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    Married, 2 kids and one adorable grandson
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  1. nickie456

    I am going to be very stressed today

    I found out friday that the Federal Gov. took over my bank. I will be headed to bank as soon as they open to find out what I have to do to get my money. Has anyone ever been thru this? I'm so worried I don't even know if I can write checks use my debit card. If I can get to my money.
  2. nickie456

    one week, another fill

    Today is one week since I started over. I got a fill on Saturday. My fill person said everything looked ok, there was a little sign that i had stretched pouched just a little, but nothing to worry about. I lost 8lbs this week. I think that is good. If I can just keep the work up. My first goal is to have around 25lbs off by Oct. 5. Will be going on a cruise Oct 5. would like to be able fit into a nice swim suit by then.
  3. nickie456

    1 Year Anniversary!!!

    congrats on the 75lbs loss that is great. Keep up the good work
  4. nickie456

    Happy Birthday HarleyNana

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great day
  5. nickie456

    Band Removal...And now it's VG time!

    Good luck, please let us know now things go.
  6. nickie456

    New to forum

    Hi, glad to have you here. You have done great.
  7. Welcome to LBT. Can't really anwsere your question, because I went to Mexico for surgery.
  8. nickie456


    Welcome to bandland. Oh yes that is normal. It will get easier when you get a fill.
  9. nickie456

    Found marajuana & need advice

    It sounds like he knew how you and your DH felt about Pot. You were nice enought to give him and his family a place to stay. He should have respected your rules for your house. He did not, so he should not be in your house. But on the other hand, How many here can say they have never tryed pot. Even President Clinton smoked pot, he just didn't inhale lol. My point is, it's your house your rules, he should have respected you and your family.
  10. Looks like his parents was having fun
  11. nickie456


    I smoked before the band and I still smoke. I have not had any problems at all.
  12. I would do it again in a heart beat. I have only had the band 4 months and 8 days I have lost 49lbs. I do worry about having problems in the future, since I see so many people on here with problems.
  13. nickie456

    2005 Lap Band Awards

    I second Delarla as the craziest. But I think she is the funniest also.
  14. nickie456

    anyone here start with a bmi under 40?

    Yes Bruce i had a low BMI also, Everyone thought I was crazy also for wanting to have the surgery. But I didn't care what everyone else thought. I just new I was miserable and did not want to be fat the rest of my life. I was 200lbs and 5"4. I didn't have a problem finding Doctors willing to perform the surgery since I was self pay. I found one in Birmingham Alabama. I decided on Dr. Rumbaut because he had so much more experience than the ones in the United States.If I can be of in help please let me know.

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