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  1. CafeCathey

    Monday's POSITIVE Post!

    My husband. He loves me more that anyone ever has. He loves me no matter what I say or do. He loves me! Also I am thankful for this group of uplifting and positive people.
  2. CafeCathey

    shakes with bananna

    I add fruit and yogurt to my protein shake. I am 5 weeks out and the only problem were the blueberries early on (1 week) because of the skins.
  3. CafeCathey

    constipation! !

    I follow a primarily vegetarian diet and limit the milk products. I am four weeks out from RNY bypass and have not had any issues.
  4. This coming Tuesday I will be four weeks out from RNY surgery. I have been using the Orgain protein shakes which are vegetable protein. I mix those with almond milk and add fruit to them every morning. I also use the Orgain high protein shakes, which are organic whey protein. I have made lentil soup and a vegetarian chili, in the chili I used an organic meat substitute that did not contain soy or wheat. I have felt very good and have not had any issues in the bathroom.
  5. CafeCathey

    Cute workout clothes?

    JCPenney has a lot of cute workout clothes. I'm 5'8" and about a size 18 and their XL fits me pretty well. Also the pants run long. Target has nice things too.
  6. CafeCathey

    Stevia - do you love it or hate it?

    I like it and use it in limited quantities.
  7. At the Vitamin Store they had a variety of single serve protein powder packs. You could always ask for "samples" of whatever product you use, something might be available that way.
  8. CafeCathey

    Vegetarian/Vegan RNY Oct. 2014 surgery

    Wednesday I made the Alton Brown's Lentil Soup recipe. Delicious!!! Easy to eat, plenty of veggies and my 5 year old nephew loved the soup as well.
  9. CafeCathey

    Vegetarian/Vegan RNY Oct. 2014 surgery

    Since my surgery 10/14/14 I have been on a primarily vegetarian diet. My energy is great, I am sleeping well, and I have healed quickly. Some of the unpleasant side effects I have heard about I have not experienced, such as extreme (and noxious) gas, or constipation. I went back to work 1 week after surgery and started working out 13 days after. I have yet to weight myself, I'm waiting for my 1 month Dr. appt.
  10. CafeCathey

    3 weeks out!

    Great to hear how well everyone is doing! Everyone is sooo different. Tuesday will be 3 weeks and I have yet to weigh myself. Trying to wait until my one month (it will actually be 5 weeks) appointment with my surgeon. I've been doing well and am a little hesitant to move off of soft foods.
  11. Love to hear the success stories, congratulations.
  12. CafeCathey

    protein supplements

    My protein shake this morning.......6 ounces unsweetened almond milk, 2 scoops Orgain sweet vanilla protein powder, 2T PB2, and 6-8 frozen strawberries. Going for a PB&J flavor....not bad. 27 grams protein and 271 calories.
  13. CafeCathey

    Vegetarian/Vegan RNY Oct. 2014 surgery

    I posted here because it is the general section. Hoping to get some general feedback. The other section is a bit hard to find.