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  1. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    4 months out

    Amazing transformation in such short period of time!! ????????
  2. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    Hey there September sleevers! Any one out there?

    I sure needed this...
  3. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    What's the scoop on chewing gum?

    Good question, no one here ever mentions gum. And honestly I have no idea but I will ask at my pre-op appointment on Monday.
  4. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    Surgery tomorrow 5:30 AM

    How has recovery been since your surgery?? Hope all is well. Keep us posted!!
  5. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    I can't believe this is me! (Boudoir pics)

    OMG!! You look amazing, like a SUPER model.. these photos are very inspirational, can't wait to be able to take photos where I can actually show off my body then just taking photos of my face, lol.
  6. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    Sept date I am all set

    Good Luck!!
  7. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    Gastric sleeve

    I wish you the best of Luck!! Keep us posted..
  8. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    Getting Frustrated!

    So I went to my 1st visit in November 2014 and was given the BIG list of requirements along with the Sleeve Educational Book and was told not to return until everything has been done. My insurance has even made approval and I've even taken my EMMI class online. So I call the Dr. Office and they freak out I haven't followed up with my sleeve surgery doctor, when I was told I had to have wait till all was completed all my requirements. So now I have to have a follow-up appt which is not the pre-op and I have to do my labs over again since they're out of date. Now if they know I had been put on the 6 month supervised by my primary Physician why would they order those labs before hand. Now it's been about 8 months and my follow-up isn't until the end of next month. I feel like things aren't going within the time frame I expected. I need some positive vibes please??
  9. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    Fat confessionals

    Congratulations ZoeyBear!!!
  10. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    That is incredible LilMissDiva!! This is such a motivator.. Did you have to do a Tummy Tuck and all?? I'm quite scared to have to end up needing that. Even the thought of it scares me.
  11. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    Had surgery today

    Congratulation!! Sounds like your Surgery went very well.
  12. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    It is soooooo close now!

    Good Luck Everyone!!! My prayers are with you..
  13. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    It is soooooo close now!

    Good Luck to each and everyone of you!!
  14. DeLiGhTfUlLy DeTeRmInEd

    Everything submitted

    How long does the whole process take before they give you a thumbs up for a date? I'm barely going to have my 1st appt on the 13th.

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