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  1. Would like to know how many RNY'ers have decided to follow a plant based diet post op. How are you feeling, healing and how is your energy level. What are your go to foods in each phase? What is your surgeons advice if you have decided not to use animal Protein?
  2. CafeCathey

    Monday's POSITIVE Post!

    My husband. He loves me more that anyone ever has. He loves me no matter what I say or do. He loves me! Also I am thankful for this group of uplifting and positive people.
  3. CafeCathey

    shakes with bananna

    I add fruit and yogurt to my protein shake. I am 5 weeks out and the only problem were the blueberries early on (1 week) because of the skins.
  4. CafeCathey

    constipation! !

    I follow a primarily vegetarian diet and limit the milk products. I am four weeks out from RNY bypass and have not had any issues.
  5. This coming Tuesday I will be four weeks out from RNY surgery. I have been using the Orgain protein shakes which are vegetable protein. I mix those with almond milk and add fruit to them every morning. I also use the Orgain high protein shakes, which are organic whey protein. I have made lentil soup and a vegetarian chili, in the chili I used an organic meat substitute that did not contain soy or wheat. I have felt very good and have not had any issues in the bathroom.
  6. CafeCathey

    Cute workout clothes?

    JCPenney has a lot of cute workout clothes. I'm 5'8" and about a size 18 and their XL fits me pretty well. Also the pants run long. Target has nice things too.
  7. CafeCathey

    Stevia - do you love it or hate it?

    I like it and use it in limited quantities.
  8. At the Vitamin Store they had a variety of single serve protein powder packs. You could always ask for "samples" of whatever product you use, something might be available that way.
  9. CafeCathey

    Vegetarian/Vegan RNY Oct. 2014 surgery

    Wednesday I made the Alton Brown's Lentil Soup recipe. Delicious!!! Easy to eat, plenty of veggies and my 5 year old nephew loved the soup as well.
  10. CafeCathey

    Vegetarian/Vegan RNY Oct. 2014 surgery

    Since my surgery 10/14/14 I have been on a primarily vegetarian diet. My energy is great, I am sleeping well, and I have healed quickly. Some of the unpleasant side effects I have heard about I have not experienced, such as extreme (and noxious) gas, or constipation. I went back to work 1 week after surgery and started working out 13 days after. I have yet to weight myself, I'm waiting for my 1 month Dr. appt.
  11. CafeCathey

    3 weeks out!

    Great to hear how well everyone is doing! Everyone is sooo different. Tuesday will be 3 weeks and I have yet to weigh myself. Trying to wait until my one month (it will actually be 5 weeks) appointment with my surgeon. I've been doing well and am a little hesitant to move off of soft foods.
  12. Love to hear the success stories, congratulations.
  13. CafeCathey

    protein supplements

    My protein shake this morning.......6 ounces unsweetened almond milk, 2 scoops Orgain sweet vanilla protein powder, 2T PB2, and 6-8 frozen strawberries. Going for a PB&J flavor....not bad. 27 grams protein and 271 calories.
  14. CafeCathey

    Vegetarian/Vegan RNY Oct. 2014 surgery

    I posted here because it is the general section. Hoping to get some general feedback. The other section is a bit hard to find.
  15. CafeCathey

    Vegetarian/Vegan RNY Oct. 2014 surgery

    I have found an organic plant based protein powder called Orgain.
  16. CafeCathey


    OPurity, purchased at my surgeons office. They are a Bariatric multi, are chewable and you only take 1 a day.
  17. CafeCathey


    I took the essentials, toothbrush toothpaste underwear. I also brought pajamas with a top that buttoned down the front. The nurse was nice enough to undo my IV line so I could put my pajamas on. My own slippers, I prefer not to walk around without shoes on. I brought a robe and my fleece blanket. I used everything I brought and I only spent one night in the hospital.
  18. CafeCathey

    October Surgery Date

    @"Beni" peel and freeze the bananas. they will by great in a protein smoothie and easy on the tummy.
  19. CafeCathey

    Silly question lol

    Surgery 10/14/14 and i had my first cup of coffee 1 week out. Personally I wouldn't touch decaf. Also I drink my coffee black. Caffeine doesn't seem to have a huge affect on me.
  20. CafeCathey

    Whey protein intolerance

    Costco sells a product called Orgain. They have the Creamy Chocolate Fudge flavor. It is an organic plant based protein powder with 21 grams of protein per serving. Costco price is $29.99 for 2.74 lb container. Orgain is also available on Amazon. The Genepro product is also good.
  21. CafeCathey

    Your choice.

    Originally I wanted the band and my surgeon told me I doesn't do that procedure any more. So, if not the band I would go "all in". RNY has the highest percentage of weight loss. My high weight was #296. Also RNY can be reversed. Does not happen very often but can be done.
  22. CafeCathey


    The OPurity is once a day.
  23. CafeCathey

    OCTOBER 2014

    Had my RNY bypass on Tuesday 10/14/14 @ 10am and was released to come home Wednesday @ 5pm. I was not in any pain after surgery and was able to do 4 laps around the nurses station about 2 hours after surgery. I had a drain which the Dr. removed before discharge. I have only been drinking water and protein shakes. So far 2 shakes a day for about 47-48 grams of protein. My water intake has been right around the recommended 64 ounces. Still using pain medication for slight abdominal discomfort, once or twice a day. My Dr. appointment is Monday and at that point I should be able to move on the soft food. Even with all the information out there I still seem to have so many questions! Everyones experience seems to be sooooo different. So far everything for me is going well. (and I did just knock on wood).