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  1. JennsinCA

    november sleevers.

    My surgery was 11/19 I haven't had any issues with my surgery and am tolerating most foods. I lost 30 pounds from preo op diet and 60 more since surgery. I feel great having 90 pounds off me but I still have a lomg way to go
  2. JennsinCA

    november sleevers.

    My surgery was 11/19 I haven't had any issues with my surgery and am tolerating most foods. I lost 30 pounds from preo op diet and 60 more since surgery. I feel great having 90 pounds off me but I still have a lomg way to go
  3. I have been battling a head cold since Dec 14th! I seen my doctor Monday and got antibiotics finally. Hoping to feel better soon. I hope you feel better soon as well
  4. JennsinCA

    november sleevers.

    @@becweaves I am on normal food stage. I am eating a greek yogurt with a scoop (30gm) of grnepro unflavoref protein powder each day and then chicken, turkey, and fish for dinners. I have been making a lot of stirfrys with chicken and then some veggies and been eating that. I have just been focusing on getting my 100gm of protein a day and my liquids in. I have had a chest cold since Dec 14 so no gym just walkinh for exercise
  5. Genepro unflavored protein powder is great! You can order it from Amazon. It is 90 calories and 30gms protein per scoop. I was sleeved 11/19 and I still use it all the time in things like yogurt and even beans and ham soup
  6. JennsinCA

    november sleevers.

    11/19 lost 30 pounds on the preop diet and 53 pounds since surgery.
  7. I am on my second bag of genepro protein powder. It is my safety net when I can't get all my protein from food, which is often since I am still learning to balance food and water. I made beans and ham after Christmas and I was adding it to that. I also still have lite and fit yogurt on hand to add it to either in the morning to Jumpstart my protein for the day or at night if I don't hit my protein that day.
  8. JennsinCA

    Check in: Week of Nov 17th Sleevers!

    Surgery date 11/19 preop diet weight 460 surgery weight 430 current weight. 389 total loss 71 pounds
  9. JennsinCA

    Ulcers found in my endoscopy pre-surgery

    I had 2 ulcers discovered during my preop endoscopy and found out I have celiac disease. My gastro doc wouldn't give me clearance for surgery until they healed and I did another endoscopy but this was just my experience all doctors have their own way of doing things. I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery!
  10. I bought Genepro unflavored protein powder from Amazon and I love it. So far I have mixed it in broth, refried beans, pudding, and my all time favorite lite and fit greek yogurt. 2 yogurts a day and I am able to get 84gm of protein in. It has been a life saver since I am so sick of shakes
  11. JennsinCA

    Chico ca

    Tomorrow is my first day back to college. I have been playing catch up for my macro and microeconomics classes that I have tomorrow. Gosh I fell behind 5 chapters between the 2 classes ugh. @@Ldimples pureed food fills me up way to fast I have noticed. It is very easy to overeat and get that uncomfortable feeling you refered to even after only a few small bites. I have been sticking to lite and fit greek yogurt with 1 scoop (1Tbs) of GENEPRO unflavored Protein in it. I eat 2 5oz yogurts a day. That gives me 84g of protein a day from only eating 10oz of yogurt through out the day. I really have no desire to eat which is good so I just focus on getting down my 2 yogurts a day, getting my fluids in, and walking. I hope you have a good day at work tomorrow. Remember to takenit easy and be careful not to over do it.
  12. @@bobbyswife I love Genepro it has been the best thing I have tried yet!
  13. JennsinCA

    Check in: Week of Nov 17th Sleevers!

    Hello fellow November sleevers! Surgery date: Nov 19th preop diet weight: 460 Surgery weight: 430 Current weight: 412 I had a great surgery with very little pain and almost no nausea. I keep feeling better and better everyday. I went from not being able to stand for more than 5 minutes at a time to walking 3 miles yesterday which was a huge victory for me. I am not able to eat very much about 2oz at a time and I don't even feel like eating that. I am so sick of Protein shakes the taste is just to much to even think about so I have been getting in my protein from GENEPRO unflavored Protein powder mixed into greek yogurt. It takes me all day to eat 2 yogurts (10oz) but it gets me my 84g of protein and the rest of the day I focus on my liquid intake. It is amazing to not be hungry all the time. It was also amazing to see all that food on Thanksgiving and to be happy with just my yogurt. I have been obese since early childhood and I have no idea what it is like to not be obese. I really hope I get to experience a normal BMI at least once in my lifetime. But for now I will be grateful for the ability to walk again. Being able to go on a walk with my husband and dogs overwhelmed me yesterday to the point I want to cry tears of joy as I write this. I look forward to many more tears of joy on this journey!
  14. @@Disney24fan and @@Wmc1231 I get it from amazon it is a scoop for 30g but each scoop is 1Tbs. It even comes with a 1Tbs measuring spoon. I love this protein powder I am sooo sick of protein shakes so this has been a blessing. I have a hard time eating very much since I always have a full/not hungry feeling all the time so just having to worry aboit getting in 2 yogurts to get 84g of protein is perfect for me. I have even added it to soups, SF pudding, refried beans, and broth.
  15. I am buying 5oz greek yogurts that have 11g protein and then I put 1 scoop/1TBS of genepro unflavored protein powder (30g) and that gives me 41g of protein in 5oz of yogurt. If I can get down 2 of those a day that gives me 82g of protein which is pretty good for only 10oz