

    Finding a bra to fit

    I second the Victoria Secret, especially the "Body by Victoria," Unfortunately, for your size, as for mine, Lane Bryant's Cacique brand doesn't carry the size you wrote. It can be quite a pain finding the right bra when your size isn't considered popular. If you do want to consider Cacique, you might want to try whatever the sister size to a 34DDD is in a 36 band, perhaps a 36DD. Sometimes it will work. Best in finding the perfect supporting bra!
  11. CloverBlue

    Cheated every day of 7 day pre op diet

    I know it is hard. I did my pre-op diet over the last two weeks of the year and went through both holidays. I gave myself permission to eat a little off schedule only one one holiday, but went right back to my plan the next day. Also, my pre-VSG nutrition counting was based on weekly, not daily so I had more flexibility as long as I still ate healthy. We humans like to place so many restrictions that aren't based on our own specific metabolism/lifestyle, just because someone somewhere said it would work! (sorry for the side rant!) One thing I notice about most posters that write they aren't sticking to their plan, is that they haven't taken ownership of it and realize it is THEIR plan, meaning, yeah the doctor wants you on it to lower the fat in your liver, but you have chose to take this road, their plan is now YOUR plan. You have decided to do this, so as the NIKE slogan, "Just Do It!" I guess I am lucky because for a year, before I even knew about VSG surgery, I was in CBT therapy for weight loss to redirect my eating habits and thoughts. I too suggest you find a therapist that deals with eating habits. I found cognitive behavior therapy very helpful. There is a book called "Beck Diet Solutions," for me the cognitive exercises help a lot and it may help you to figure out why you aren't sticking to your plan! Judith Beck, the author is the daughter of Dr. Aaron Beck, who created/discovered Cognitive Behavior Therapy. They have a website and you can even find doctors that were trained in CBT weightloss through them. Good luck!
  12. CloverBlue

    Your meal/protein schedule

    @@DgotSleeved, do you mind if I add you on MFP too? I was sleeved on 1/5 and need to find all the support I can get, my user name is @CleatusJones
  13. My surgery was Jan 5th, and I hit my stall last week. I upped my Protein a bit, freaked out a second and moved on. This week I saw some downward movement. I've decided to use each stall as a reflection moment of what has happened over the last few weeks and how happy I am. I know some find it hokey, but it helps me to reframe my goal- to be able to hike without pain again! It's so frustrating because at first we like and have instant gratification from the fast weightloss, but then it slows. I guess that 8 week mindfulness course I took a year ago helps, LOL.
  14. CloverBlue

    Cooking for one

    @BLERDgirl. I purchased the Yoplait, but can't eat it because it has Splenda in it, so I gave it to my niece. She said it was horrible, like eating really sweet coolaid yogurt with an aftertaste. I usually only eat Fage 0%, so I'm really glad I didn't attempt it!
  15. CloverBlue


    I am now adding a trip to WF to get some banana flavor. I hate the taste/smell of protein. I've tried 8 different brands and I just don't like it. The extracts make it tolerable enough to drink, and banana would be fun! Thank you!
  16. CloverBlue

    Cooking for one

    Yep, I learned about it on their Twitter and also I went to a free vegetarian cooking class at the Philly main library that was hosted by the humane society in partnership with the City of Phila and they spoke about it there. I just called the Callohill store- since I haven't gone since the fall, I just wanted to make sure for the new year it was still ongoing, and it is. If you are already know- apologies, but the Phila Main library opened a state of the art kitchen at the main branch last year, where they have all kinds of info sessions and cooking classes, some free, some low cost. http://libwww.freelibrary.org/culinary/. I am a competent cook and baker, but I love learning new things, and honestly, I am adding more herbs into my diet for flavor (still on liquids)- had surgery on 5th at Pennsylvania Hospital. As for low cost- I like to save $$ and I have a twenty year old relative living with me, so any way we can keep grocery costs low, we do! So, this is kinda interesting, if you go to Acme, and use their coupon app, you can get a free yogurt (use by 19th). Only one, but it's free!
  17. CloverBlue

    Premier Protein

    I occasionally use Premier. I am not a fan of chocolate, however I believe the vanilla tastes like the creamy part of rice pudding, and is much better cold than room temperature. The thing with proteins, is you'll have to see what flavor your palate likes the best. They are a good deal.
  18. CloverBlue

    Cooking for one

    On Mondays only they have a special where you can fill special containers for one price of $8 (or $8.99 depending on store). I know it is available in the Philadelphia and DC metro area WF's. The rest of the week it is $8.99 lb. edited to add: It is only on Mondays between 4-7pm.
  19. CloverBlue

    Cooking for one

    I love to cook, but my life is so hectic that sometimes, I just don't have time to prep. If you live near a Whole Foods Market, on Mondays, many of WF's have meatless monday, all you can eat for $8.99 from their salad bar. I would go and fill the tray up with fruits, veggies and other that I would eat throughout the week. This lasts me through to Monday depending on the perishability of the items. The nice part is a large portion of their food is healthy, and also I don't have to prep veggies or fruit. I just had surgery a little of a week ago, and I'm pretty sure I will continue doing this, just loading up more on tofu and veggies than their prepared foods.
  20. CloverBlue


    I use them. I do not tolerate artificial sugars and do not want to switch bad habits for other bad habits (chemical laden artificial sugars), and I HATE the taste of stevia. I do err on the side of caution and use as little as possible because extracts typically contain 2-3% alcohol.
  21. CloverBlue

    Protein Shakes

    I too use Unjury- the chocolate spendor, vanilla and strawberry are all good. I also like their chicken soup flavor (tastes like onion soup to me), which I mix either with chicken or beef broth heated to 130 degrees for a delicious change. I also started using the Premier chocolate and vanilla for work lunches because they're already mixed. FYI- I also add PB2 (with and without chocolate into all of the sweet flavors even strawberry) to make for even more delicious flavors with more protein.
  22. CloverBlue

    Sick, hungry, headache

    Docgerri, and Samjoesmom, my surgery is also Jan 5th! I haven't been on a liquid diet, but I am on a 1000 calorie diet that consists of Protein shakes and Lean Cuisine since Mon Dec 21st. I haven't lost a pound and I am frustrated too. I am wishing the next 4 days away!

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