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  1. nickie456

    I am going to be very stressed today

    I found out friday that the Federal Gov. took over my bank. I will be headed to bank as soon as they open to find out what I have to do to get my money. Has anyone ever been thru this? I'm so worried I don't even know if I can write checks use my debit card. If I can get to my money.
  2. nickie456

    one week, another fill

    Today is one week since I started over. I got a fill on Saturday. My fill person said everything looked ok, there was a little sign that i had stretched pouched just a little, but nothing to worry about. I lost 8lbs this week. I think that is good. If I can just keep the work up. My first goal is to have around 25lbs off by Oct. 5. Will be going on a cruise Oct 5. would like to be able fit into a nice swim suit by then.
  3. nickie456

    1 Year Anniversary!!!

    congrats on the 75lbs loss that is great. Keep up the good work
  4. nickie456

    Happy Birthday HarleyNana

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great day
  5. nickie456

    Band Removal...And now it's VG time!

    Good luck, please let us know now things go.
  6. nickie456

    New to forum

    Hi, glad to have you here. You have done great.
  7. Welcome to LBT. Can't really anwsere your question, because I went to Mexico for surgery.
  8. nickie456


    Welcome to bandland. Oh yes that is normal. It will get easier when you get a fill.
  9. nickie456

    Found marajuana & need advice

    It sounds like he knew how you and your DH felt about Pot. You were nice enought to give him and his family a place to stay. He should have respected your rules for your house. He did not, so he should not be in your house. But on the other hand, How many here can say they have never tryed pot. Even President Clinton smoked pot, he just didn't inhale lol. My point is, it's your house your rules, he should have respected you and your family.
  10. Looks like his parents was having fun
  11. nickie456


    I smoked before the band and I still smoke. I have not had any problems at all.
  12. I would do it again in a heart beat. I have only had the band 4 months and 8 days I have lost 49lbs. I do worry about having problems in the future, since I see so many people on here with problems.
  13. nickie456

    2005 Lap Band Awards

    I second Delarla as the craziest. But I think she is the funniest also.
  14. nickie456

    anyone here start with a bmi under 40?

    Yes Bruce i had a low BMI also, Everyone thought I was crazy also for wanting to have the surgery. But I didn't care what everyone else thought. I just new I was miserable and did not want to be fat the rest of my life. I was 200lbs and 5"4. I didn't have a problem finding Doctors willing to perform the surgery since I was self pay. I found one in Birmingham Alabama. I decided on Dr. Rumbaut because he had so much more experience than the ones in the United States.If I can be of in help please let me know.
  15. nickie456

    Mini goal #4 achieved !!

    You have done a great job. I also want to know your secret. Did you exercise, count calaries, what?
  16. If your trying to get insurance to cover the surgery, I don't think you will have much luck with your BMI. If you're willing to pay for it yourself I think most Dr. will do the surgery with your BMI.
  17. nickie456


    I have been hypo for the past 10 years. Before I got my band i was on 2.25 sythroid, now I am down to 1.75 sythroid now. So I think the weight loss has helped with my thyroid problem.
  18. I went to day and got my second fill. I am now at 3.1cc. At both fills the Dr. has had me drink the white stuff that taste like chalk (guessing this is a barium swallow) and he always does the fill with fluoro. What I'm wondering is if there was a problem with the band, eroson, slip etc. Would he be able to see it with the barium swallow and fluoro?
  19. nickie456

    Introducing myself

    Welcome to bandland
  20. nickie456

    Something I've Never Done

    That is so great. Don't worry about the flight. Just sit back and relax and think about the great time you and your friend will have.
  21. nickie456

    Getting To Know You!

    1. What is your name? Vickie 2. What color shirt are you wearing? light blue 3. What are you listening to right now? daughter playing with her hamster 4. What was the last thing you ate? taco 5. Do you wish on stars? no 6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? yellow 7. How is the weather right now ? cool 8. Last person you spoke to on the phone? A customer needing a tow 9. Favorite Sport? football 10. Favorite drink? diet pepsi till I had the surgery now it's grape propel Water 11. hair color? your guess is as good as mine, just got it done yesterday and I'm still trying to figure it out 12. Eye color? blue 13. Siblings?1 brother 14. Favorite month? August, school starts back lala 15. Favorite food? everything 16. What was the last movie you saw? The longest yard 17. Favorite day of the year! Christmas 18. What do you do to vent anger? scream, cry, and knock hell out of what ever is around (not really) 19. What was your favorite toy as a child? don't remember 20. Summer or winter? Summer 21. Hugs or Kisses? Hugs 22. Favorite ice cream flavor? peach 23. Restaurants or home cooking? Any cooking but mine 24. Will everyone care enough to respond? Sure 25. When was the last time you cried? Yesterday 26. What is under your bed? large picture, books and scared to look and see what else may be there 27. How long have you been a member of Lapband Talk? couple of months 28. What did you do last night? went to dog track 29. What are you afraid of? something happening to one of my kids 30. Favorite car? 67 chevelle super sport 31. Favorite flower? gardinia 32. How many keys on your ring? 3 33. How long have you been at your current job? Since we started the business 1993 34. Favorite day of the week? friday 35. What did you do on your birthday? Went out to dinner with family 36. How many states have you lived in? 1 37.How many cities/towns have you lived in? 8 38. What is your favorite form of exercise? swimming 39.Your favorite store for bargains? wal-mart 40. Wasn't this fun? Yes If you have any questions you'd like to add, go right ahead.
  22. nickie456

    Thinking of getting a Band? READ THIS

    Michelle, congratulations you have done a super job. You have been such a inspiration for me. I have only been on this journey for two months, and when I've gotten depressed I come to LBT and read all the post and yours has been one that has always helped me. When I posted questions, you have always responded with great anwseres. you are such a great help. I can't wait to meet you and others at the 2006 bash.
  23. nickie456

    I need your opinion

    I was banded 8-8-05. I have lost 31lbs. I'm very happy with the weight loss. 20lbs was the first two weeks, while on the liquid diet. I had my first fill 9-21-05. I have a 9.75inamed band. If I understand right this band will hold 4.0cc. I had 2.0cc on my first fill. My thinking was that if he put 2.0cc in it, that makes it half full and I should have great restriction. But I can eat everything that other people on here has trouble with. I can eat bread, pasta, rice. The only thing I haven't tryed is steak. I eat about 1/3 of what I used to eat before the band. Here is my question, My Dr. will add or take out fluid within 14 days of my fill free, after that you have to pay again. So do you think I should have more added?
  24. nickie456


    Have not located a Dr. in AL or GA. I am going to Dr. Horgan in Chicago. I can fly from Atlanta to chicago for $158.00 the fill is $250.00. Thats cheaper than flying back to Mexico which cost $508.oo the last time I checked.

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