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  1. savedbysleeve

    stomach size

    Im 17 days out and still on full liquids until Tuesday when I start pureed food. I can only manage about 1/2 cup of thin soups, eaten slowly. also can finish a premier protein shake in 15 minutes. Full after both.
  2. savedbysleeve

    I hope it worked!

    you arent the only one. My sleeve was Feb10th. Im stuck at 12 pounds lost. I dont see how because I am only eating @600 calories a day and getting all my protein and water in. I also have hypothyroidism so I always think it will be harder for me.
  3. savedbysleeve

    What is a typical day of eating for you?

    Thank you! I live off of Costco's Organic Tomato Basil soup haha!
  4. savedbysleeve

    What is a typical day of eating for you?

    Im only 13 days out. I get two premier protein drinks in a day. 70 oz. of water or propel. and two servings of some kind of strained low fat soup. Usually tomato basil. Probably a half cup each time.
  5. savedbysleeve

    How old are/were you?

    32, then had my birthday 7 days later. Nice little bday present with no cake!
  6. 55 minutes exaclty with a hiatal hernia repair.
  7. savedbysleeve

    How long was your hospital stay?

    My surgery was at 6:30am and I was home by 4pm that same day. Was up walking the halls @ 9am. My surgeon doesnt keep sleevers overnight unless there is an issue. They just made sure I could walk a certain distance, pee a certain amount, get an ounce of water down every 15 minutes, no nausea or vomitting, got 2 bags of fluid in me and pain level was okay.
  8. Im 13 days post op and still have pain at incision where the stomach came out. I think I over did it the other day cleaning house and yesterday was so so sore, but a lot better today. Okay to drive as long as not taking pain meds.
  9. savedbysleeve

    Quest bars!

    I like the cookies and cream ones and the cookie dough ones! But I can't eat them yet...one more week of full liquids then purees....
  10. savedbysleeve

    February sleevers

    sleeved 2/10, down 12 pounds and my first follow up appointment is in a couple of hours. Doing good so far. Im still on full liquids and only get all my protein in by drinking it. Trying to drink more water though because I am slacking on that part. Hoping I can start mushies soon but my plan says one more week of full liquids....I dont know if I can do it honestly, get really hungry at times. Still pain at the left incision site. But the one great thing I am noticing is that my skin is amazing! Clear, small pores, even tone. I am loving it! Younger and lighter! lol
  11. 1. How do you feel? Any issues? Im good, except for the last couple nights have been waking up because of a wierd felling in my stomach. They feel like hunger pains..... 2. How is your water/protein intake? I probably should be drinking more Water but hard to get it all in 3. Have you had your first follow-up appt? How did it go? If not, when is your appt? first follow-up is tomorrow! 4. What stage food are you on (full liquids, purees, etc.)? full liquids, cant wait to move to purees 5. Have you hit buyer's remorse yet or still glad you did it? no remorse 6. Lastly - how much have you lost since the surgery? down 12.
  12. I have my first post op appointment tomorrow. What is entailed? Iknow they are going to take out the staples at each incision but what else? haha I dont know why but Im nervous!
  13. I am having the same issue....so hungry. Im 7 days out.
  14. savedbysleeve


    Im 6 days post op. Can you take antibiotics? Im sure I will have to break them in half or crush them but just wondering.
  15. savedbysleeve

    4 days post op....

    I was sleeved on Feb 10th also! It has been easy for me to get all my liquids and protein down but as of yesterday Im starting to get really hungry. I also can't tell when enough is enough when I am drinking. Its very frusterating trying to figure this all out. Im scared to push it and then get really full.

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