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    beenee reacted to Introvert in Where are my August Sleevers?   
    Hey, Aug 20th... Down 38 lbs and on another stall. I think it's my fault with eating candy. But starting today I'm back on it. I've been setting weekly goals and I think once I get serious again I'll be fine. No problems, I can tolerate everything that goes in except bread. Bread is my enemy... Congrats to all of you doing so well!
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    beenee got a reaction from toohot74akaelh2 in Where are my August Sleevers?   
    Sleeved Aug 29..broke the 50lbs .....officially 51lbs down????????
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    beenee got a reaction from toohot74akaelh2 in Where are my August Sleevers?   
    Sleeved Aug 29..broke the 50lbs .....officially 51lbs down????????
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    beenee reacted to toohot74akaelh2 in Where are my August Sleevers?   
    Great job, so happy for you. Can't wait for mine. Keep up the good work
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    beenee got a reaction from toohot74akaelh2 in Where are my August Sleevers?   
    Sleeved Aug 29..broke the 50lbs .....officially 51lbs down????????
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    beenee reacted to GreenEyes604 in This may sound a bit harsh...   
    Good evening all my fellow sleevers, and sleevers to be...
    I have been reading a lot of the posts on this site, and although there are many people here that offer positive reinforcement to others, I see much, much more of the self negativity.
    If you stop and think for just a second, who is your biggest cheerleader? Who is your biggest fan? YOU ARE!!!
    Too many people speak too much negativity into their own spirits about what they can't do or think they can't do. My mother (God rest her soul) always said to me, "Don't tell me what you can't do, tell me what you CAN do". All of us have very difficult struggles ahead of ourselves, whether you are pre or post op. We MUST starting speaking more positivity to ourselves. We need to tell ourselves, "Yes I'm going to make it through the next 2 weeks of a liquid only diet". "Yes, I'm going to walk for at least 10 minutes everyday". Everything you say to yourself should start with, "I can or I will". ONLY POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS!!
    If you tell yourself, you can't, you won't, or even I don't know, its not going to happen because you're beginning with a defeatist attitude. Speak positivity to yourself, say it out loud so your brain and your subconscious hear you claim the positive affirmation. You will be shocked when you realize how strong you really are, but you've always started the race 2 paces behind the pack because you started doubting yourself before you even got started.
    Start building your "new self esteem" NOW! You won't have time later on because you'll be too busy LOOKIN' GOOD!!!
    You CAN, You WILL, I CAN, I WILL... Let these words be your mantra. Just remember fear and self doubt bring failure and disappointment. We have all experienced too much of those in our lives already. Remember this... "Insanity" is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Let's start today doing something different, expecting a POSITIVE result!
    Thank you for your gift of time!.... Michelle
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    beenee reacted to devint in High BMI sleevers weight loss amounts.   
    Maybe 18-24, but I will say this... a lot of my many annoying and unpleasant side effects are from my body freaking out about losing weight too quickly. I know it doesn't seem like this is a concern at the beginning of the journey, lots of people get excited and goal oriented about losing faster than others or faster than average. But it's easier on you and your body, the slower you can go through the rapid change (if that makes sense?) because things like loose skin, hair loss, Vitamin deficiency and just general fatigue will ease up if you lose a little on the slower side of the fastest-you've-ever-dropped-weight-in-your-life.
    Good luck to you and I hope we get to follow your transformation on the boards here!
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    beenee reacted to FishingNurse in 3+ years post-op, at lowest weight since 4th grade :-)   
    I am 3 years+ post op VSG. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have never felt like I liked myself more. I feel in control of my weight and what I eat. I started my weight loss adventure at 262 pounds in 2011. Today I weigh 167 pounds. I had my ups and downs (I briefly gained 15 pounds during the 2nd year and lost them all plus a few, and I was anemic for a few months as well. I eat normally and I have no issues with food intolerances, loose skin, or nausea. Please feel free to ask me any questions!! I love this site, it has helped keep me motivated and focused. I will continue to check in as much as I can! I attached a before and a couple afters of course!

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    beenee reacted to sandisleeve in Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Photos   
    Vsg 121213
    Before 293 my highest
    Surgery 240
    Current 163-166
    Ultimate goal 155-160
    I am 5'7"
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    beenee reacted to anewme2015 in Where are all the Canadians ?   
    I'm with you guys! I keep calling too. I've read online that sometimes people reschedule December/January surgeries because they just want to enjoy the holidays before surgery. If you have a December consult, maybe you can get bumped up!
    And yes we all cross our fingers for that kind of luck! I did so much research BEFORE making the decision that I feel really ready NOW. lol
    Not waiting well over here either. ????
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    beenee reacted to riskysmirk in Before and After Pics   
    Rocking my sleeve... Sleeve date 3/26/2014... Sw 332... Cw 228
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    beenee reacted to GotItDoneInHarlem in Before and After Pics   
    I went from 298 to 165 in 10 months. 133 pounds. The first 113 fell off by June and I was sleeved in December I thought I was stabilizing at 185, which was GREAT, but them lost more when work got stressful. Probably 10 pounds under where my body wants to be, but THRILLED. Have to fully stabilize my calories intake and add muscle now.
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    beenee reacted to sandisleeve in Before and After Pics   
    Me before & after
    293 to 163 ☺️????????????
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    beenee reacted to Freebird14 in Where are my August Sleevers?   
    Hi! Sleeved by Dr. alejandro lopez in Puerto Vallarta on August 13, 2014. I'm down 51 pounds, tons of inches and am feeling WONDERFUL since being able to start back to cardio and strength training with Jazzercise on Oct. 1 (just took a "Dancing Abs" class during my lunch break today). I have been Jazzercising every weekday and walking and doing yard work on the weekends--getting stronger and stronger every day. I've been taking my multi-vitamins and Calcium chews religiously and getting a weekly B-12 shot. I haven’t had sugar, processed foods, carbs (other than a few veggies and berries), carbonated drinks or alcohol in over 10 weeks. Woooo-hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on keepin’ on y’all!
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    beenee reacted to motherof5 in Where are my August Sleevers?   
    Still here. As of October 20th, I am down 30 pounds since surgery. YAY! I am finally in the 250's. I don't recall ever seeing that number. I did have my run-ins with fried chicken(chicken skin) a few times. But only one piece which would last me like 3 meals. I am very disappointed in myself for that. I mean, I did not allow these to cut on me only to fail. It is very hard being the only one in the house that is trying to eat right and I do all the cooking. I just have to keep pushing on to the next day.
    Anyway, I have a new found love, BUTTERNUT SQUASH!. OMGoodeness! I love this stuff for real. No sugar needed at all. I just put a pat of butter on my serving(1/4 cup if I can eat it all) and it is gold. I am also addicted to Allrecipes.com. I am constantly looking up there for sleeve friendly meals and would love to try them all, lol.
    Still exercising and loving the fact that don't feel like I am having a heart attack while doing it. I am able to go from the basement to the second floor non-stop, YAY! I also noticed that I am waking up crazy early in the morning. I mean, 4:30 a.m. I finally made me a little list of my Vitamins and pinned it on the fridge. As I take my meds, I just mark it off. I tend to forget about the ones that I have to take twice a day. It really helps me. I finally got it down. I am still drinking my Protein shakes, it helps with the sweet tooth. I just drink them as a snack. I am still having probelms with my BP, BOOOOOO! I have an appointment with my PCP next Thursday and hopefully it will be better and I will be in the 240's.
    I hope that everyone is still striving to reach their goal, no matter how long it takes. We are still in the beginning of this race and it will take time. As long as I am still losing, I am happy.
    Keep losing losers! Later!
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    beenee got a reaction from boosh10 in Rheumatoid Arthritis meds and surgery   
    I just met taking my meds...methotrexate and plaquenil. ..no problems...no flare up

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